vertical cuttings dryer


solids America( located at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040) have 2 units
of batite recovery decanter centrifuge in stock in our warehouse for sale and
rent. They are brand new and without motor & control panel, we will apply
proper electric motor and control panel if rquired by the clients. The max
speed of this centrifuge model GNLW452 is 2000rpm, which is normally applied
for barite recovery. The specification is as blow:







max speed




motor power


processing rate

/ minute

G force






main differences compared with the another popular sold centrifuge model

Item GNLW452 GNLW363 series
Bowl dia 18inch 14inch
Bowl length 43inch 50inch
Typical bowl speed 1800rpm 3200rpm
application Barite recovery Low gravity solids
Motor power 60HP 65HP
Screw protection Ceremics tiles Tungsten carbide tiles
Bearing brand NSK/FAG SKF


for GNLW452 centrifuge, we also have 1 unit of GNLW453 decanter centrifuge in
stock in Houston warehouse, which can also be applied for baryte recovery.
GNLW453 centrifuge is only for rent, it has the same bowl diameter 18inch, but
the bowl length is 61inch, much longer than 43inch. And GNLW453 centrifuge is
with VFD, it can be used not only for baryte recovery, but also for high
gravity and low gravity solids drilling fluids. And the treating capacity of
GNLW453 centrifuge is 264gpm, much bigger than GNLW452.

for the above mentioned centrifuge, we also have 14inch bowl decanter
centrifuge ( high speed, variable speed) available for rent and sale, and
22inch bowl decanting centrifuge for sale and vertical cuttings dryer for
drilling waste management system.

to contact GN solids America sales for an inquiry of barite recovery centrifuge
and solids control shale shaker.

Drilling waste are consist of drilling cuttings, waste water produced by drilling and oil storage, oily sludge, tank bottom waste, etc. GN vertical G dryer system can be used for all these types of drilling waste with our customized design. We have standard equipments just put them in different layout and use different speed( G force) to get the required result.
Firstly GN vertical cuttings dryer system will separate the oil based drilling cuttings from the materials collected from the rig site both in onshore and offshore, and get the waste water with oil, the oil content remained in the cuttings after treated by GNCD930D-VFD is around 5%, you need to transfer the cuttings to thermal unit to reduce oil content in the cuttings then disposal, otherwise you need drilling waste injection process. For the waste water with oil, a 3-phase decanter centrifuge can help to separate the oil from the waste water, and oil recovery can be re-used for the drilling fluids and save a lot of drilling cost, the waste water can be flocculation and feeding to the water treatment system.Such drilling waste water treatment process can apply both vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge or both of them, it depends on your budget of the projecct. But you should pay more attention to the solids particle size, it is very fine clay and silt solids, the vertical G dryer can not be applied, the decanter centrifuge is suitable for such situation.
The sudden crude oil price fall down caused the operators want to reduce their production cost, less the equipments’s purchasing value is a good and effective way. GN solids control with GN solids Ameria office and warehouse in Houston, provide service both for sales and rental. We have 10 units 4-panel shale shaker, 5 units of mud cleaner( desander, desilter, shaker 3 en 1), 3 units of high speed decanter centrifuge, 1 set of VFD centrifuge in stock for rental and sales, welcome to contact us at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040 or visit us at OTC 2015 Reliant Arena Hall, 6137 & 9225-2.

GN designed vertical G dryer waste management system can be used for both water based drilling cuttings and oil based drilling cuttings, and the field test result is proved successful. The standard vertical G dryer waste management system including: verti-G dryer GNCD930D-VFD, decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, Nemo pump GNG30-075 for feeding the centrifuge, Nemo pump GNG10A-040 for flushing the VFD decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer, oilfield 3-runner design skid, V type fluids collection tank and accessories. This type tank is for easy tank bottom cleaning and avoid of accumulation of solids in the tank bottom .

We have specially designed drilling waste management system for water based drilling cuttings, the benefit to apply for this system is :

1 Use Hi-G dryer to instead of Verti-G dryer, less the purchasing cost and less the electricity consumption

2 Less the flushing pump for the vertical G dryer

3 G-force of Hi-G dryer can reach 8.0G max, with 4-panel shaker screen and 2.73m2 large screen area for better separation. After treated by hi-G dryer, the liquid is feeding to decanter centrifuge directly.

But compared with Hi-G dryer, vertical G dryer treated the cuttings much drier, the solids can be removed directly by truck, but the solids separated by Hi-G dryer still remain around 40% humidity.

In water based mud treatment system, the centrifuge is normally installed on the highest telescopic frame for better solids discharge. But the shale shaker could be put it on the lower stand.

       But if for oil based cuttings, Vertical G dryer management system is the best option, we have utilized it in many rig sites in the world to test its performance, it is proved good according to our client’s feedback.

To check GN vertical cuttings dryer performance in the rigsite, pls check the video from GN website from the video page.

GN solids control produced equipments can be used not only for oil drilling solids control system, but also be widely used for oil sludge separation. The said ‘oil sludge’ may varies because it comes from different applications, like oil & gas drilling both in onshore and offshore, production and completion fluids, operations fuel oils and diesel oils, produced water, crude oil refinery & transport vessels slops and sludge, refinery emulsions, API separator sludge, sedimentation ponds, tank bottom sediments, stored oil waste pits, polluted soils, ships slops, dirty lube oil, etc.

We can not provide the complete oil sludge separation system, but be acted as part of the separation system. The equipments are used for oil sludge separation:

1 Decanter centrifuge both in high speed and variable frequency drive, we have 3 models centrifuge for such application, GNLW363VFD, GNLW453VFD, GNLW553VFD to separate the fine solids from the oil sludge

2 Hi-G shale shaker, GNZS594E to separate big drilling cuttings from the oil sludge

3 Vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 for oil recovery and big drilling cuttings dewatering, the oil content in the cuttings remain less than 5% after treated by the vertical G dryer.

4 Mud mixing equipments, mud mixers, agitators, mud hopper, pumps to be installed on the mud mixing tank by adding some chemical additives.

5 Screw conveyor in different sizes

GN solids control used these equipments for a lot of projects or oil sludge separation system:

Solids and Liquid separation decanter centrifuge for oil sludge project in Oman,

Oil Sludge Separation System for Kuwait Oil Company,

GN designed oil sludge separation system can be customized according to the client’s requirement and choose correct equipments model. After treated by our oil sludge separation system, you need to apply for further oil-water separator unit , thermal treatment unit and non-hazardous treatment.