solids control system

Water based
drilling mud and oil based drilling fluids are applied together for one land
drilling rig because of the various purpose of the drilling. One package of
drilling waste management or drilling cuttings disposal unit which be used for
both water based drilling cuttings and oil based drilling cuttings are very helpful
for the drilling rigs, it can less the cost for the drilling waste management
system and reduce the space to locate the system, so that you can reduce your total
cost of drilling and ensure to comply with the requirement of environmental

week we went to the jobsite of a CNPC drilling rig to check the performance of
our drilling waste management system working with water based drilling
cuttings. The discharged mud from the decanter centrifuge is dry enough and
make the clients satisfied with the result. The system is a modular drilling
waste management system
which can be divided into several modulars.

Vertical cuttings dryer system :

GNCD930C-VFD vertical cuttings dryer with telescopic skid and the flushing pump
on the skid, the VFD control panel are installed besides the skid, there are a
dry cuttings collection box on the skid.

Cuttings transferring system

screw conveyor to transfer the dry material to the top of the vertical cuttings
dryer and cuttings pump to transfer the wet material with much fluids by the
hose to the cuttings dryer. There are a pressure unit on the skid to provide
positive pressure of the VFD control panels.

Fluids storage tank

a Cylindrical type tank with mud agitator on top to collect the clean fluids
from the vertical cuttings dryer and a submersible slurry pump to transfer the
fluids to the high-G dryer.

High G dryer system

high-G dryer shaker with a catch tank on the bottom to less the solids content
of the fluids discharged from the cuttings dryer and make the decanter
centrifuge working better.

Decanter centrifuge system

Including GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge on the
high telescopic skid and long solids discharge slot, and the clean fluids will
flow back to the solids control system storage tank for reuse.

Oil sludge
waste stabilization and solidification unit is a customized system to improve
pollutant retention and give the material obtained a certain structural
durability. Their objective is thus not to achieve a simple cladding of the
contaminated material in an inert matrix, but a complex physical-chemical
process to obtain stabilization and solidification of the pollutants.

Why use stabilization
and solidification unit for oil sludge waste?

Oil sludge
waste come from different ways, like drilling waste storage tank/ pit/ lagoon,
tank bottom cleaning, cuttings separated from drilling waste management system,
solids control system, etc. The oil sludge waste should be proper disposal to
prevent the destroy of environment. The trend of drilling is no-pit drilling in
the future along with the much more strict environmental laws in most of the
countries, which is combination of drilling mud solids control system plus
cuttings transferring system, drilling cuttings treatment system, cuttings
disposal system. GN customized designed cuttings solidification/ stabilization
unit and TDU( thermal desorption unit) are both cuttings disposal methods.

The main
components of GN stabilization/ solidification unit:

1 Absorber conveyor

2 Cement Conveyor

3 Solidsfication Mixer

4 oil
sludge waste collection hopper

5 cement
storage box

6 skid,
handrails, stairs

Working process of GN stabilization/
solidification unit:

sludge waste collection hopper collects all the drill cuttings & oil sludge
waste, transported to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor.
2) Cement storage box is keeping cements powder, through the tubular screw
conveyor, powders are sent to the mixer at pre-set capacity.
3) In the same way, absorber is kept in a box, then sent to the mixer by tubular
screw conveyor.
4) The high-shear mixer mixes all the material, and push to the front at the
same time.

If you have questions for the working process and additive
agents for the solidification/ stabilization unit , pls contact with GN solids

A new solids control system produced by GN solids control can save your drilling cost extremely, especially under the situation that Brent crude oil prices fell below $49 a barrel and U.S. crude also fell more than $1 on Monday after the global economic outlook darkened and Iraq announced record oil production. You have to reduce your production cost in everywhere to fight with the low crude oil price, otherwise you can not earn money and keep your business going well.

The benefits to use proper solids control equipments have been emphasized for many times, like

1 Drilling fluid maintenance cost, clean up, and disposal cost, more fluids can be reused for drilling to save your money

2 Reduce your pressure from regulations of environmen protection

3 Less the overall cost of drilling

GN solids control system can be completely customized design according to your rig model and rig site layout. We have experienced engineer team who can give you professional solutions for all kinds of drilling/ boring engineering, including oil & gas drilling, geothermal drilling, water well drilling ,coal bed methane, horizontal directional drilling, diamond core drilling.

Recently GN solids control shipped 3 sets of 1000 HP drilling rig solids control system for a drilling company in Europe, not only in Europe, our solids control system has been sold to over 60 countries in the world, and we can meet the high standard requirement for Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America and also for offshore project.

These 3 sets of solids control systems are exported to Europe, all motors and electric control panels are ATEX certified and all machines are CE certified. GN Solids Control is one of the few companies in China who can meet such requirement. And in other developed area like North America, we provide solids control system with IEC ex certificate.

GN solids control, the mother company of GN solids America, can design and produce customized liquid mud plant/ mud tank system for worldwide clients.

Mud tank system/ solids control system for oil drilling, for workover rig 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 750HP; For oil & gas drilling rig 1000HP, 1500HP, 2000HP.

Project #1:

2 sets of Solids control system to one of the biggest government owned drilling rig manufactures in China for 350HP & 550HP drilling rig used in Cuba.The photo is as below:

Project #2: 3 Sets 1000HP Offshore Rig Solids Control Mud System for COSL, including:

•     Shale Shaker, GNZS703E-HB, 6 nos

•     Vacuum Degasser, GNZCQ270A, 3 nos

•     Mud Cleaner, GNZJ703E-2S12N, 3 nos

•     Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW452, 3 nos

•     Mud Tank, 500BBL, 9 nos

These mud tank systems are operated for jack-up drilling rigs and semi-submersible drilling rigs.Except for solids control system of oil drilling, we also produce liquid mud plant system for both onshore and offshore.

GN project #3: Liquid Mud Plant System for Africa, the equipments list as below:

•     7 ea Liquid mud tank with Rain Shade Roof Cover

•     21 ea mud agitator for mixing

•     21 ea mud gun

•     1 ea dual mud mixing unit

•     1 ea shear pump for shearing chemicals.

•     1 ea Electric hoist for lifting chemical bags

GN Project #4: Liquid Mud Plant (LMP) for China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL)

 •   mud tanks, same as 40ft container (12192X2438X2380mm), 17 nos

 •   Mud mixing skid with decanter centrifuge, mud hopper, shear pump and centrifugal pump, 1 set

•     Mud agitator, 51 nos

•     Mud Gun, 51 nos.

You can find all of GN project list from our official website or search GN solids control in Google for more info. GN solids control will provide free commissioning and installation service for free for the first time installation for the clients who bought our solids control system/ liquid mud tank, our engineer team will fly to your rigsite for training.


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GN showed drilling fluids decanter centrifuge in 16th Colombia Oil & Gas Show (XV International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition) in Bogota. GN is the only solids control equipments manufacturer who takes decanter centrifuge there, and we already sold the centrifuge during the show.

The showed centrifuge model is GNLW363G, which is high speed decanter centrifuge, it could be adjustable speed by different size pulleys or VFD control panel. We provided PLC controlled VFD control panel as option.

Application of GN drilling fluids decanter centrifuge:

1 barite recycling

2 solids control system much fine solid particles separation

3 waste cuttings management

4 dewatering system