mud tank

GN solids control strong control flocculation and dewatering system , mainly made from: a set of 2000 l/hourly dosage flocculation system, a driling fluid centrifuge dehydration, a couple sets of dry filter, pumps and so on, is for often the mud cleaning system inside the mud does not be given birth to do better.
Equipment types, techie parameters:
This system might be preparation and adding the 2 kinds of Polymer drug as well, one set of LR – 2050 – s automatic powder snow preparation of flocculant and also dosing device, is used in order to automatically powder mixture zero. 05% – 0. five per cent of the Polymer solution, in addition to through the two dosing pump for added to the PAM adding medicament. Another list of liquid flocculating agent planning and dosing device the actual newly-modified LSY – 2100 l, through solution concoction stirring device, can position the liquid or solid Polymer bonded diluted or diluted, definitely not by two dosing penis pumps dosing PAC adding medication, medicinal drug, medicine.

System composition and the boundaries are as follows:
1, PAM automatic preparation system along with working principle of the brief description:
Operators in the process of programmed dispensing, add the thérapeutique to the ethephon preparation while using container, after starting system, reagent are mixed with normal water after the first into the mixing soluble medicine cabinet, along with through the mud agitator here entirely stirring and mixing; Soon after dissolving medicine cabinet packed with own to push flow to heal medicine cabinet, and here yet again, stirring and mixing; Right after curing soluble medicine using and push themselves for you to soluble medicine storage container. When configured solution may be through the dosing pump to the dosing point.
2, PAM powder preparation and how functions:
PAM powder preparation unit main body of SUS304 stainless-steel materials. The device is broken into three, namely, preparation, maturing and storage of a few parts, and its size the actual flocculant curing time. The particular grid connection should produce not curing liquid doesn’t enter the batching. Each circumstance has a vent pipe along with control valves.
In the installing of electric mud agitator, the whole length and mixing section with regard to SS304 stainless steel material,
Inside preparation of the upper setting up 1 powder feeding device, the equipment including accurately complement the necessary parts, such as the give food to hopper, batching spiral, mixer, etc .

more and more co-operation between China government as well as Russia
Government, there additionally more and more cooperation between Tiongkok
companies and Russia businesses. As China leading companies in China, GN Solids
Control LLC have more and much more development in Russia.
Right now the world economic environment is not great, industry companies
becomes increasingly more difficult under this circumstances. Many companies,
even many large and famous companies as well as cannot survive at the poor
condition. But GN Solids Control can keep improving as well as developing. With
the advanced style equipment, reliable and quick services, and international
solutions net, GN
Solids Control
get more and more marketing discuss from the
international market.
Lately, 4 sets solids control shale shaker as well as four sets solids control mud cleaner
dispatched to the slot for Russia clients.
It is far from the first time the clients purchase from GN Solids Control
Organization. But GN Solids Control is the first suppliers with this client
from China. Before purchase the solids control equipment supply by china
manufacturer, the clients only purchase big equipment from America and

Why the customer finally decided to buy from GN Solids Control
1) GN Solids Control is Tiongkok leading manufacturer for mud solids control
and drilling
waste management
2) GN Solids Control is actually China leading company with regard to drilling
waste treatment system. GN engineering group possess good expericent on the drilling
waste management field
3) GN Solids Control quick response to clients. The client focused services.
4) Advanced as well as user friendly design on the solids control and drilling
waste materials treatment systems.
5) A relatively inexpensive price. GN only high quality products with
reasonable cost. Clients will follow GN following the first deal, they will
provide repeat orders and suggest new customers to GN Solids Control company.
6) 1 top service and change key solution: from solids control linermotion shale
shaker, mud cleaner,
, desilter, mud mixing system, adjustable pumps, mud agitators, mud
guns, mud tanks, electric control systems, decanter centrifuges, vertical
cuttings dryer…

GN solids control provide replacement
shale shakers for the mud tank to replace your old shale shakers.

The main essential problem is the
floor area to mount the shale shaker. The replacement shale shaker must be with
similar dimension and adopt the modification as less as possible, to make the
replacement mounting more easily.

The second issue is the weir height
and shale shaker feeding hole height, it must meet the original flow line
height, and feeding height.

We can make the tamdem shale shaker
in the same skid for convenient transportation, and it is easily to disassembly
them when they need to be used separately in other projects. To reduce the
footprint, we will remove the control panel to one side, when disassembly the
tandem shaker, you need to re-install the control panel and connection the

The replacement shale shakers could
be customized according to the old mud tank’s color.

We have GNZS594E-HB 4-panel shale
shaker with shaker screen size 585x1165mm with composite material frame screen,
pre-tensioned. But it is too big for some clients old mud tank, the we will
recommend GNZS593E-HB shale shaker with 3 –panels of same dimension shaker
, the treating capacity and footprint is reduced.

We also have 528gpm treating capacity
shale shaker with 3 panels, the screen size is 700x 1250mm, it is an ideal
choice for oil &gas drilling solids control system.

We also have GNZS594HGE-LD high G
force drying shaker
which is mainly used for drilling cuttings treatment for
water based drilling mud. It is also with 4-panel screens of 585 x 1165mm.

Our professional engineer team will
choose the best models for customized projects according to your required
treating capacity and floor area, and we will give you proposal of modification
to connect the new shakers to your old mud tank and flow distributor, pls
contact with GN solids control if you need new shale shakers to replace your
old shakers.

Shale shaker is the filtration machinery
widely use in coal cleaning, Oil and gas drilling, HDD drilling to name a
few.  It is the first step of filtration
of solids control and it removes
the large size of cutting in the drilling fluid, often refer as drilling
mud.  The drilling fluid are internal lubrication
for keep the drill bit in controlled temperature and convey the drilling
cutting away in the bored hole.  The
drilling fluid often as mixture of different type of chemicals  both in water and oil based mixture and it is
costly expenses of drilling operation.
For as environment protection and maintains cost of the drilling
operation, the drilling fluid losses are minimized by removing them away from
the drilled cuttings before the cuttings are disposed of, this is done using a
multitude of special machines and mud tanks. Shale shakers
are components of drilling equipment that mainly use as solids filteration for
the drilling rig.  The drilling mud
return the surface front the well  it
guided flow to the shale shakers and beginning the filtrations process.  The filtered drilling mud will be flow to the
tank and storage it for other solids control machinery to process future
more.  The filtered solids away from the
mud are deposited in separate holding tank for future treatment or
disposal.  Shale shakers are valued by
most of the drilling operation to be the very important device in the mud
mixing system 
as the performance of the successive equipment  relates to the pureness of the treated
drilling fluid.

GN solids America LLC ’s linear motion shale shaker offer in
various size to fit the budget of drilling.
We have offer two, three and four panel shale shaker  with adjustable angle with one-hand operation
that ease the duty of operation.  

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer
of mud solids control systems, drilling
waste management system
, as well as high quality replacement shaker screen.

GN Solids Control makes a customized mud
mixing system per client’s special requirement. The system was dispatched to
the client weeks ago. The barite mixing mud system includes below equipment:

1. Oilfield skid Mud tank. 1 ea

It is a 20ft container size mud tank with
two compartments.

Each tank compartment is equipped with a
mud gun. Totally 2 ea mud guns for the tank.
2. Mud transfer pump 1 ea. It is a 11kw small centrifugal pump. The pump can
transfer the new mixed mud to outside mud tanks or HDD
drilling rigs, or mud systems. The mud transfer pump is mounted on the slope of
the tank for compact design.

3. 1 ea mud mixing pump and 2 ea mud hoppers.

The mud mixing pump is the same type with
discharge pump. They are both centrifugal pump for easy to stock spare parts.

The mud mixing pump and the mud hoppers are
combined of a mixing unit.

Client wants the unit able to handle big bag
system, they ask for the hanging device for bags. Hoppers are both down at the
floor. So GN
Solids Control
customized a separate oil field skid to mounted all the
mixing unit and the hanging device.

The mixing pump for mud hopper is 45kw with
3000-2000 l/min. Normally, it is 1 ea mixing pump is with 1 ea mixing hopper.
Why there are 2 mud hoppers but only 1 ea mixing pump?

As the polymers are in big bags, they need
to hang the polymers bag on top of the mixing hopper when they want to mix
polymers. But they do not want to remove the polymer bag then when want to add
other chemicals to the mud mixing
. In this case, they request an extra mud hopper. When they want to
add other chemicals, they can close the polymers mixing hopper, and use the
backup hopper.