If you would like to
meet GN solids control at oil exhibition in 2016, welcome to contact sales@gnsolidscontrol.com for the appointment.

For Asia, Middle east and other
countries around China, pls visit us at CIPPE 2016 in Beijing, China during
March 29~31th. We will show the most advanced solids control equipments and
drilling waste management equipments as below:

Cuttings disposal dryer with telescopic

Drilling waste decanter centrifuge with
telescopic skid

Mining centrifuge

Hi-G dryer shaker

Cuttings solidification unit

Solids control shale shaker

Solids control mud cleaner

Shaker screens

Dewatering unit

We have a 272m2 booth at E2 hall,
because our factory is quite closed to the exhibition center, only 50 minuted
drive by car, so we take all of our main equipments there to show.

If you are quite busy in March, welcome
to visit us at SIPPE 2016 in Shanghai this November.

If China is too far from your countries,
like the clents from South America, North America, Middle east, Africa, welcome
to visit us at OTC 2016 in Houston, TX at the beginning of May. We have 2
stands there,

GN Booth No. 1:
Reliant Center 1652-A
GN Booth No. 2: Reliant Arena 9732

professional sales engineer will show you the unique technology of our vertical
cuttings dryer
and VFD decanter centrifuge, and 4 –panel shale shaker.

to the low oil price and slow oil industry, some clients cancelled the
international oil show visit plan, and will mainly focus on the professional
oil show in their own country. You can meet GN at the specific exhibition

(1)     In India:

(2)     In Iran

(3)     In Russia

(4)     In Malaysia

(5)     In singapore:

(6)     In Canada

(7)     In Abu Dhabi

If you are convenient to meet us for any
of the exhibitions above, pls contact us freely.

As a supplier of
shaker screens, hydrocyclones, oilfield tools & spare parts supplier, GN
solids America
can provide replacement shaker screens for a lot of US brand
shale shaker, mud cleaner, Mission pump, welcome to check with our sales for
the stock.

We sell replacement
screens for Derrick FLC500, 48×30, Brandt Cobra, Swaco Mongoose, etc shale
, mesh size from API40 to API325, with different materials and wire
mesh. We also sell 4inch cone, 10 inch cone for mud cleaners.

Not only for the
spare parts, GN solids also provide oilfield solids control equipments and
drilling waste management equipments, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, high
speed decanter centrifuge, variable speed decanter centrifuge, rated speed
& VFD vertical cuttings dryer, centrifugal pump( equivalent to Mission
pump), mud agitators, hoppers, mud tanks, mud guns, mud gas separators, 9inch
decanter centrifuge for mining diamond core drilling, 18~22inch big bowl
decanter centrifuge for dewatering unit.

Recently we shipped
big qty equipments to international clients and domestic market as below:

1 10 units of 9 inch
up to 4500rpm decanter centrifuge to Canada for core drilling solids dewatering
and water consumption.

2 over 40 units of
GNLW363decanter centrifuges are shipped to Africa service company

3 3 sets of vertical
cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuges are shipped to Sinopec company last week

4  3 sets of drying shaker and VFD decanter
are shipped to Sichuan client

5 4 sets of drilling
waste management equipments are shipped to Russia for Baker Hughes project,
including 4 cuttings dryer , 4 decanter centrifuge, several telescopic skid,
several screw conveyors

…and more, GN solids
America take an act as the sales office, after-sales and warehouse of GN Solids
control, welcome to check our stocks in Houston and visit us at OTC 2015 in
Houston. We have various shaker screens in stock for different API mesh size.


solids America( located at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040) have 2 units
of batite recovery decanter centrifuge in stock in our warehouse for sale and
rent. They are brand new and without motor & control panel, we will apply
proper electric motor and control panel if rquired by the clients. The max
speed of this centrifuge model GNLW452 is 2000rpm, which is normally applied
for barite recovery. The specification is as blow:







max speed




motor power


processing rate

/ minute

G force






main differences compared with the another popular sold centrifuge model

Item GNLW452 GNLW363 series
Bowl dia 18inch 14inch
Bowl length 43inch 50inch
Typical bowl speed 1800rpm 3200rpm
application Barite recovery Low gravity solids
Motor power 60HP 65HP
Screw protection Ceremics tiles Tungsten carbide tiles
Bearing brand NSK/FAG SKF


for GNLW452 centrifuge, we also have 1 unit of GNLW453 decanter centrifuge in
stock in Houston warehouse, which can also be applied for baryte recovery.
GNLW453 centrifuge is only for rent, it has the same bowl diameter 18inch, but
the bowl length is 61inch, much longer than 43inch. And GNLW453 centrifuge is
with VFD, it can be used not only for baryte recovery, but also for high
gravity and low gravity solids drilling fluids. And the treating capacity of
GNLW453 centrifuge is 264gpm, much bigger than GNLW452.

for the above mentioned centrifuge, we also have 14inch bowl decanter
centrifuge ( high speed, variable speed) available for rent and sale, and
22inch bowl decanting centrifuge for sale and vertical cuttings dryer for
drilling waste management system.

to contact GN solids America sales for an inquiry of barite recovery centrifuge
and solids control shale shaker.

GN designed solids removal unit for mining drilling is a compact designed unit to remove the solids from the drilling fluids, the semi-dry solids are disposal by the truck and the fluids is drained off to the river or re-use for drilling.This unit can be designed for both skid mounted or trailer mounted portable for easy transportation from one rig site to another. GN 150L/min solids removal unit for mining including the equipments below:

1 GNLW223VFD high speed decanter centrifuge, with the smallest model 9 inch bowl diameter, the max bowl speed can reach 3800rpm or 4200rpm.

2 GNZS752E-DM 2-panel shale shaker with top hole section to remove the big solids and less the solids content before feeding to the decanter centrifuge

3 silenced generator 38KVA with Cummins engine, the clients can source the spare parts locally

4 mixing hopper, mixing pump, VFD control panel, shale shaker, decanter centriuge, silenced generator, electric control panel are all mounted on one skid for convenient move

5 General treating capacity of this solids removal unit is 150L/min

6 Mud tank volume is totally 4000L, to storage enough clean drilling fluids for reuse

Benefits by using GN solids removal unit:

1 Environmental friendly, sump free operation

2 Ruduce water consumption

3 Cost savings, including reduce drilling fluids consumption, reduce site set-up and remediation costs, protect the diamond core drilling bits so reduce the down-hole drilling tools cost,etc.

4 Semi-dry solids can be moved directly by truck, save the cost of solids disposal

5 Complete dimension of the whole solids removal unit is same with standard 20ft container, with standard trailer for shipment, need small space to set-up

GN designed customized solids removal unit to meet different requirement of our clients in mining industry, GNLW223 series decanter centrifuge have been widely used to separate fine solids from the drilling fluids. Pls contact GN solids control or GN solids America for more information.

GN VFD centrífugaestá hecha y diseñada para el control de sólidos del lodo y la gestión de residuos de perforación.

Hay 4 parámetros se pueden cambiar en GN VFD decantador centrífuga:

1) Velocidad del tazón: Más velocidad, fluidos más limpios, y en consecuencia, sólidos más secadora.

2) Velocidad del transportador: Más velocidad transportadora, el material de centrífuga de empuje más rápido, significa menos tiempo para la separación, más sólidos en líquidos.

3) Altura fluidos a gran final centrífuga (el lado del motor): Ahora que ya es la mayor profundidad. Cuanto mayor sea el nivel de los fluidos, más limpio de los fluidos.

4) Caudal de la bomba: según material de tratamiento diferente y diverso cliente desee rendimiento, capacidad diferente.

Centrífuga operador puede seguir los pasos siguientes para averiguar la velocidad del recipiente más adecuado, la velocidad del transportador y bomba de alimentación de flujo para decantador centrífugo en el sitio de trabajo:

Paso 1 averiguar la velocidad del recipiente más adecuado de  VFD decantador centrífuga:

Fija la velocidad de la cinta, fijar el caudal de la bomba, a continuación, aumentar la velocidad de un tazón más y más. Para obtener más velocidad, la fase de fluidos de centrífuga será más limpio. Después de 10 minutos alrededor de marcha normal, tomar la muestra para cada velocidad.

Paso 2 encontrar la mejor velocidad del transportador centrífuga:

Fijar la velocidad de arco como el mismo con el paso 1 se enteró, el mismo caudal de la bomba fija, 10m3 / h. Cambiar la velocidad del transportador de 23rpm, aumentarlo más y más. Para cada velocidad de transportador, después de 10 minutos, tomar muestra.

Paso 3: obtener el mayor caudal de la bomba con el mejor rendimiento de la centrífuga en determinado lugar de trabajo:

Ajuste la velocidad del recipiente más adecuado consiguió desde el paso 1 La velocidad de transporte más adecuado desde el paso 2, aumentar el flujo de la bomba de 5 m3 / h. Aumenta cada vez más, y comparar el rendimiento, para encontrar el rendimiento más adecuado que deseas conseguir.

Cada vez que el material de tratamiento cambia, el operador de centrífuga debe repetir los 3 pasos para descubrir el nuevo ajuste centrífuga adecuada para la nueva condición.