mud agitator

Mud agitator lubrication including gear box lubrication, bearing lubrication.

Before operation, lubricate gearbox with L-CKE/P 220~320# worn gear oil . Verify that lubricant level in the gearbox reaches the bottom of the oil level plug.

Bearings should be cleaned and re-greased on the same schedule as oil changing. After cleaning, fill bearings to one-third of their free volume.

After 100 hours of initial startup, clean gearbox inside, add new grease oil. Then lubricated at every 2500-hour interval.

Weighting materials are a high-specific gravity and finely divided solid material used to increase the density of a drilling fluid.  How to add weighting materials to the drilling fluids?

In most oil & gas drilling solids control system, there are weighting tank, which has a mud hopper and mixing pump, the operator add the additives from the top of the venturi hopper, the mixing pump transferred the drilling fluids through the cross under the hopper, under the working of pressure, the power material are added to the drilling fluids. It will be mixed by mud agitator installed on the tank. Sometimes shear pump will be used instead of centrifugal pump.

GN designed 1000gpm mud cleaning system including the following equipments:

2sets of GNZS703 shale shaker or GNPS703 shale shaker, 1 set of GNZJ703 mud cleaner, 2 units of mud agitator, 1 mud hopper, 3 sets of centrifugal pumps, 3 ea lights, 1ea mud tank 14.5meters length. This is standard design, we can revise it according to client’s particular requirement.

This 1000gpm mud cleaning system can be used for various applications, like HDD, CBM, even small rigs for oilfield. Welcome to contact GN for more details.

Mud gun

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NOV Mission mud gun is one of the popular mud gun, with 2 inch and 3 inch for choice. GN mud gun is function equivalent just dimension is different, we also have 2” and 3” for choice, with model NJQ50-3 & NJQ80-3. Their common features including a collapsible handle, a 360˚ rotating swivel body, and the ability to be customized to any length, flanged or threaded.

Mud gun is widely used in mud tank system with mud agitator, their function is to agitate the mud to less precipitation, so there is less sand left on the bottom of the tank, it is easy for cleaning and better for drilling performance.