screw conveyor

The solidification unit and thermal desorption unit,
as one of the most efficient and economic drilling waste disposal method, has
been widely required by drilling waste management companies. GN new developed solidification
unit has been shipped to domestic client for no-pit drilling together with our
hi-G dryer system.

We have developed different customized drilling waste
management system for both water based drilling cuttings and oil based mud
& synthetic based mud.

For example:

Vertical cuttings
+decanter centrifuge with telescopic skid and small tank

HI-G dryer
shaker+ decanter centrifuge for water based mud with mud tank

But the cuttings discharged from the vertical cuttings
dryer system, decanter centrifuge or hi-G dryer system is still a problem, they
are improper to be re-use, or disposal directly or difficult to be treated or
transported, because of the constituents of the cuttings are not proper for
land application or burial approaches. That is why GN will develop our own solidification
unit and thermal desorption unit to provide our clients a complete drilling
waste disposal solution for no-pit drilling.

The configuration of solidification unit as below:

1 ea cuttings hopper
with 5cbm capacity

1 ea cuttings
transfer screw conveyor with 7.5kw motor

1 ea SS304 steel
Absorber transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor

1 ea SS304 steel
cement transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor

1 ea SS304 Steel
solidification mixer with 2 reverse rotation screw impeller with 11kw motor

Various materials can be added to cuttings to solidify
and stabilize them, to get more details of GN solidification unit, pls contact
our sales.

As the most professional manufacturer of drilling
waste management system
, GN solids control has provide a lot of drilling
cuttings treatment system for drilling companies, like CNPC, Sinopec,
especially in 2015, after Chinese government enact new laws for the drilling
waste disposal.

is widely used for oil & gas drilling zero discharge drilling
waste management system, the purpose is to collect and move semi-solids
materials, so you can save a lot of labors and more efficient to deal with the
drilling cuttings which should be cleaned and handling before discharge.

of screw conveyor in the drilling waste management system:

it is installed horizontally and at a slight incline which is supported by a
customized steel frame according to the distance to the vertical cuttings
dryer, but the angle is normally less than 45 degree. Too incline angle will
influence the moving efficiency of the screw conveyor.

of Screw conveyor

consists of a trough or tube containing either a spiral blade coiled around a
shaft, driven at one end and held at the other, or a “shaftless
spiral”, driven at one end and free at the other. Variable frequency
electric motor can be used to provide a variable speed, which is for the
different drilling cuttings conditions and required moving rate.

solids discharge end could be customized design according to the rigsite’s
layout, side discharge or bottom discharge.

solids control
standard screw conveyor

is hopper opening screw conveyor which is usually used to collect the cuttings
from the shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge. And others are
closed cover screw conveyor, and outside the U-type trough, you can choose with
the frame support or without.

We have screw diameter of 12inch, 14inch,
16inch, 18 inch for option, and the screw conveyor length is divided to
different sections, each section is connected by the bearings, each section is
standard 12ft, you can choose 2 section( 24ft), 3 sections (36ft) or 4

is developed as a traditional drill cuttings transferring method, more and more
people choose cuttings pump or vacuum unit to replace it.

designed “D” version vertical cuttings dryer together with “C” version cuttings
dryer can be applied for both water based mud, oil based mud and Synthetic-based
fluid, we have show this vertical cuttings dryer system at the Asia largest oil
show-CIPPE 2015 in March 26th, we are going to show it again at OTC 2015 in
Houston, welcome to visit our stand number below to check the advantages of
GNCD930DD vertical cuttings dryer. If you missed both of these 2 shows, pls
visit us at MIOGE 2015 to check it.

Reliant Arena
Booth A (290SF) No.: 9225-2    – Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd
Reliant Arena Booth B (200SF) No.: 6137        – GN Solids
America LLC

The benefits of GNCD930DD
cuttings dryer compared with GNCD930CD:

1 compact
dimension, more flexible to be used for different projects

2 higher speed
with higher G force, separation performance is better

3 variable
frequency drive is available for steadily starting and different rigsite’s

4 GNCD730 with
smaller bowl, smaller treating capacity is available

5 improved
details in design, user friendly

To check GN vertical
cuttings dryer system successfully used for different drilling cuttings, pls
check the videos:

GN also provide the
drilling cuttings transportation system, you have 3 ways to transfer the drill

1)      screw
s and chutes

2)      Vacuum
transfer systems

3)      Positive
pressure transfer systems

will use different cuttings transferring equipments in different drilling waste
management system
design, it depends on the space, installation, materials,
etc. The most common and economic way is screw conveyor to feeding for the
vertical cuttings dryer and collect the dry solids from the solids discharge
port of VCD and transfer to cuttings box.

you need a oil based mud or water based mud drilling cuttings treatment
solution, pls contact GN solids control or GN solids America.

GN solids control produced equipments can be used not only for oil drilling solids control system, but also be widely used for oil sludge separation. The said ‘oil sludge’ may varies because it comes from different applications, like oil & gas drilling both in onshore and offshore, production and completion fluids, operations fuel oils and diesel oils, produced water, crude oil refinery & transport vessels slops and sludge, refinery emulsions, API separator sludge, sedimentation ponds, tank bottom sediments, stored oil waste pits, polluted soils, ships slops, dirty lube oil, etc.

We can not provide the complete oil sludge separation system, but be acted as part of the separation system. The equipments are used for oil sludge separation:

1 Decanter centrifuge both in high speed and variable frequency drive, we have 3 models centrifuge for such application, GNLW363VFD, GNLW453VFD, GNLW553VFD to separate the fine solids from the oil sludge

2 Hi-G shale shaker, GNZS594E to separate big drilling cuttings from the oil sludge

3 Vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 for oil recovery and big drilling cuttings dewatering, the oil content in the cuttings remain less than 5% after treated by the vertical G dryer.

4 Mud mixing equipments, mud mixers, agitators, mud hopper, pumps to be installed on the mud mixing tank by adding some chemical additives.

5 Screw conveyor in different sizes

GN solids control used these equipments for a lot of projects or oil sludge separation system:

Solids and Liquid separation decanter centrifuge for oil sludge project in Oman,

Oil Sludge Separation System for Kuwait Oil Company,

GN designed oil sludge separation system can be customized according to the client’s requirement and choose correct equipments model. After treated by our oil sludge separation system, you need to apply for further oil-water separator unit , thermal treatment unit and non-hazardous treatment.

GN solids control already sold over 250 units drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge in the world, below is a photo of GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge in the jobsite.

Besides of decanter centrifuge, this client also used our screw conveyor to collect the drilling cuttings and transfer them. Screw conveyor is specially used for drilling cuttings transferring in the drilling waste management system, especially for the drilling cuttings with less fluids, the performance of transfer is proved better than other transferring methods.

The most essential factors of the screw conveyor quality is the bearings and screw propeller, it is often used horizontally or at a slight incline to transfer the materials. GN always choose world famous brand bearings for such essential components, and we provide various options of screw material as customer’s requirement, also the screw conveyor length could be customized,we have various sections with each section 12ft length.

Normally our client will make a high and adjustable frame locally for their only project, then they will put our decanter centrifuge on the frame. Our decanter centrifuge can be used as the applications below:

1 water based drilling fluids dewatering centrifuge

2 barite recovery decanter centrifuge in solids control system

3 decanter centrifuge for high gravity and low gravity solids

4 drilling cuttings treatment system

5 waste water treatment

The most important issue in the jobsite operation is maintenance, with good and proper maintenance, the decanter centrifuge can work very well. Below is the instructions should be paid more attention for the centrifuge operation.

1 cleaning after every time operation by water or drilling fluids

2 lubrication according to GN recommend lubrication chart

3 tighten the safety guard belt before shipment, and remove it before start

GN professional engineer will fly to your jobsite to trainer your operator and help for first time commissioning service.