mud cleaning system

As we all know early 2015, GN Solids Control have made a big
deal in Africa, and have sent more than 30 centrifuges to Egypt & Algeria.
Do not worry if you do not know, pls check this link:

Also since we keep following on the
progress of equipment performance on site, now we get more and more good news,
as more centrifuges are being used. The client is quite happy with their
performance. While we also find a lot of reasons behind this, below is some
main reasons.

  1. Professional

One of our client told us that different
operator, have different feedback on exactly same product, at exactly same
site, even it is just different shift. Not only this, it make difference on the
life of the equipment. For shale
, and especially for decanter

Once visited a site, for the VFD
centrifuge operation, different parameters on the bowl speed, differential
speed, different inlet, make the result quite different.

  1. Good

Uh, this is also the essence, as even
different operation makes differences, it is based on the product, different
operation life also based on the material, the manufacturing progress, also the
test, commissioning, and so on.

  1. Proper
        Site Engineering

Most of the manuals, will require the rig,
the mud tanks, the
cabins and all the rig site on a proper prepared founded flat basement. There
is no way to have a slide one. And for decanter centrifuge it directly effected
the performance, and operation life. 

  1. Good

While all the last 3 reasons do not
happened independently, it is because of the good communication between service
company, client and equipment supplier. Proper training, good commissioning,
and always keep in touch.

slurry pump
can be used in different applications for oil & gas drilling
solids control system and mud recycling system. The applications are as below:

Feeding pump for shale shaker in the mud recycling
system for HDD, water well drilling, CBM.

Feeding pump for decanter centrifuge when there is
no enough place for the horizontal screw pump for different industries, oil
drilling , dewatering unit, drilling waste management system.

Mixing pump with mixing hopper, because the
submersible slurry pump is vertical installed, which can save the place and
remain the storage capacity, but pls notice the lift and working pressure to
match the venturi hopper.

Feeding pump for complete
desander/ desilter unit/ mud cleaning system from the mud pit, remember to
choose the correct model with proper lift, because the flow rate and lift will
loss during the transferring in the long distance. The normal submersible
length is 1.5m, and max 1.8m. If the mud pit or mud tank is very high, and you
need longer submersible length, we will suggest to use hose/pipe for the extra
length, or use the Submerged pump fully under the liquid level.

If there
are small rocks and high solids content in the mud, the submersible slurry pump
is pretty suitable because the impeller is with special wearable hard surface .Centrifugal
pump, screw pump can not be used in such applications, hose pump is another
option for such projects.

with the horizontal installed pumps, like centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw
pump, the vertical submersible slurry pump required small space and keep the
storage capacity and free of maintenance and reliable performance. There is no
bearing and gland seal between impeller and pump body, so the slurry pump is
maintance-free and high temperature resistance.

solids control has various models of submersible slurry pumps for option.

lot of waste water is produced together with sludge during the process of
mining exploration. More and more countries turn to or already enact more
strict laws for the drill cuttings/ mine water treatment, to oblige the
drilling contractors to be more cautious of the issue of waste treatment and waste
water drain off.

designed dewatering unit/ solids removal unit/ mud cleaning system is suitable
for such applications. GNLW223 centrifuge is the essential equipment in the

compact size( 9 inch bowl diameter, 26inch bowl length), high speed( up to
4500rpm) and separation cut points(up to 2 microns) and high G force ( up to
2500) make this model centrifuge become more and more popular in this industry.
Before submit our proposal, we need the client to do the lab test to figure out
the solids size distribution inside the material, and get the recommendation
for the flocculation proposal and result, then we will analyse the datas and
give the best solution to our clients to meet a wider variety of requirements.

separated solids should be taken as dry as it can, and be collected by the
truck and send to construction industry. The clean water is drain back to the river,
lake after waste water treatment center.

only for mine waste water, this dewatering unit/ solids removal unit can be
also applicable with industry waste water treatment, construction waste water,
dredging slurry separation, oilfield waste water treatment, etc all the type of
solids-water separation works, it works together with flocculation and other

you are in the project of mine waste water treatment, mine sludge separation or
you are under the pressure of government laws about the drilling cuttings, pls
consult with GN solids control, for America clients pls contact with GN solids
to get a proposal.

Trenchless technology is a family of construction techniques for installing or rehabilitating underground infrastructure with minimal disruption to surface traffic, businesses, and residents. Microtunneling is a construction method to install pipe into the ground with no imposed size limitations provided the following are used during construction.

For both of the operation, it may produce a lot slurry which will become waste after finished the project, GN solids control just manufacture mud cleaning/recycling unit for such underground project like HDD, trenchless, microtunneling, tunneling, bore piles, diamond core drilling, water well drilling, etc.

We have standard mud cleaning system from 200gpm to 1000gpm treating capacity, also we can make customized design based on your particular requirement. And we have 1 unit of 200gpm mud recycling unit in Houston warehouse for check, welcome to visit us at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040.

Benefits by using GN mud cleaning units:

1 Environmental friendly

2 better HSE by working with GN solids control

3 immediate shipment for spare parts from Houston

4 Customized design for your particular requirement

5 semi-dry solids can be removed by truck

6 the recycled fluids can be re-used for the operation or with further treatment to drain off

7 compact design for easy transportation

8 less power consumption

9 first time installation and commission service

10 do not need to disassembly the equipments during transportation in the States

GN solids control is a brand based in China, and sales to over 60 countries in the world, especially in Australia market, we sold over 50 units of mud recycling system with various treating capacity. Except for no-dig projects, GN mud recycling system can be also used for oil & gas drilling solids control system, coal bed methane, geothermal drilling, mining drilling, welcome to contact GN solids America for more info.

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Recently we have a lot of projects for geothermal drilling mud recycling system, the particular 2 projects are: 500gpm mud cleaning system to Kenya for geothermal drilling( for more detailed info and photo, pls check our website:, 1000gpm mud recycling system to Turkey for geothermal drilling, for more info, pls check here:

2 models of shale shakers can be used for Geothermal drilling:

GNZS594E-HB linear motion shale shaker, with 4 panel pre-tentioned shaker screens, mechannical shaker deck adjustment -1 ~+5°with max treating capacity for water 1000gpm, with 2 explosion proof and rain proof vibration motors Italy Oil or US Martin brand, 460/480V/60HZ, 3 phase, 2.5HP. We can make it tandam shale shaker, triple shale shaker for option. And we have pretentioned shaker screens in stock in our Houston warehouse. We also have elliptical motion shale shaker for option.

GNZS703E-HB linear motion shale shaker, with 3-panels steel frame shaker screens, max treating capacity is 528gpm at drilling mud with API40 shaker screens.

Not only the shale shaker, we also provide mud cleaner( desander cone, desilter cone and underflow shale shaker 3 in 1) , feeding pumps, mud tanks, mud agitators, mud mixers, mud guns, etc.

Except for geothermal drilling, GN designed mud recycling system can be workable for all kinds of drilling mud, like coal bed mathane, oil drilling, shale gas drilling( see GN drilling cuttings management system working in Shell’s rig site for shale gas drilling), diamond core drilling, and no-dig industry.

Except for 500gpm/1000gpm mud recycling system, we also design for 250gpm, 200gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm, 1000gpm for all kinds of drilling.

GN solids control linear motion shale shaker has been widely used in Latin America market for such geothermal drilling, and we have 4 shale shakers available of immediate shipment in Houston warehouse, pls check with GN sales at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040.