vertical cutting dryer

Drilling mud from rig overhead manifold flow to shale shaker, mud cleanerthe cuttings processed by shaker and mud cleaner is transferred by screw conveyor to vertical cutting dryer.

The solids processed by Vertical cutting dryer is discharged from solids discharge port, get recycled mud in mud recycling tank, which is pumped by centrifuge feeding pump to decanter centrifuge, the separated solids is discharged from centrifuge solids discharge port, the clean mud come back to solids control system.

Cutting dryer/vertical cutting dryer is widely used for drilling cuttings management in the oilfield. Lubrication is important for cutting dryer’s maintenance. Manufacture will provide detailed lubrication diagram with the machine. Motor bearings are grease lubricated, the other bearings are all oil lubricated.

 The oil should be changed every 1600 hours of operation or every three months, whichever occurs first. To change oil, drain oil from the gear unit and drain pot. Gear unit plugs are located under the inside sheave. Oil can be drained from the drain pot by disconnecting the suction line at its union located left of the filter and above the pressure switch.

GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer user manual provide more info about the lubrication diagram.