linear motion shale shaker

Recently GN solids control shipped
4 units of shale shaker and 4 units of mud cleaner to Russia,  we’ve got a lot of big orders since 2015 for
solids control equipments and drilling waste management in Russia. Even though
the oil price keep in a low level, and the project is very slow, only the
companies who keep improving the technology and provide good quality equipments
and service could win the order.

For oil drilling industry, we
provide 3 models shale shakers for different applications. 4 panel shale shaker
GNZS594E-HB , 3 panel shale shaker GNZS703E-HB and double deck shale shaker
GNZS706E-HB ( 6 panels with 3panels on top and 3 panels for bottom). We can
provide vibrators with IEC ex certificate, ATEX, DGMS( for India only) and
China explosion proof with Italy Oli, Itavibras or Martin brand. GNZS594E shale
shaker could be also used as high-G dryer shaker for water based mud drilling
cuttings treatment. GNZS706E-HB shale shaker with top screen deck ( scalping
deck) and bottom screen deck ( screening deck). All the shaker models could be
made as tandem shale shaker or dual tandem shale shaker for convenient move.

Combination with different numbers
of desander cone qty and desilter cone qty and the 3 models shale shaker, we
could provide different treating capacity mud cleaners, you can choose with
only desander cone as desander unit or with both desander & desilter as mud
cleaner or only with desilter cone as mud cleaner. Compared with the desander
& desilter without bottom shale shaker, the mud cleaner bottom shaker could
recycle more useful drilling fluids and separate the drilling cuttings much

We also have linear motion shale
and linear motion mud cleaner in stock in Houston warehouse, if you
require solids control equipments, pls contact with GN solids control.

GN solids control produce linear motion
shale shaker and linear motion mud cleaner for oil & gas drilling
application, we have exported to over 60 countries in the world, including
India, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Middle east, South America,
etc countries.

Features of GN linear motion shale

G force adjustable, up to 7.5G for GNZS594E-HB shale shaker, G force adjustable
up to 8.0G for high G drying shaker GNZS594HGE-LD.

panel bottom frame is made of stainless steel which is more ant-crrossive for
fluids touch parts with oil based mud and sythentic based drilling fluids.

screens with 585x1165mm

with -20 degree to +55 degree

certified explosion proof with class 1 division 1 ,suitable for 460v~480v/
60hz, 3phase

Suitable for drilling fluids with specific gravity of 0.7~2.6 g/cm3, and
viscosity 30~100s.

of GN linear motion mud cleaner

1)      Polyurethane
material 4inch cones and 10 inch cones , the quantity could be choosed with
different treating capacity , we have 3 standard model with 500gpm, 1000gpm,

2)      Weir
feeder available which can be used as back up shale shaker

3)      Separately
cones and bottom shaker, multi application

of linear motion shale shaker and mud cleaner

1 oil and gas drilling solids control

2 HDD & CBM drilling mud recycling

3 drilling waste cuttings treatment

4 dredging slurry separation

If you have requirement for linear
motion shale shaker, double deck shale shaker, linear motion mud cleaner, pls
contact GN solids control. We will show our new designed shale shaker at CIPPE
2016, which will be held in Beijing in March, 2016. We also have shale shakers
in stock both in China Beijing facility and Houston warehouse for fast
delivery, also for the shaker screens and composite material shaker

double deck shale shaker has been widely used for mineral dressing/ ore
separation project, for example, gold recovery. We use different mesh screen to
separate different required ore size, normally the top screen is 3mm opening steel plate screen( or polyurethane material screen for
longer service life) to separate the big solids bigger than 3mm, it can protect
the bottom screen and make the working time longer. The bottom screen is customized,
because different minerals will need to separate different size ore.

GNZS706E double deck shale shaker specifications:

Total screen area 4.66m2( 52.5 ft2), top screen area 2.03m2(24.2ft2)
with 3 panels screen, bottom screen area 2.63 m2(28.3 ft2) with 3 panels screen,
up to 7.0G( adjustable), linear motion shale shaker. The Max treating capacity
is 140m3/h.

engineering, mineral processing, or mineral dressing or ore dressing, is the
process of separating commercially valuable minerals from their ores. The simplest sizing process is
screening, or passing the particles to be sized through a screen or number of

GN solids control also provide a solution to put the hydrocyclones on top of the double deck
shale shaker, as a simple/ compact desanding unit. The working principal is
different with the double deck shale shaker. When worked as a double deck shale
shaker, the material is feeding to the buffer box and flow to the top screen to
separate course ore, and drop down to the bottom screen to separate the required

working as a desanding unit with the hydrocyclones, which is used to separate
more fine solids. The material is feeding to the bottom screen to separate
course size then use a centrifugal pump for feeding to the desander cone, to
separate solids bigger than 75 microns, the top screen function for drying the
separated solids size and recycle more fluids.

GN shale shaker vibrator is Italy Oli brand vibration motor, which is with good quality and stable performance.

Linear motion shale shaker utilized 2pcs same power vibration motor, for example, GNZS703 use 2pcs 1.5KW vibrator. Their installation method is vertical.

Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker use 2 pcs different power vibration motor(1 large, 1 small), e.g. GNPS703 shale shaker use 1 pc 1.94KW + 1pc 1.0kw. Their installation method is horizontal in parallel.

There are many shale shaker manufacturers in the world, mainly from USA, China, Europe, New Zealand. Here is a list of world’s top brand shale shaker.

1 Derrick linear motion shale shaker

2 NOV Brandt King cobra shale shaker

3 MI-SWACO Mongoose PT shale shaker

4 GN solids control linear motion shale shaker & BEM shale shaker

5 DFE shale shaker

6 Kem-tron shale shaker

…and more

GN solids control has GNZS703 & GNZS853 shale shaker in stock in one month.