vertical cuttings dryer

CIPPE is the largest and most professional oilfield
products exhibition and conference in Asia, GN SOLIDS CONTROL always take our
lastest design of solids control equipments and drilling waste management
equipments to CIPPE in Beijing every year in March. This year we also take our
new designed drilling cuttings treatment equipments to Shanghai CIPPE.

The CIPPE oil show general info is as below:

Every year GN solids control will attend international
and domestic oil show as the list below:

CIPPE in Beijing, March

OTC in Houston, May

MIOGE in Moscow, June

Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, June

CIPPE in Shanghai, August

ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, November

And other oil/ mining/ no-dig industry exhibitions in
Specific country, like Australia, India, Indonesia, USA, Nigeria, Iran, etc.

Our main drilling cuttings treatment equipments showed
at CIPPE including:

: It is mainly used for water based drilling mud, shale shaker with high G
force, large screen area, it is the most economic equipment to treat water
based drilling cuttings;

Vertical cuttings dryer
: mainly used for oil/
synthetic based drilling mud, GN vertical cuttings dryer can be applied for
both water based drilling cuttings and oil based mud. We also have special
designed vertical cuttings dryer for water based mud, welcome to contact with
GN sales for more info.

But most clients will calculate the cost before make a decision,
sometimes vertical cuttings dryer can help them to get very dry solids and less
the cost of TDU, sometimes the cost exceed their effect, they will consider to
use high-G dryer with decanter centrifuge instead.

GNLW363CG, as the most popular and best sold model among all our
centrifuge models, its performance has been field proved by a lot of clients.

GN make all of them as a modular drilling waste
management system,
you can choose 1 part, 2 parts or 3 parts, you can also use
part of them according to your rig requirement.

As one of the
lead manufacturer of decanter centrifuge screw conveyor in China and with
branch office in Houston , GN solids control produce different models of
decanter centrifuge over 250 units every year.

The material of the whole screw conveyor is stainless
steel 316L, the flight of the screw conveyor is protected by the tungsten
carbide tiles over 4mm thickness, the material is YG8 with hardness factor
89HRC. The main bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205, which is better
than SS316 and SS304. The other bowl assy is made of SS316L. This is the basic
configuration of GN premium decanter centrifuge. The opening of the screw
conveyor can increase the treating capacity and make the performance better. The
tungsten carbide tiles are interchangeable when the old ones are damaged.

Even GN economic configuration decanter centrifuge,
the flight is protected by special ceramics tiles. The other parts are with
same material with premium decanter centrifuge.

The screw conveyor inside the centrifuge bowl is the
essential parts for a decanter centrifuge, the design and protection of the
screw conveyor will directly influence the centrifuge’s performance. The bowl
assy is the main and most important part of decanter centrifuge.

Expect of decanter centrifuge screw conveyor, GN
solids control also produce screw for the auger. Screw conveyor/auger is common equipment to convey powder, granular and
small lumpy materials. All bearing operate under dusty conditions. Therefore,
reasonable operation and maintenance is vitally important. The following
paragraphs describe main requirements of operation and maintenance.

The auger can be used to transfer the drilling
cuttings from the solids control system cuttings collection box to the vertical
cuttings dryer
, and as collection auger for the solids control system shale
shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, and transfer the dry solids
discharged from vertical cuttings dryer.

Now we have 20 units of decanter centrifuge in stock,
welcome to contact with GN solids control.

Water based
drilling mud and oil based drilling fluids are applied together for one land
drilling rig because of the various purpose of the drilling. One package of
drilling waste management or drilling cuttings disposal unit which be used for
both water based drilling cuttings and oil based drilling cuttings are very helpful
for the drilling rigs, it can less the cost for the drilling waste management
system and reduce the space to locate the system, so that you can reduce your total
cost of drilling and ensure to comply with the requirement of environmental

week we went to the jobsite of a CNPC drilling rig to check the performance of
our drilling waste management system working with water based drilling
cuttings. The discharged mud from the decanter centrifuge is dry enough and
make the clients satisfied with the result. The system is a modular drilling
waste management system
which can be divided into several modulars.

Vertical cuttings dryer system :

GNCD930C-VFD vertical cuttings dryer with telescopic skid and the flushing pump
on the skid, the VFD control panel are installed besides the skid, there are a
dry cuttings collection box on the skid.

Cuttings transferring system

screw conveyor to transfer the dry material to the top of the vertical cuttings
dryer and cuttings pump to transfer the wet material with much fluids by the
hose to the cuttings dryer. There are a pressure unit on the skid to provide
positive pressure of the VFD control panels.

Fluids storage tank

a Cylindrical type tank with mud agitator on top to collect the clean fluids
from the vertical cuttings dryer and a submersible slurry pump to transfer the
fluids to the high-G dryer.

High G dryer system

high-G dryer shaker with a catch tank on the bottom to less the solids content
of the fluids discharged from the cuttings dryer and make the decanter
centrifuge working better.

Decanter centrifuge system

Including GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge on the
high telescopic skid and long solids discharge slot, and the clean fluids will
flow back to the solids control system storage tank for reuse.

The solidification unit and thermal desorption unit,
as one of the most efficient and economic drilling waste disposal method, has
been widely required by drilling waste management companies. GN new developed solidification
unit has been shipped to domestic client for no-pit drilling together with our
hi-G dryer system.

We have developed different customized drilling waste
management system for both water based drilling cuttings and oil based mud
& synthetic based mud.

For example:

Vertical cuttings
+decanter centrifuge with telescopic skid and small tank

HI-G dryer
shaker+ decanter centrifuge for water based mud with mud tank

But the cuttings discharged from the vertical cuttings
dryer system, decanter centrifuge or hi-G dryer system is still a problem, they
are improper to be re-use, or disposal directly or difficult to be treated or
transported, because of the constituents of the cuttings are not proper for
land application or burial approaches. That is why GN will develop our own solidification
unit and thermal desorption unit to provide our clients a complete drilling
waste disposal solution for no-pit drilling.

The configuration of solidification unit as below:

1 ea cuttings hopper
with 5cbm capacity

1 ea cuttings
transfer screw conveyor with 7.5kw motor

1 ea SS304 steel
Absorber transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor

1 ea SS304 steel
cement transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor

1 ea SS304 Steel
solidification mixer with 2 reverse rotation screw impeller with 11kw motor

Various materials can be added to cuttings to solidify
and stabilize them, to get more details of GN solidification unit, pls contact
our sales.

As the most professional manufacturer of drilling
waste management system
, GN solids control has provide a lot of drilling
cuttings treatment system for drilling companies, like CNPC, Sinopec,
especially in 2015, after Chinese government enact new laws for the drilling
waste disposal.

GN decanter
can be applied to both oil based mud and invert drilling fluids, and
water based drilling fluids and Synthetic Based mud.

drilling fluids are generally used where drilling problems not easily handled
by water-based fluids are expected, or in situations where the invert drilling
fluid is more economical. The major advantage offered by invert fluids is
increased borehole stability.

Invert emulsion
fluid decanter centrifuge models:

GN centrifuge

sludge waste treatment with polymer mixing unit as dewatering unit, pls check
the working videos for COSL from here:

based drilling waste management for Sinopec, pls check the working video from

loop drilling waste management system together with GN solids control system
and vertical cuttings dryer:

decanter centrifuge for no pit drilling together with Hi-G shaker,

To Serve our
clients better, GN solids control keep our main equipments in stock , including
different sizes decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, hi-G drying
shaker, shale shaker, mud cleaner, economy mud cleaning system, etc.

GN vertical
cuttings dryer can be used for both water based mud and oil based mud, we are
the first China solids control equipments manufacturer who firstly designed
such multi functional vertical cuttings dryer and firstly field proved for
drilling waste management. Our unique air knife design can avoid the screen
basket blocking for water based drilling cuttings.

If you need
customized invert drilling fluids decanter centrifuge system, pls contact GN
solids control.