shaker screen

GN solids America stocked
different size of shaker screens in our Houston warehouse for sale, also with 4
inch desilter cones, 10 inch desander cones, welcome to inquiry our sales in

The inventory list for shaker
screens are as below:

Pre-tensioned shaker screens,
size: 585x1165mm, API 60, API 80, API 100, API 120, API 140, API 170, API 200,
API 230.

Together with the screens, we
also have 4 panel shale shaker and mud cleaner which adopts 585x1165mm size

Pre-tensioned shaker screens,
size: 630x1250mm, API 80, API 100, API 120, API 140, API 170

The inventory list for 4 inch
desilter cones:

Elbow: 8pcs

2 inch clamps:92pcs

Drop in apex: 116pcs

4 inch Desilter cones:60pcs

The inventory list for 10inch
desander cones:

10 inch cones assy: 6pcs

Material: 100% polyurethane
material for the hydrocyclones

Except for the replacement
wear parts, we also have centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer, shear pump, mud
, shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG & VFD,GNLW223,
GNLW553-VFD vertical cuttings dryer, screw pump in stock for sale. Welcome to
visit our warehouse at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040 to check all the
equipments. We are available to test running the equipments and show the
vibration strength, the bearing temperature, the centrifuge rotary speed, etc
parameter by professional inspection tools.

We are also available to ship
other solids control equipments and spare parts from China facility to your
address directly which we do not have stock in Houston. For example, screw
( with hopper, or U type, tube screw conveyor), container sized mud
tank, mud agitator from 4 HP to 30 HP, centrifugal pump 2×3, 3×4, 4×5, 5×6,
6×8, telescopic skid for decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, and
other complete mud recycling/cleaning system, piling desander unit, dewatering
, mud mixing tank, etc.

double deck shale shaker has been widely used for mineral dressing/ ore
separation project, for example, gold recovery. We use different mesh screen to
separate different required ore size, normally the top screen is 3mm opening steel plate screen( or polyurethane material screen for
longer service life) to separate the big solids bigger than 3mm, it can protect
the bottom screen and make the working time longer. The bottom screen is customized,
because different minerals will need to separate different size ore.

GNZS706E double deck shale shaker specifications:

Total screen area 4.66m2( 52.5 ft2), top screen area 2.03m2(24.2ft2)
with 3 panels screen, bottom screen area 2.63 m2(28.3 ft2) with 3 panels screen,
up to 7.0G( adjustable), linear motion shale shaker. The Max treating capacity
is 140m3/h.

engineering, mineral processing, or mineral dressing or ore dressing, is the
process of separating commercially valuable minerals from their ores. The simplest sizing process is
screening, or passing the particles to be sized through a screen or number of

GN solids control also provide a solution to put the hydrocyclones on top of the double deck
shale shaker, as a simple/ compact desanding unit. The working principal is
different with the double deck shale shaker. When worked as a double deck shale
shaker, the material is feeding to the buffer box and flow to the top screen to
separate course ore, and drop down to the bottom screen to separate the required

working as a desanding unit with the hydrocyclones, which is used to separate
more fine solids. The material is feeding to the bottom screen to separate
course size then use a centrifugal pump for feeding to the desander cone, to
separate solids bigger than 75 microns, the top screen function for drying the
separated solids size and recycle more fluids.

With the fast development of GN Solids Control Company, GN has established one American branch company which name is GN Solids America right in Houston, TX. Besides, GN is busying with opening another branch company in Moscow, Russia. GN believe that by establish these two branch companies and some other branches are also prepared to open in the next few years, GN will experience a much faster growth and service more clients with excellent equipments.

As different regions or countries might have different ways to make business, GN has taken some necessary things into consideration. Just take GN Solids America(website: as an example, considering the local culture and language difference, GN is hiring local employees working in Houston office. And GN also sent engineers to American for technical help and good service.

It is quite common that many companies in America are willing to rent some equipment and use them for a while. So GN is start doing rental business for solids control equipments and waste management systems. All of these equipments are hotly welcomed by local customers.

As more and more customers come to GN Solids America and ask for solids control equipments and some other equipments for renting, GN are attaching more and more attentions on reasonable storage. In the second half year of 2014, many GN equipments such as shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, mud cleaners etc having been sent to Houston warehouse.

GN also pays plenty of attention to storage spare parts for emergency use. Shaker screens will be sent to America and be kept in a fixed number. Today, GN just arranged to sent 11 wood pallets which are full of spare parts and consumable parts, such as springs used on shake shaker, cyclones used on mud cleaner, differential mechanisms used on decanter centrifuge, and motor on cuttings dryer etc.

We believe that GN will devote to develop the American market based in Houston, and some sub branch companies might be established in the America in the next few years.  

GN product patented composite screen frames mix sturdiness, light weight and longer existence right into a cost-effective option to metal frames. Our patented GN product Decanter Centrifuge mix three different screen meshes to supply new amounts of efficiency, versatility and price-effectiveness.

The GN product composite screen frame includes a power grid produced from an amalgamated of high-strength plastic and glass, strengthened rich in-tensile-strength steel rods. Since these frames balance sturdiness with strength, they’re more effective transport systems than any steel frames. GN product shale shaker have greater through put capabilities and considerably longer operational lives. Since GN product frames won’t rust or delaminate, they may be used, saved and re-used.

Model for model, GN product frames weigh under all-steel frames. And they’ve an elevated open area, supplying a greater conductance rate. When in comparison to metal-frame screens, GN product screens have 16 to 27 percent more open area than comparable metal-frame screens.

GN product Screen Frames deliver a number of advantages over metal frame screens, including:

Longer frame existence means longer overall screen existence

Greater throughput rates further reduce operating costs by optimizing shaker performance

A range of mesh styles guarantees versatility for drilling a variety of formations

gn product provides a properly-defined separation efficiency

gn product triumphs over the blinding problems connected with sandstone

The difference between the site and the site is so big, I believe, GN’s website will give you a good impression.

With regard to more than 75 years, gnsolidsamerica may be provide business along with shale shaker screen. This particular easy idea leads to the more powerful shaker screen along with less components. This particular equipment style additionally features extremely nicely from regular engine rates of speed within close-coupled installation plans. This particular removes both requirement for the equipment reducer, as well as misalignment difficulties.

Pinnacle Sends style as well as produce an array of centrifugal sends with regard to business, creating providers, petrochemical grow as well as comparable challenging programs. Thousands of Pinnacle sends tend to be working each inside the UNITED KINGDOM as well as globally upon installs exactly where effectiveness as well as dependability tend to be associated with perfect significance, as well as we now have gained a good enviable status for that high quality as well as stamina in our items.

GN services GNZS3-4 linear movement shale shaker tend to be popular through GN worldwide customers because higher shaker screen. Optimum pressure associated with GNZS64 linear movement shale shaker is actually 7.4G, specifically associated with speed about the display area, leading to effective splitting up associated with drinking water in the good solids. The actual Extremely Grams engines associated with GNZS3-4 linear movement shale shaker function completely lubricated, covered bearings and therefore are created for maintenance procedure.

If you wish to get the shaker screen at cost-effective price, it is imperative to shop online. From my personal experience, I can guarantee you will get the product within the budget. Choose a store with a good reputation in the industry for getting the cheap shaker screen. You can expect the updated inventory of the equipment, people of all sizes will be pleased to get the equipment without compromising on their comfort. The payment options are secure and quick. Personal information of is kept confidential during the transaction. If you want to buy our products, please contact us.