solids control

Shale shaker can be utilized in 2 ways for the rig.

1st utilization is for rig solids control system as the first separation equipments, by this way, some of the cuttings with drilling fluids will be separated out. 

2nd utilization is for drilling cuttings separation, they use fine mesh screen to dry the drilling cuttings and separate usable drilling fluids and back to the rig. The drilling cutting shaker also called hi-G shaker.To continue drying the cuttings, you should use cutting dryer.

Do you know what is Vacuum Degasser and its function?

It is the 2nd phase solids control equipment, which is used after shale shaker, to separate various gas from the invasive drilling mud, so that it can protect decander, desilter cone and centrifugal pumps impeller.

 Different with Derrick vacuum degasser, this GN vacuum degasser do not need suction pump, it has self-suction ability, so it can save energy and drilling cost.

mud tank system

This is a drilling mud tank system designed and produced by GN solids control for Australia clients. It is used for horizontal directional drilling, 1400gpm treating capacity. We can also produce mud tank system with 200gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 1000gpm. After the mud tank system arrived at client’s site, GN engineer will fly to Australia for installation and commissioning, and the service is for free. mud tank systemWe have 12 month guarantee for our equipment’s quality or 18 month after B/L date, whichever comes first.