vertical cuttings dryer

If you would like to
meet GN solids control at oil exhibition in 2016, welcome to contact for the appointment.

For Asia, Middle east and other
countries around China, pls visit us at CIPPE 2016 in Beijing, China during
March 29~31th. We will show the most advanced solids control equipments and
drilling waste management equipments as below:

Cuttings disposal dryer with telescopic

Drilling waste decanter centrifuge with
telescopic skid

Mining centrifuge

Hi-G dryer shaker

Cuttings solidification unit

Solids control shale shaker

Solids control mud cleaner

Shaker screens

Dewatering unit

We have a 272m2 booth at E2 hall,
because our factory is quite closed to the exhibition center, only 50 minuted
drive by car, so we take all of our main equipments there to show.

If you are quite busy in March, welcome
to visit us at SIPPE 2016 in Shanghai this November.

If China is too far from your countries,
like the clents from South America, North America, Middle east, Africa, welcome
to visit us at OTC 2016 in Houston, TX at the beginning of May. We have 2
stands there,

GN Booth No. 1:
Reliant Center 1652-A
GN Booth No. 2: Reliant Arena 9732

professional sales engineer will show you the unique technology of our vertical
cuttings dryer
and VFD decanter centrifuge, and 4 –panel shale shaker.

to the low oil price and slow oil industry, some clients cancelled the
international oil show visit plan, and will mainly focus on the professional
oil show in their own country. You can meet GN at the specific exhibition

(1)     In India:

(2)     In Iran

(3)     In Russia

(4)     In Malaysia

(5)     In singapore:

(6)     In Canada

(7)     In Abu Dhabi

If you are convenient to meet us for any
of the exhibitions above, pls contact us freely.

Recently GN solids control was awarded China high-Tech enterprise by the
association of provincial Science and Technology Dept., Financial Dept. and Tax
Bureau. This is not the only approval we’ve got, we have also got API Q1
certificate, ISO 9001:2008, DNV
certficate, CE certificate, HSE certificate.

Even though
the international oil price dropped down a lot since 2015, we do not reduce a
lot orders, and we got more orders from our old clients. GN keep developing and
improving our equipments in design and production according to our client’s
feedback. Right now we own the most advanced model D generation vertical G
cuttings dryer
, which has been improved a lot compared with the earliest A
version. We own C generation high speed or variable speed decanter centrifuge,
which is from A generation before 2013 and B generation in 2014. We are going
to have new generation and showed at the biggest oil & gas exhibition in
Beijing-CIPPE 2016, welcome to visit GN solids control at our booth , the booth
number is E2200.

We own the most advanced technology for
vertical cuttings dryer in China during the delelopment in the past 5 years. We
are the first manufacturer who showed our verti-G dryer at CIPPE, and make
successful test at the same year for water based drilling mud in a site
domestic. Then we start to change the design to make it more user friendly, and
the next year, hundreds of vertical cuttings dryer are sold to the
international market, like Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kuwait and other middle
east countries, and get good feedback from our clients. Until now, we have over
100 units of decanter centrifuges working in middle east and Africa, and over
80 units working in America.

If you need to buy advanced technology
vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge produced in China with good
performance, reliable after-sales service and reasonable price, pls contact GN
solids control.

As the top solids control equipments manufacturer in China, GN solids
control also produce drilling waste management equipments, like high speed
decanter centrifuge, high G force vertical cuttings dryer and shaker screens.
We have our own shaker screen factory to produce replacement shaker screens for
world famous brand oil & gas drilling shale shaker.

The shaker screens used for oil drilling is very different from the
screens for mining they are produced by orders, we can produce various mesh and
API No. for different mud treatment requirement. We usually only have wire mesh
and screen frames etc. raw materials in stock, we do not have much shaker
screens in stock, because the market’s requirement is changing everyday.

The screens types and dimensions we can produce are as below, it is only
part of our screens, we can also produce according to special required
dimensions by your sample or measured size.

Pre-tentioned screens (45.75"
x 23") 585x1165mm steel frame screens and composite material frame screens

49.25" x 25"
(1250mm x 635mm) steel frame shaker screen and composite material shaker

42" x 29" (1067mm
x 737mm) replacement screens

Hook screen 41.25" x
27.5" (1048mm x 700mm) , flat type and pyramid type screens

Steel Frame screen 35"
x 27" (890mm x 685mm) , primary screen

Steel Frame screen 27"
x 37" (685mm x 940mm) for scalping deck

Steel Frame screen 8" X
27" (203mm x 685mm) for dryer panel

The wire mesh screen material for option including SS304, SS316, and the
screen layers can be customized. If no special requirement, we will make it
according to our own technology and API standard.

GNZS594E-HB shale shaker use the same size screen 585x1165mm, with 4
screen panels. If you need a 4-panel shale shaker with big treating capacity,
pls contact GN solids control.

GN solids control produce several units of high
speed high G force cuttings dryer in stock for sale, this is the inventory
equipments for urgent orders. To provide better support for our international
clients who need the vertical cuttings dryer urgently. Since it takes a very
long time for shipment by sea from China to the client’s site, especially for
the clients in South America, it takes around 60days from Xingang, China to
Brazil. If we have these drilling waste management equipments in stock, it can
meet the client’s urgent requirement. Normally it takes 6 month to wait for a
vertical cuttings dryer produced in USA, it did not work for urgent project.

GN solids control always consider the client’s
requirement as first, we also have some of high speed( normally 3200 rpm, max
3800rpm) decanter centrifuges in stock, usually the vertical cuttings dryer and
decanter centrifuge work together in a drilling cuttings treatment system.

GNCD930D is our new generation vertical cuttings
, compared with GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer, The “D” version adopted G force 420@900rpm &  G
force 750@1200rpm, and with smaller footprint, in the drilling rig
site, especially for the offshore rig platform, there is only small area to
install the vertical cuttings dryer, GNCD930D cuttings dryer designed for user

After treated by GN vertical cuttings dryer, the oil on cuttings (OOC) is below 5%,
which can meet the environmental standard for most countries, for some
countries with more strict rules, we provide further treatment solutions,
Thermal desorption Unit. For more details about GN TDU, pls contact GN solids sales.

Not only in
GN solids control China warehouse, we also vertical cuttings dryer and decanter
in stock in Houston warehouse for clients in North America and South
America, welcome to visit GN solids America in Houston.

As is known to all and as is the common practice,
in the drilling rig’s drilling mud circle, more and more solids cuttings should
be separated out from the drilling liquid, so that the drilling liquid could be
used in future procedure.

Per different countries and regions, the
requested standard for the discharged drilling cuttings are different. But what
so ever the world share the same opinion that the discharged waste from the oil
and gas drilling could damage the environment and cause long time ruin of the
farm land and surrounding soil. In some countries where the population is
small, the government lays less strict laws for the discharge, and the drilling
cuttings from the solids
control system
could be buried in some non-human living place. But in more
and more countries, the law is strict and only solids control is not enough. Therefore,
many solids control manufacturers are providing more solutions as
drilling cuttings waste management systems
, and GN Solids Control, as
always, has the leading place.

1. GN VG-dryer waste management system. It is
a system combined with GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer and GNLW363 Decanter
Centrifuge, used for further treating the drilling cuttings discharged from the shale
, mud cleaner and solids control centrifuge of the solids control
system. Per jobsite test, only the vertical cuttings dryer, the OOC result of
GN Vertical
Cuttings Dryer
can be below 5%, and the liquid phase could be better
treated by the decanter centrifuge. For both Vertical cuttings dryer and the
decanter centrifuge, GN has fixed speed and vfd controlled for option.

2. GN Solidification Unit, it is a new
design of GN Solids Control, for feeding the need of some clients whose local
laws are more strict than others. In their countries, the solids from VG-dryer
system are not allowed to discharged directly. Solidification unit could make
the solids cuttings to form like concrete and suitable for other applications.
This is mostly for WBM.

3. GN TDU unit, also new product of GN
Solids Control and mostly used for final treatment of OBM.

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids
control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including mud agitator ,vertical
cuttings dryer , shale shaker , screw conveyor , screw pump , oilfield shale
shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , poor boy
degasser , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , etc . Welcome to visit GN website
for more information.

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