mud recycling system

Decanter centrifuge is seldom
used for horizontal directional drilling because of the high cost and
separation factor. Only when the fine solids accumulated on the mud recycling
system and the desilter cone can not separate them out, then the recycled mud
can not be used for drilling unless the fine solids (smaller than 15 microns)
could be reduced. GN low speed/ middle speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452
centrifuge should be used by such situation.

GN has shipped 4 sets of
1000gpm mud recycling system with 2 units of GNLW452 decanter centrifuges for
CPP(China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau) for their crossing project. Totally 4 sets
of desander mud cleaner with 2 10inch desander cone and double deck shale
GNZS705, 4 sets of desilter mud cleaner with 10pcs 4inch desilter cones
with double deck shale shaker, 8 sets of GNLW452 decanter centrifuge with 18inch
bowl diameter, 1800rpm speed, 8 sets of centrifugal pumps to feed for the
desander, desilter, 8 sets of feeding pump for the decanter centrifuges. 8 sets
of 20ft container to install the equipments on it and with storage capacity.

This is not the first order
from CPP, they start to buy mud recycling system for HDD since 2010, and until
now they already bought 30 sets of drilling mud cleaning system from GN solids

The function of the decanter
in this system is not to separate all the fine solids under 15
microns, the purpose is to reduce the fine solids content in the recycled
fluids so it can be re-used for the drilling. So the centrifuge capacity do not
have to equal with the solids control mud cleaner, it is not always running, we
will open it according to the mud conditions.

Not only for HDD mud recycling
, the same design could be used for tailings treatment of mining, oil
drilling. Welcome to contact GN solids control for more info.

Containerized drilling waste management system is
special designed by GN solids control for cold weather and other purpose. We
have made a lot of sets of drilling waste management system customized and
installed them inside the standard 40ft container. The purpose is as below:

1 easy transportation, bulk cargo shipment is always
not so flexible on freight line arrangement. Our system can be shipped as a
container through our handlings.

2 prevent of the cold weather: Especially in Russia,
our system can work when the temperature lower to -40°,
there is special insulation inside the container to keep the equipments warm.

3 There is air conditioner and fan which is for the
operation in summer.

4 Door and windows are opened for operation,
maintenance, and radiating.

5 The top proof cover is with function of sun proof,
rain proof and snow proof and other water proof.

Except for drilling waste management system, we also
design dewatering unit with decanter centrifuge inside 20ft or 40ft containers.
The purpose for the container is more or less similar with the above case. But
this is a high configuration design, to save cost, we can remove the container,
and put the dewatering unit on the centrifuge skid or on the tank directly,
with sun proof cover on top.

We also designed container sized mud tanks, both
utilized in mud recycling system, solids control system and liquid mud plant.
It is suitable for standard container trailer transportation. Especially in
liquid mud plant, for small footprint purpose, the standard container sized
tanks can be stacked for 2 or 3 layers to save place and save money.

Recently we shipped the 9th containerized
drilling waste management system with screw conveyors, decanter centrifuges,
screw pumps to Russia, For more technical details, pls check with GN solids
control sales engineers.

Solids America specialized in design & manufacture of mud recycling system
for both surface and underground coring, including deep coring, directional
drilling, geothermal drilling.

provide two options, economy mud recycling system and self-contained mud
recycling system, with different treating capacity 200gpm, 500gpm, 1000gpm. The
different options can meet different client’s budget and space area. The
economy mud recycling system will be choosed in the applications below:

when you have limit space in the jobsite

when your budget is limited

when you already had mud mixing and storage tank in the rigsite

when you do not need to separate so fine solids out, desander cone with 45
microns separation point is acceptable

the opposite hand, self-container mud recycling system will be selected in the
conditions below:

when you have to use both desander cone and desilter cones to separate fine
solids up to 20 microns

when the end-user is accustomed to such 3-phase cleaning premium mud recycling

when you need mutilple functions, including cleaning, recycling, mixing,

when you have higher budget and do not limit to space in the rigsite

For top level projects

solids America also offer solids removal unit for surface and underground
diamond core drilling, GNLW223 decanter centrifuge is the professional
dewatering unit for a complete line of mining core
drilling services.If you required such solids removal unit, pls contact GN
solids America sales for more technical specs.

economy mud recycling system main applications as below:

Bored pile project

micro TBM ( Tunneling Boring Machine)

Trenchless HDD project

Diamond core drilling, water well drilling

Solids America
is the sales office and warehouse in Houston for GN solids
control, the headquarter and manufacture facility in Beijing, China. Welcome to
visit us at either Houston or Beijing, China.

Trenchless technology is a family of construction techniques for installing or rehabilitating underground infrastructure with minimal disruption to surface traffic, businesses, and residents. Microtunneling is a construction method to install pipe into the ground with no imposed size limitations provided the following are used during construction.

For both of the operation, it may produce a lot slurry which will become waste after finished the project, GN solids control just manufacture mud cleaning/recycling unit for such underground project like HDD, trenchless, microtunneling, tunneling, bore piles, diamond core drilling, water well drilling, etc.

We have standard mud cleaning system from 200gpm to 1000gpm treating capacity, also we can make customized design based on your particular requirement. And we have 1 unit of 200gpm mud recycling unit in Houston warehouse for check, welcome to visit us at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040.

Benefits by using GN mud cleaning units:

1 Environmental friendly

2 better HSE by working with GN solids control

3 immediate shipment for spare parts from Houston

4 Customized design for your particular requirement

5 semi-dry solids can be removed by truck

6 the recycled fluids can be re-used for the operation or with further treatment to drain off

7 compact design for easy transportation

8 less power consumption

9 first time installation and commission service

10 do not need to disassembly the equipments during transportation in the States

GN solids control is a brand based in China, and sales to over 60 countries in the world, especially in Australia market, we sold over 50 units of mud recycling system with various treating capacity. Except for no-dig projects, GN mud recycling system can be also used for oil & gas drilling solids control system, coal bed methane, geothermal drilling, mining drilling, welcome to contact GN solids America for more info.

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Recently we have a lot of projects for geothermal drilling mud recycling system, the particular 2 projects are: 500gpm mud cleaning system to Kenya for geothermal drilling( for more detailed info and photo, pls check our website:, 1000gpm mud recycling system to Turkey for geothermal drilling, for more info, pls check here:

2 models of shale shakers can be used for Geothermal drilling:

GNZS594E-HB linear motion shale shaker, with 4 panel pre-tentioned shaker screens, mechannical shaker deck adjustment -1 ~+5°with max treating capacity for water 1000gpm, with 2 explosion proof and rain proof vibration motors Italy Oil or US Martin brand, 460/480V/60HZ, 3 phase, 2.5HP. We can make it tandam shale shaker, triple shale shaker for option. And we have pretentioned shaker screens in stock in our Houston warehouse. We also have elliptical motion shale shaker for option.

GNZS703E-HB linear motion shale shaker, with 3-panels steel frame shaker screens, max treating capacity is 528gpm at drilling mud with API40 shaker screens.

Not only the shale shaker, we also provide mud cleaner( desander cone, desilter cone and underflow shale shaker 3 in 1) , feeding pumps, mud tanks, mud agitators, mud mixers, mud guns, etc.

Except for geothermal drilling, GN designed mud recycling system can be workable for all kinds of drilling mud, like coal bed mathane, oil drilling, shale gas drilling( see GN drilling cuttings management system working in Shell’s rig site for shale gas drilling), diamond core drilling, and no-dig industry.

Except for 500gpm/1000gpm mud recycling system, we also design for 250gpm, 200gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm for all kinds of drilling.

GN solids control linear motion shale shaker has been widely used in Latin America market for such geothermal drilling, and we have 4 shale shakers available of immediate shipment in Houston warehouse, pls check with GN sales at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040.