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GN solids control design and manufacture both barite recovery decanter centrifuge system and liquid mud plant for customized requirement.

Our barite recovery decanter centrifuge model including GNLW452 with 1800rpm and 18inch bowl and GNLW453VFD with 0~2800rpm variable speed , 18inch bowl. These 2 models are commonly used for barite recovery system. But sometimes GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge is also used for LMP.

Liquid mud plant:

GN solids control already made several complete LMP for our clients, like COSL(China Oilfield Services Limited) for both water based drilling fluids and oil based drilling fluids. That liquid mud plant including 17 sets of standard 40ft container mud tanks(450bbl each mud tank) with necessary mud agitators with JIE Brand gearbox, mud guns with 6.4Mpa high pressure, mud tank accessories and decanter centrifuge with feeding pumps. For more info about this complete liquid mud plant, pls check our website:

We ever made a 6 mud tanks liquid mud plant for CNPC division company, with decanter centrifuge GNLW452 with screw pump, mixing hopper, mixing pump, mud agitators,mud gun and charging pump, etc. 

How to design a customized liquid mud plants?

Firstly we need to know the total volume of the LMP, so we can design the mud tank size and we can know the layout of each mud tank, how much bbl each mud tank, and how to fix them in the liquid mud plant.

Secondly we need to know what equipments will be used in LMP, including the mud recycling system, barite recovery centrifuge, high speed decanter centrifuge, pumps, pipelines, mixers, etc.

The mud recycling system including shale shaker, desander, desilter cone, decanter centrifuge, mud tanks, mud agitator, mud gun, mixing hopper, shear pump or mixing pump, etc.

If you need a liquid mud plant for water based drilling fluids or oil based drilling mud, pls contact GN solids America for a professional sales.

The purpose of cleaning crude oil tank bottom:

1 recovery of more valued hydrocarbon

2 reduce hazardous waste generated from tank bottoms, to meet the environmental protection regulations acted by the government.

3 improve the cleanness of crude oil in the production process

4 eliminate hazardous-waste handling costs

Normally there are 2 ways for the oil tank bottom cleaning process:

1 Mechanical cleaning way

2 Chemical cleaning way, this is an efficient way for tank bottom cleaning, but not so easy

Here we will briefly introduce the equipments used for oil tank bottom cleaning by mechanical ways.

Traditionally the most difficult thing by mechanical way is how to remove the oil sludge out from the tank bottom. And you have to solve the problem of non-fluidity sludge, usually the tank bottom sludge is composed of water, oil and solids, the purpose is to have fluids and solids separated, then use oil-water-separation system to get clean oil and non-hazardous water, the solids also should be nonhazardous solids.

But the mechanical way is hardly reaching the ideal result- clean water, oil and clean solids. There might be some oily soil remained in the water and oil remained in the solids, which caused you can not discharge them directly to the environment, but the further more treatment may lead higher cost.

High speed , high-G force Decanter centrifuge is widely used for tank bottom cleaning process, GN solids America has various sizes of decanter centrifuge in Houston warehouse for sale. We have 3 series models of centrifuges, GNLW363 series( 14 inch dia bowl), GNLW453 series( 18 inch dia bowl), GNLW553 series( 22 inch bowl), welcome to call 713 320 3868 for more parameters.

Fluids collection box or mobile oil sludge storage tank is also used in such mechnical process.

To avoild of more tank bottom sludge, a better agitating system should be applied during storage of crude oil.

Using the improvement associated with environment awareness. nowdays a lot more environment rules restricting or even banning the actual discharge of numerous kinds of drilling liquids as well as connected exercise cuttings internationally. The actual drilling companies began to make use of “zero discharge” or even “ship in order to shore” drilling procedures. Within these types of procedures exercise cuttings as well as connected waste materials liquids tend to be gathered about the rig within reducing containers after which repaid in order to shoreline with regard to fingertips or even remedy just before fingertips.

GN Mud Agitator is really a easy method to transportation exercise cuttings that through shale shaker to some release interface. It’s accomplished through the scroll that is rotated and balanced within via through an electrical engine. gnsolidsamerica start using a customized created as well as built Mud Agitator included in drilling waste materials administration program. The realistic Mud Agitator was created along with 12 ft for each area that makes it to become regular extra components with regard to trade with one another.

The real Mud Agitator employed by GN is actually harsh materials that endures lengthier compared to the rivals. The actual Mud Agitator is made to provide a competent, inexpensive, cuttings transportation program with regard to just offshore as well as onshore drilling installs. The actual Mud Agitator tend to be produced towards the greatest security requirements and therefore are installed along with protecting grating or even include to avoid international physiques getting into the actual conveyor program, and also to provide improved security for those staff.

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The dust on the casing should be cleaned periodically.Before operation the fix bolts of the motor should be checked to see if they are loosened. If so, they should be fixed tightly before use.

Check to see if the service cable is rubbed, buried or squeezed.A good lubrication of the drilling waste management should be ensured during their operation.An appropriate amount of high temperature lubricating grease LGHP2 by SKF was injected for the bearing before its assemblage, with it’s working temperature between -40~200°C.No less than 25.8g lubricating grease LGHP2 should be injected into each bearing for every 2000 hours.

 When Mud Cleaner is found that temperature of the bearing is 10℃ higher than its average daily temperature (meaning that the so-called risen temperature is that measured at the bearing location of motor casing on-the-spot subtracts from the outside environmental temperature) in 2000hours, Mud Agitatorshows that the bearing is lacking of lubrication, the lubricating period and the amount should be both reduced.

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Mud tank is used for storage, mixing the drilling mud in a drilling mud recycling system, there are various types mud tanks, the normal shape is square mud tank. After a long period drilling operation, there will be some sludge with oil and solids accumulated in the bottom of the mud tank. Cleaning the mud tank become a big problem, the round bottom tank is better compared with the square bottom tank, but it can not avoid the problem completely. To reduce the accumulated sludge in the bottom tank as less as possible, there are 2 ways:

1 choose suitable mud agitator and mud gun for better mixing, so it can circulate in the whole system.

2 use mud tank cleaning equipments. It depends on the solids size in the bottom, firstly you can use a sieve or a shale shaker to separate the large particles, then use the decanter centrifuge to separate the fine particles, the separated solids is dry enough to throw away, the recycled fluids can be re-used to prepare for new drilling fluids. If you do not need to re-use it, you can get it into waste water treatment plant for cleaning.