mud recycling system

Recently GN solids control get good news
from our client CNPC, which is the largest pipeline crossing engineering
company in China. They have orders a lot of mud recycling system for their
pipeline crossing engineering project with customized design, we provide the
best solution according to their project by using different model equipments
with different storage capacity.

The mud recycling system they are
testing well are with 2 units of double deck shale shaker with desander cone
and desilter cone, the reason to use double deck shale shaker is to drying the
discharged solids and increase the treating capacity, and treat the drilling
fluids better. The compact design to combinate the double deck shale shaker GNZS706E
and hydrocyclones is to reduce the mud tank length and save the area and save
the cost. The unique design of these 3 units of 500gpm mud recycling system is
the container sized mud tank and container sized frame for conveneint shipment.

Except for their domestic project, they
also order a lot of mud recycling system for their international projects, this
year CNPC expand their business in the world market and get several huge
projects, as the main supplier of mud recycling system, GN engineer will also
fly to the jobsite for commissioning and installation.  

After several years drilling, more and
more fine solids accumulated in the drilling mud, the mud after treated by
desander cone and desilter cone is not suitable to be re-used for drilling, we
will suggest the client to use middle speed decanter centrifuge to separate the
fine solids ( bigger than 5 microns) and less the solids content, GNLW452
decanter centrifuge is the ideal option.

GN mud recycling system applications
including: horizontal directional drilling, pipeline engineering crossing,
no-dig, piling, TBM, micro tunneling, water welling drilling ,coal bed methane,
geothermal and oil & gas drilling.

GN solids control produce linear motion
shale shaker and linear motion mud cleaner for oil & gas drilling
application, we have exported to over 60 countries in the world, including
India, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Middle east, South America,
etc countries.

Features of GN linear motion shale

G force adjustable, up to 7.5G for GNZS594E-HB shale shaker, G force adjustable
up to 8.0G for high G drying shaker GNZS594HGE-LD.

panel bottom frame is made of stainless steel which is more ant-crrossive for
fluids touch parts with oil based mud and sythentic based drilling fluids.

screens with 585x1165mm

with -20 degree to +55 degree

certified explosion proof with class 1 division 1 ,suitable for 460v~480v/
60hz, 3phase

Suitable for drilling fluids with specific gravity of 0.7~2.6 g/cm3, and
viscosity 30~100s.

of GN linear motion mud cleaner

1)      Polyurethane
material 4inch cones and 10 inch cones , the quantity could be choosed with
different treating capacity , we have 3 standard model with 500gpm, 1000gpm,

2)      Weir
feeder available which can be used as back up shale shaker

3)      Separately
cones and bottom shaker, multi application

of linear motion shale shaker and mud cleaner

1 oil and gas drilling solids control

2 HDD & CBM drilling mud recycling

3 drilling waste cuttings treatment

4 dredging slurry separation

If you have requirement for linear
motion shale shaker, double deck shale shaker, linear motion mud cleaner, pls
contact GN solids control. We will show our new designed shale shaker at CIPPE
2016, which will be held in Beijing in March, 2016. We also have shale shakers
in stock both in China Beijing facility and Houston warehouse for fast
delivery, also for the shaker screens and composite material shaker

we shipped one unit of 500gpm mud recycling system for water well drilling in
Middle East. With Customized color, the mud tank color is silver grey, the
equipments color is red. This is not the first order for this client, they ever
ordered a unit of trailer mounted 200gpm mud cleaning system for water well

equipments list including:

unit of GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker

unit of GNZS703E-D1S8N mud cleaner

unit of mud agitator

unit of mixing hopper with mixing pump

unit of mud tank, with necessary stairs, handrails, walkways,  pipelines, lights.

unit of super charge pump to feed the clean mud to the mud pump

units of centrifugal pumps for feeding the desander, desilter cone

configuration is similar with GN standard 500gpm mud recycling system
GNMS-500G, which can be loaded into 40ft container. But this system is with
customized mud tank size, which need to be shipped by bulk cargo vessel.

difference between GNMS-500GL and GNMS-500G is that the mud tank size, the GL
with 40ft container size mud tank which need to be shipped by bulk cargo
vessel, but with bigger tank volume; The G system with mud tank size smaller
than container, which is convenient and cheaper for shipment.

we also shipped another 2 units of 1500gpm mud cleaning system for Tunneling
project, with the similar color. It is for construction industry.

though the oil price goes down recent years, but GN solids control still got a
lot of orders from our international clients from construction industry, like
pipeline crossing, HDD, CBM, TBM, pilings, water well drilling. If you can send
us a photo of your rigsite or give us proper description of your requirement, we
have rich experience to design customized mud recycling system for different

Solids control system shale shaker is different
with high G force drying shaker mainly in G force. GNZS594E-HB shale shaker
with 7.5G ( max, adjustable), in some rigs, they only use 7G is enough. But
high-G drying shaker
is with 8.0G ( max , adjustable), they are with the
same effective screen area and 4 screen panels. The solids control shale shaker
is mainly used in mud
recycling system
as the first phase treatment of drilling mud, the function
is to separate the big solids from the drilling fluids as much as possible and
recycle the drilling mud. The high G force drying shaker is mainly used for
water based drilling cuttings treatment to dry the drilling waste, recycle the
useful drilling fluids and let the drilling waste dry enough to be collected
and transported. Since they are using in different area of zero discharge
system, so the recommend shaker screen mesh
size is different.

The other main difference between them is the
feeding method. Normally the solids control shale shaker is feeding by pump (
in non closed loop system from mud pit) or high pressure pipeline ( in closed loop system from
rig directly), the feed mud is with high liquid content and less
solids, so the feeding type is box feeder or weir feeder.  but for high G drying shaker, it is usually
feed by screw conveyor, which is used to collect the discharged cuttings from
the solids control shale shaker and transfer to high-G drying shaker, so the
feeding type is hopper feeder, which with big opening hopper to receive the
cuttings from screw conveyor quickly.

But the shaker screens for both shaker are same
size, GN solids America has both shale shaker and drying shaker in Houston
warehouse for sale, welcome to contact us in Houston.

GN solids America stocked
different size of shaker screens in our Houston warehouse for sale, also with 4
inch desilter cones, 10 inch desander cones, welcome to inquiry our sales in

The inventory list for shaker
screens are as below:

Pre-tensioned shaker screens,
size: 585x1165mm, API 60, API 80, API 100, API 120, API 140, API 170, API 200,
API 230.

Together with the screens, we
also have 4 panel shale shaker and mud cleaner which adopts 585x1165mm size

Pre-tensioned shaker screens,
size: 630x1250mm, API 80, API 100, API 120, API 140, API 170

The inventory list for 4 inch
desilter cones:

Elbow: 8pcs

2 inch clamps:92pcs

Drop in apex: 116pcs

4 inch Desilter cones:60pcs

The inventory list for 10inch
desander cones:

10 inch cones assy: 6pcs

Material: 100% polyurethane
material for the hydrocyclones

Except for the replacement
wear parts, we also have centrifugal pump, jet mud mixer, shear pump, mud
, shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG & VFD,GNLW223,
GNLW553-VFD vertical cuttings dryer, screw pump in stock for sale. Welcome to
visit our warehouse at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040 to check all the
equipments. We are available to test running the equipments and show the
vibration strength, the bearing temperature, the centrifuge rotary speed, etc
parameter by professional inspection tools.

We are also available to ship
other solids control equipments and spare parts from China facility to your
address directly which we do not have stock in Houston. For example, screw
( with hopper, or U type, tube screw conveyor), container sized mud
tank, mud agitator from 4 HP to 30 HP, centrifugal pump 2×3, 3×4, 4×5, 5×6,
6×8, telescopic skid for decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, and
other complete mud recycling/cleaning system, piling desander unit, dewatering
, mud mixing tank, etc.