vacuum degasser

GN solids control produce
oilfield cylindrical vessel type vacuum degasser unit which is used to remove entrapped
gas including H2S, CO2 from gas-cut drilling fluids. And protect the
centrifugal pump of mud cleaner feeding from gas cut and impeller damage.

Different with the atmospheric Degasser, the atmospheric
Degasser is centrifugal type deasser.

Features of GN Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser:

(1)   Self-contained
type without jet pump

(2)   new design of Ultrasonic liquid level meter, which is automatically controlled
the mud level, when the mud level is too high or too low, it will shut down
from the electric control panel to protect the vacuum pump. The Ultrasonic
liquid level meter is connected with the control panel.

(3)   22kw prime motor and 7.5kw vacuum pump motor with electric control
panel, which is suitable for oilfield operation with temperature up to 55
degree, hazardous environmental explosion & flame proof class 1 division 1,
group C & D. If required by the client, we can also provide motor and
control panel with ATEX certificate.

(4)   Oilfield
skid mounted, smart footprint and conveneint operantion

Models of GN Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser:

GNZCQ270A with
treating capacity 1188gpm, GNZCQ360A with 1584gpm treating capacity, the
cylindrical vessel diameter are all 920mm.

principal of GN Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser unit:

It use the suction effect of the vacuum
pump to create negative pressure inside the Cylindrical Vessel,
and the mud enter the hollow shaft. And then the mud spray to the tank wall , Gas
is discharged to safe zone from gas separator through the suction of vacuum
pump and the mud is discharged into the tank.

If you need Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser unit, pls contact with GN solids control. Except
for vacuum degasser, GN also provide mud gas separator / poor boy degasser
which is used before solids control system.

This week GN solids control shipped
one set of solids control system to Asia country,

Including one set of high G force linear motion
shale shaker
GNZS594E-HB, 2 sets of variable speed decanter centrifuge
GNLW363CG-VFD with 2 sets of feeding pump, 1 unit of catch tank. It is not
traditional solids control system for oil & gas drilling, like GN standard
& customized designed solids control system for drilling rigs from 250HP to
3000HP. The traditional solids control system will at least include 2 or 3 or 4
sets of shale shaker, with
, desilter or mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, the
centrifuge is as an option, also the mud mixing tank & storage tank. The
purpose to use 2 units of VFD decanter centrifuge is to separate the fine
solids from the drilling fluids and get the water be re-used for drilling.

GN solids control is specialized in design customized solids control
system for different models drilling rigs, both for oil & gas drilling and
non-oil industry drilling, like water well drilling, no-dig drilling. In recent
years, our main products changed to drilling
waste management system
/ equipments which combined with solids control
system as zero-discharge system or called pitless drilling cuttings treatment
system. The function of pitless system is to prevent the earth from hazardous
drilling waste, especially to protect the under-ground water and earth. The
traditional oil drilling will need to dig a hole under the ground to remain the
drilling waste, and use the truck to transfer the drilling cuttings to the
drilling waste treatment facility. It will damage the environment in 2 aspects:
1) it may pollute the underground water & earth 2) it may spray outside
from the truck during shipment and pollute the farmer’s earth nearby 3) it will
increase the drilling waste management cost, so increase the total drilling
cost and reduce the profit.

To get more information about GN solids
control system
and pitless drilling mud system, pls contact GN solids sales.

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GN vertical cuttings dryer can be used for both water
based mud and oil based mud/ or SBM. The maintenance cost is one of the main
concern for mud service company or waste service company, they are all looking
for a cost effect dryer for the drilling
waste management
compared with US brand cuttings dryer or ship the waste to
drilling waste management companies.

The main spare parts for vertical
cuttings dryer
are as below, most of the maintenance cost is from these
spare parts:

basket, the screen basket and screen frame are separated components and they
are balanced separately. The screen basket scraper is installed to prevent the
discharged fluids from blocked on the screens, sometimes the solids content is
very high, it is not easy to get down from the screens. Based on different
drilling cuttings conditions, the replacement period will be different for the
screens, pls check with GN sales engineer team for the required quantity in one

& Cone Rotor Assembly, the 8 flites are fixed on the rotor assembly, you
need to replace it completely. The flights are used to prevent cuttings
blocking the screens and scraping the mud inside the screens.

replace time based on actual working time.

jar with scraper, the scrapers are used for solids discharge scraping.

discharge ring, it is not easy to be damaged normally, 1 set is required as
back up.

With flushing pump and air knife to provide
pressurized cleaning, that is why GN cuttings dryer can be used for both WBM
and OBM. We have 2 units of vertical cuttings dryer and other equipment include vacuum degasser,
decanter centrifuge, shale shaker,mud agitator, desander ,etc. stocked
in Houston warehouse, 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040, USA. GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top
quality equipment for our clients. Cuttings
solidification unit
is the new design of GN Solids Control.Welcome to check our website to know more info from GN
Solids Control.


Normally there are 2 types degassers in solids control
drilling fluids system, one is vacuum tank degasser, the other one is Atmospheric
Degasser. GN solids control produce vacuum tank degasser for oil & gas
drilling solids control system.

We have 2 models vacuum tank degasser, GNZCQ270 &
GNZCQ360, both of them with 920mm diameter vacuum tank, and with same footprint
same dimension. GNZCQ270 with treating capacity 270m3/h, GNZCQ360 with treating
capacity 360m3/h. We will choose correct model according to the drilling rig
models and drilling depth. If you require vacuum degasser, pls contact GN
solids control. You do not need an extra centrifugal pump for GN vacuum
degasser because it is self-suction type.

Features of GN vacuum degasser:

function: Not only as degasser to separate the gas from the gas-cut drilling
mud, but also the suction pipe inside the drilling mud as a big agitator.

pump work as both the suction pump to feeding the mud into the vacuum tank, but
also the gas discharge pump

water in the small water tank to save water

models same foot print and same dimension as standard design

major components including vacuum tank, vacuum pump, water-gas separator with
water, 2 explosion proof motor, control panel, skid, ultrasonic
liquid level meter.

Main spare parts of vacuum degasser for one year

V-belt, bearing, oil seal, vacuum gauge

Except for vacuum tank degasser, GN also produce mud
gas separator
which is used before solids control system, as a part of well
control, usually it is working together with flare igniter. The flare igniter
is located far from the drilling rig which is the safety area without hazardous
gas. It is connected with the mud gas separator by pipes according the distance
from the drilling rig to safety area.

mud serve as lubricant that keep the drilling bit operate smooth.  The consequence of drill bit overworked by
temperature heading up will lead to hard work of engine and transmission that
lead to breakdown and halt the whole operation.
It is a very costly operation halt that leads cost of extra ten thousand
of dollars and more. Plus, the drilling fluid is also a very costly lubricant
and to keep the drilling cost under control, solids control machinery is need
for filter the debris that contain in the drilling mud for many times of cycle
of use the drilling mud.  The five
machinery that will completely perform filter the solids from the drilling mud
are shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter and
decanter centrifuge.

The filter step goes in below:


drilling mud feed enter the feeding box of shale
.  The mud
contains various size of the solids return to the ground surface and shale
shaker is filtering the biggest solid by use high G force of shaking.  The box of shale shaker contain panels of
mesh screen that is different number of mesh depend on solids contents analyze
by drilling mud engineer


. The muds
that return to ground surface not only contain solids but also gas from the
earth core.  This gas that change density
of drilling mud leads result change the viscosity of drilling mud. Vacuum degasser
removes the gas in the drilling mud to keep the mud in balance and continue the
future solids filter process.


The drilling fluids now that
contain medium size solids enter the liquid feeding pump and enter the
, which contain large hydrocyclone(s).  The solids diameter above 40-60um will be
filtered and bottom of desander is pair with shale shaker contain finer mesh
compare with first shale shaker to complete the filtering.  T


This machinery’s function of
work is just as same like desander in last step before. It contains multiple
smaller hydrocyclones that can remove solids that measure diameter above
15-40um.  It is also pair with shale
shaker like desander and complete this step of filtering.

Decanter Centrifuge

The drilling fluid feed through
centrifugal pump that feed into decanter centrifuge that rotate in High
speed of G force
.  The rotating
bowl will separate solids from the mud and exit in one for solids and other one
is for filtered mud.  The drilling mud
now will feed back to the rig for next cycle of usage.