mud system

Solids Control is one of the most important process of drilling. The reason for using mechanical solids control equipment is to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. Effectively removing unwanted solids from the drilling fluid on the first pass through the solids control equipment is an important factor in maintaining drilling fluid properties and reducing drilling fluid cost. 

Mechanical solids control equipment including: shale shaker(separated by wire mesh), mud cleaner, desander, desilter( by accelerated G-force) and decanter centrifuge.

We take a 200gpm HDD mud system to Australia for Drill 2012 exhibition, Drill 2012 is organized by Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) for drilling machines including drilling rig, mud pump, drilling tools, mud recycling system, etc.

This 200gpmHDD mud system also can be used for water well drilling, 150~600meters, the required treating capacity is 150~200gallons per minute.

Since you may do not want to pay more money to recycle the water well drilling mud, it is different with oilfield drilling mud which is consist of expensive mud material, you only want to recycle it and to meet environment protection regulation, GN 200gpm mud system will be your best choice for low cost and high performance-cost-ratio.

Submersible slurry pump can be used for drilling application, mainly to pump the slurry from the mud pit to shale shaker, second to pump the mud to decanter centrifuge( there is another type screw pump to feed for centrifuge, but submersible slurry pump can save place in the tank for compact footprint).

Especially for small drilling applications, such as HDD, they are not closed loop mud tank system, their drilling mud flow to a mud pit first, then use a submersible slurry pump to pump it to the mud system for cleaning.

GN has 3 sets of 1500HP oil drilling rig package for sale, they are located in Beijing warehouse. Each complete set of rig package including: Rig, mud pump, mud tank system, solids control equipments(Derrick) and generators.

The mud tank system including 7 mud tanks for each set,total capacity is 2800bbl, 3 sets totally 8400bbl capacity.

The solids control equipments are Derrick brand, FLC2000 series. They are brand new, just the project is delayed because of some reason, we need to sold them with best discount right now. When the project is re-start, we will make new ones for them.

The picture right showed a mini mud cleaner used for Geothermal well drilling. There are 2 mud tanks in the mud system, one is treatment tank, 1 is storage tank. On the 1st treatment tank, there is a GNZS703 linear motion shale shaker, and 2 mini mud cleaner with desander cone and desilter cone separately.

Mini mud cleaner has larger screen area than desander, desilter with small underflow shaker, so the treating effect is better, and its cost is cheaper than mud cleaner with large underflow shaker. It is the ideal equipments for Geothermal well drilling.