GN Mud Cleaning System with as much as 500 GPM flow capacity has just completed the commissioning and now functioning in NSW Australia for mud cleaning of HDD rig application. As per the clients’ request, we built the mud cleaning tank with Hydraulic Jack up approach.

This mud cleaning unit consists of a linear motion shale shaker along with a three-in-one mud cleaner (decanter centrifuge, desilter and bottom shaker). It’s a three-phase drilling mud cleaning technique with IEC Ex certifications.
Using the hydraulic jack up technique, it genuinely is uncomplicated to be lifted for speedy transport to many drilling fields. You can visit here to find more information about GN Solids America.

Drilling systems and fluids almost any environment from deepwater to gnsolidsamerica machine built its reputation on engineering drilling fluid programs and additives that improve efficiencies, keep costs down and control model impact. We customize drilling fluid programs and associated additives to reduce model in the most demanding applications, including it, deepwater and depleted wells. USA Drilling Mud System is widely approved for developing solutions for downhole problems, about the simple to the complex. We are actually the first, for as an example, to introduce cost-effective and high efficiency micronized barite technology to water and oil-based drilling fluids.

A chief in solids control, we develop drilling fluid techniques for accurate applications, such as deepwater, shale gas and big oil extraction. Complementing our Drilling Mud System are specialized additives that optimize efficiencies by targeting performance-impacting downhole conditions increase costs.

The formulation of the base fluid and additives is targeted at the specific well construction application with the primary objectives of:

Maintaining wellbore stability.

Optimizing model and overall drilling efficiency

Maximizing production..

Cutting costs.

Drilling Fluids Techniques.

Solutions all those drilling applications.

Drilling Fluid Products.

Oil, synthetic and water-based additives that address all downhole problems.

Drilling Fluids Simulation Software.

Different companies produced solid control system will certainly be difference, so we strongly recommend that you choose GN device, its workmanship is very fine place, enough to make your eyes light up.

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GN solids control offers a variety of drillers mud system, mud mixing/ recycling systems, spare parts and tooling designed to fit your need in Horizontal Directional Drilling or Oilfield applications. We can be your supplier for all of your drilling needs, including HDD, oil drilling, geothermal, CBM, water well drilling, diamond core drilling for mining , ground construction, TBM, dredging slurry separation system,  piling slurry separation, drilling waste management equipments.

GN designed 1000gpm mud cleaning system including the following equipments:

2sets of GNZS703 shale shaker or GNPS703 shale shaker, 1 set of GNZJ703 mud cleaner, 2 units of mud agitator, 1 mud hopper, 3 sets of centrifugal pumps, 3 ea lights, 1ea mud tank 14.5meters length. This is standard design, we can revise it according to client’s particular requirement.

This 1000gpm mud cleaning system can be used for various applications, like HDD, CBM, even small rigs for oilfield. Welcome to contact GN for more details.

High speed decanter centrifuge is widely used for oilfield drilling mud system, do you know how to test a centrifuge? There are many important parameters for centrifuge, like rotary speed, vibration, bearing temperature increasing, pulley size, treating capacity, etc.

For a simply inspection tested by clean water, you should at least test vibration, bearing temperature and rotary speed. See the attached photos of inspection centrifuge, you can see where it located and how to test it.

The 2nd step is to use bentonite mud to feed to the centrifuge, to test the performance and treating capacity of the centrifuge. If it is with VFD control panel, you can test it in various frequency during working.