vertical cutting dryer

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the major
manufacturer of solids control equipment and leading maker of
drilling waste management equipment
in China, getting the first API
certified inside China and the first produced vertical cutting dryer with
China. Because of its leading part in solids control as well as waste
management technology, Hebei GN Solids Control Company., Ltd has exported to 60
countries and entertained the largest portion in the worldwide market, thus
achieving a new famous brand GN Solids Control. Certainly, Africa especially
Nigeria is a huge market for GN, and now around 100 models decanter centrifuge
are within Africa for solids control. Recently, our sales team have become in
Nigeria doing cost service for 3 pieces drilling waste management devices on
the drilling site.

GN main product line of drilling waste management includes excessive G shaker,
vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge.
GN high G shaker can reach to utmost 8. 0 G drive because the screen bed
consists of stainless steel and the whole patio is heat treated. GN vertical
cutting dryer could reach to a 750 R force at a speed involving 1200RPM so as
to dry the actual oil based drilling cutting using a oil content at all around
5%. GN decanter centrifuge is to treat the drinks discharge from high Gary the
gadget guy shaker or the vertical cutting dryer to make more clean up fluids
return back to dynamic system. Beside singe drilling waste management
equipment, GN Solids Control also
resources complete drilling waste management system with the combination of up
and down cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge on a skid attached with little
mud tank. GN provides 2 normal model of drilling waste management system for
customers’ solution, and also customized drilling waste material management
systems are available in GN. 

Established in the year involving 2007, GN solids
control walked through a road rich in thistles and thorns. Nowadays, GN
definitely has performed as the leader role on the China manufacturers for solids control equipment. Here we
wish to share how GN is expanding in the past 8 years, that proved GN is ready
to face larger opportunity in addition to challenge.
At the beginning of the foundation connected with GN, this company provided the
complete list of equipment for drilling mud recycling. During this period, GN’s
equipment are mainly used for olive oil drilling, what GN’s tools do is for
primary solids control on the drilling mud which called drilling essential
fluids. This type equipment are comprising shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter
and horizontal decanter centrifuge as well as some mud mixing equipment like mud agitator, mud
gun. Also many types transferring pump tend to be included in GN’s production

It is well known that there are drilling to be no process if a corporation
cannot develop new technology or even launch new equipment into your market.
Focus on the not any dig market, GN created one type compact self-contained mud
system especially employed for HDD project drilling mud recycling. This system
will be ranged from 200 GPM to 1500 GPM in accordance with the treating
capacity and the settings. Australia is a market in which the no dig technology
is actually popular accepted and coming from GN’s first unit lightweight system
sent to Australia back in of 2011, over thirty units mud system currently send
there. GN’s this sort mud system are also traditionally used in Coalbed Methane
going projects. By now, GN has realized to provide the complete mud system for
both necessary oil gas drilling and trenchless drilling projects.
With the distribution of more strict control on drilling waste disposal, a
growing number of drilling contractors started to discover some solution to
recover far more drilling fluids and generate more less discharges. As a
result, there comes a new industry while using name of drilling
waste material management.
The server on this business could used several
drying equipment to recover much more drilling fluids to make the going cutting
more dryer intended for easy transportation, and then further more treatment
could be done around the cuttings in special service. GN is also one of the
suppliers who always kept their eye on the market changing. In accordance with
the market request and customer’s feedback, GN launched the fresh equipment of vertical cuttings dryer and
high Gary the gadget guy force drying shaker model. After several-generation
upgrading, the device are able to be used onsite along with good performance.
Later, GN continuously issued the design of typically the skid mounted waste
management system which involves the cuttings dryer, waste centrifuge in
addition to transferring pump into one skid for easy transportation.
The actual requests from the market is generally changing, you never know what
the consumer need. By using GN’s squander management system, some shoppers get
back to GN with responses ‘can you make the system more smaller footprint, once
we don’t have enough space to put the best size skid’. Then GN’s modular design
waste management equipment came to this world. The purchaser could get separate
equipment via GN, and connect these people onsite only with a number of pipes.
This modular style and design brought great convenience to get operator onsite
as its configuration is more freely.
In order to even more reduce the cost of waste cuttings disposal and give
better remedy for the operators, GN made the new equipment solidification
device for final disposal on the waste cuttings after dealt with by the waste
management tools. After treated by the renforcement unit, the waste cuttings
could be discharged directly to get road paving, land producing, even to make
the construction content.
GN will never fear unhealthy feedback from the customers, since each critics
will force GN to a new degree. GN will never satisfy using what have been got
as it can certainly make GN mark time. With regard to larger opportunity and
concern, GN is already on the way.

Last month, GN Solids Control sent commissioning
engineer to a Nigerian drilling company and provided the first commissioning
service to its 4 sets newly arrived vertical
cuttings dryers
. And just after commissioning, those vertical cuttings
dryers were soon put into use and they now sent back the data for the drilling
mud and cuttings before and after the treatment of the vertical cuttings

OOC, oil on cuttings is 3.7%, much less than
the accepted value 10%. The clients are above satisfactory and now are planning
to purchase more and introduce to other friends’ companies in this field.

Function of GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers:

Like all the vertical cuttings dryers, the
vertical cuttings dryer is working like the drying procedure of the washing
machine. By rotating at a high speed, the liquid phase is splashed out through
the openings on the screen basket and collected to the storage tank for next
step separation. And the solids phase is stopped by the basket and falls down
dried and collected.

The lower value of OOC, the better
performance of the vertical cuttings dryer has. And most vertical cuttings
dryers are designed only for treating the drilling cuttings from the oil based

Unless other brands’ vertical cuttings
dryers, GNCD 930 Series vertical cuttings dryers are also suitable for WBM, although
their performance in water based mud is not as outstanding as it shows in oil
based mud. And GN is about to apply new solutions on water based mud condition
for the vertical cuttings dryer.

Why use GN Solids Control’s Vertical
cuttings dryer?

In fact this Nigerian drilling company is
not only purchasing vertical cuttings dryers from
GN Solids Control
, but also using GNLW363 Decanter
, and GN mud plants. Before getting to know GN Solids Control,
they used to use USA brand solids control equipments only, but when they
visited China and inspected several solids control manufacturers in China, they
chose GN. Since then, ll of their solids control equipments are purchased from
GN and later, the waste
management systems

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GN Solids Control participates inside
centrifuge tender in May this year. After competing compared to other China
brands & US ALL brands, like Derrick centrifuge, Swaco
Centrifuge, Brandt Centrifuges, GN Solids Control
win the tender. That year lower oil value, every company is
affected by the situation and they tend to select more cost-effective products.
After 3-4 months tender period, they pick GN Solids Control brand name and give
this right to your oil service company. The local essential oil service company
came to China, checking out our company and releasing obtain in Oct, 2015. This
may not be big order for our corporation, but repeatedly helps to confirm the
quality and reasonable tariff of GN Solids Control gear.
The new order of 2 value packs GNLW363CG-VFD centrifuges including beneath

1) 2 units GNLW363CG-VFD centrifuges, high speed stepless adjustment from 0 to
be able to 3200rpm. The centrifuge can be used for solids control software.
When recovery barite, the consumer can put it around 1800RPM; when cut mud
excess weight, the user can put it all-around 2500RPM; When remove quite fine
solids, the user may put it around 3000RPM.
2) 4 sets screw send. 2 sets pump regarding feeding centrifuges, another a
couple of sets screw pump to get backup. At drilling internet site, time is
money. Along with backup solutions, this can be assurance and save a lots with
regard to drilling.
3) 1 year replacement parts for 2 sets centrifuge along with 2 sets screw pump
motor. Spare parts is also very important with regard to centrifuge operation.
It is better order it together when obtain equipment. Spare parts purchased on
their own may lead to high extra bear cost or project suspending.
Except for this two models VFD centrifuges, the end consumer is considering
more get of GNLW363CG high speed and also fixed speed centrifuges, Up and down
cuttings dryer, cuttings renforcement units etc .
From the year of 2007, GN Solids Control arrived to solids control & drilling
waste management equipment
company field. During past main years, GN Solids
Command committed herself to top quality products and reasonable price, for you
to compete with US / Eu solids control brands. And now we achieved very good
results, major project as below:
1) Baker Hughes big purchaser: 4 sets centrifuges and also vertical
cuttings dryer
to get Baker Hughes, the US models big oil Service Company
2) Halliburton big buyer: several sets centrifuges & two shale
& one sets liquid mud grow system (with 4 major mud tanks) for
Halliburton, the US brands oil service provider.
3) CNPC and Sinopec: Because of new regulations GN supplied over 40 DWM system
to China sector from middle of 2014 to Middle of 2015, GN is the leading
Supplier regarding DWM
4) CPP huge buyer: over 30 value packs 500gpm mud system with past 3-5 years
regarding CPP, China largest HARD DISK DRIVE contractor.
For more info, could you contact us – GN Solids Control sales team to get
better assist

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GNLW363G decanter centrifuge and GNZS703 shale shakers are in stock in South America, if you need such solids control equipments, pls contact GN sales immediately, the stock will be sold once payment is done. These 2 models are the best sold and most popular equipments last year and this year, we got goods feedback from the operators. Also we have them in stock in USA, together with the spare parts, it is convenient to get the spare parts.

Especially we will take GNLW363 decanter centrifuge to Colombia for the oil and gas show, you can check its quality and performance there from our booth.

Except for decanter centrifuge and shale shaker ,we also have vertical cutting dryer, centrifugal pumps, mud agitators in stock, welcome to contact us.