The Rig Vacuum system is powerful enough to suck just about anything off the ground, including mud, dirt, and liquids of every variety. Rig Vacuum system is designed to collect all drilled solids that are produced while your rig is drilling, effectively eliminating waste before it becomes a problem.

Rig mud recycling system can help to reduce drilling waste and separate drilling cuttings with fluids, it will help a lot for the vacuum unit.

We take a 200gpm HDD mud system to Australia for Drill 2012 exhibition, Drill 2012 is organized by Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) for drilling machines including drilling rig, mud pump, drilling tools, mud recycling system, etc.

This 200gpmHDD mud system also can be used for water well drilling, 150~600meters, the required treating capacity is 150~200gallons per minute.

Since you may do not want to pay more money to recycle the water well drilling mud, it is different with oilfield drilling mud which is consist of expensive mud material, you only want to recycle it and to meet environment protection regulation, GN 200gpm mud system will be your best choice for low cost and high performance-cost-ratio.

Fuel tank

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Fuel tank is used for storage of oil in the rig site, to supply fuel energy for generator or other application in the rig. GN designed fuel tank is with compact structure, reliable function and customized size and color. See the attached photo, it is a fuel tank designed by GN.

The construction of fuel tank is with high standard, it must be filled in a secure way, without sparks, and avoid leakage and limit evaporative emissions.

Shale shaker can be utilized in 2 ways for the rig.

1st utilization is for rig solids control system as the first separation equipments, by this way, some of the cuttings with drilling fluids will be separated out. 

2nd utilization is for drilling cuttings separation, they use fine mesh screen to dry the drilling cuttings and separate usable drilling fluids and back to the rig. The drilling cutting shaker also called hi-G shaker.To continue drying the cuttings, you should use cutting dryer.

This is a mud tank system for Kazakhstan, we also provide awning for the mud tank system. Every year GN produced hundreds of mud tank system and exported to over 60 countries in the world. Most of them are used for oilfield drilling rigs.

Before delivery, we will do Penetrant Test and Leakage Test will full of water in the tank for over 48hours, hand rail and walkway will be packaged in a bundle and on top of the tank.

GN can design customized mud tank system according to your requirement.