Trenchless technology is a family of construction techniques for installing or rehabilitating underground infrastructure with minimal disruption to surface traffic, businesses, and residents. Microtunneling is a construction method to install pipe into the ground with no imposed size limitations provided the following are used during construction.

For both of the operation, it may produce a lot slurry which will become waste after finished the project, GN solids control just manufacture mud cleaning/recycling unit for such underground project like HDD, trenchless, microtunneling, tunneling, bore piles, diamond core drilling, water well drilling, etc.

We have standard mud cleaning system from 200gpm to 1000gpm treating capacity, also we can make customized design based on your particular requirement. And we have 1 unit of 200gpm mud recycling unit in Houston warehouse for check, welcome to visit us at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040.

Benefits by using GN mud cleaning units:

1 Environmental friendly

2 better HSE by working with GN solids control

3 immediate shipment for spare parts from Houston

4 Customized design for your particular requirement

5 semi-dry solids can be removed by truck

6 the recycled fluids can be re-used for the operation or with further treatment to drain off

7 compact design for easy transportation

8 less power consumption

9 first time installation and commission service

10 do not need to disassembly the equipments during transportation in the States

GN solids control is a brand based in China, and sales to over 60 countries in the world, especially in Australia market, we sold over 50 units of mud recycling system with various treating capacity. Except for no-dig projects, GN mud recycling system can be also used for oil & gas drilling solids control system, coal bed methane, geothermal drilling, mining drilling, welcome to contact GN solids America for more info.

This week GN Solids America( based in 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX77040) shipped 10 shale shakers, 3 units of mud cleaners to our oil drilling solids control client. This is his repeat orders.

Right now we have 4 shale shakers and 1 mud cleaner in stock for sale, welcome to call GN solids America sales for the price offer.

Applications of GN shale shaker GNZS594:

1 as the first phase cleaning solids control equipment in the drilling rig solids control system

2 as hi-G dryer shaker in water based cuttings treatment system

3 as dewatering shakers to separate big solids before decanter centrifuge in the dewatering system

4 as shale shakers to separate big solids and less solids content before GN middle speed decanter centrifuge in barite recovery system

5 as 1st step mud cleaning equipment in HDD/CBM/ Geothermal drilling mud recycling system

6 as the underflow shale shaker of mud cleaner

7 as part of the bored pile desander unit

Application of GN mud cleaner GNZJ594-2S12N:

1 as the 2nd and 3rd phase cleaning equipment in oilfield solids control system

2 as bored piles desander unit

3 as part of waste water treatment system

4 as ideal equipment to separate solids from fluids for most industries

GN solids control has shaker screens in stock in our Houston warehouse, the API mesh size from API60 to API230. Also for the normal spare parts, like wedges, springs, vibration damps, bearings, oil seal, electric motors, gear box and other parts are all in stock for immediate shipment.

Except for shale shaker and mud cleaners, we also have mud mixer, hopper, centrifugal pump, mud gun, shear pump in stock, welcome to visit us.

Also we provide customized design mud tank system for your particular project, like waste oil recovery, barite recovery, drilling fluids recycling, bored piles, tunneling, etc.

HDD technology is widely used in nowadays construction of infrastructure. As a leading manufacturer for HDD drilling waste management, GN Solids America would like to share some information on the application of HDD.  The main applications for HDD pipeline projects are under-river crossings, traffic ways crossings, flood protection dams, crossing below foundations of buildings or infrastructure objects, shortenings through topographic obstacles like rock ridges, orthogonal situated hills and rims, non-crossable terrains and for example under-crossings of nature reserves, parks or even hole city areas of mountain zones.

The drilling mud desander for HDD has been divided into 3 fields as below and most of the pipeline is relation to oil and gas pipeline laying, sewer and water transportation.

HDD for under-water crossings

Under water crossings like rivers, canals and lakes which would otherwise require a special construction effort. Under water crossings are particularly advantageous because no special ground water retention is required that necessitates other structural preparation measures. Nowadays, normally all underwater crossings would use the HDD machines. The depths and the length of existing water obstacles, the diameter and weight of the pipe section decide the choice of the HDD machines power class.

HDD for traffic ways crossing

Pipeline has been embedded safely and with stability when undercrossing traffic ways like railway, highways, roads and streets. It is possible to drilling small to large diameter boreholes and keeps these boreholes and the surrounding underground stable during boring. Decanter Centrifuge requires neither manhole have to be built nor groundwater control during the installation.

With HDD through the mountains

When install the new pipe and renew the pipe in hillsides, the using of the trenchless technologies provides beneficial advantages. Such as the cost on walking excavators, safety measures can tremendous reduced. By using the trenchless technologies, the cost is about same as for the bores in flat terrain. Trenchless construction methods offer additional advantages that can have moderating and stabilizing effects on the slopes.

Advantages of HDD applications

The most striking advantages of the application of HDD is the preservation of the traffic ways or ground surface as dynamic supporting structure. The soil natural structure above the pipe installed is completely preserved.

For more information on the application of HDD technologies, welcome contact with GN Solids America who is a leading manufacturer for HDD drilling fluids solids control equipment.

GN Sólidos de control es mucho más profesional en la fabricación de sistema de lodo HDD. Recientemente nos dieron la orden de compra de Rusia y el usuario final es el contratista HDD con la plataforma de perforación de primera. Ellos quieren que coincida con un pequeño sistema de lodo para reciclar el lodo de perforación con eficacia para ahorrar costes. Después mostramos nuestra lista de proyectos para diferentes usuarios con equipos de perforación Ditch Witch, plataformas de Vermeer, American Augers plataformas, la plataforma de perforación del cliente principal es mucho más impresionante en el sistema de lodo compacto GN.

Sistema de lodo de perforación plataforma

Ahora el sistema de lodo equipo de perforación principal está listo para la entrega. Está equipado con equipos de control de sólidos como abajo:

Una unidad de pequeño tanque de lodo que se puede poner en un envase de 20 pies;

Una unidad de mini-limpiador de lodo con 2 paneles zaranda (GNZS752) y 4 de cada 4 pulgadas conos deslimador; la capacidad de tratamiento es 200gpm.

Una unidad de bomba centrífuga instalada en el tanque de la pendiente para la alimentación de los conos deslimador.

Una unidad de bomba centrífuga instalada en el extremo del tanque de lodo a la mezcla de la tolva.

Una unidad de bomba centrífuga como piezas de repuesto, que se puede sustituir cada uno de la bomba para la alimentación de cono deslimador o para la tolva mezcladora.

una unidad de tolva mezcladora, 4 pulgadas.
Una unidad de panel de control; el usuario sólo tiene que conectar el generador de energía con el panel de control y luego se puede utilizar el sistema de lodo compacto. Si para el generador, puede requerir generador de 100KW. También podemos comprar el generador para el cliente y el partido para ellos.

Inspección del sistema de lodo antes de la entrega

Como GN sede es mucho cerca del aeropuerto internacional de Pekín, le invitamos a nuestro cliente interno / cliente internacional para inspección del equipo antes de la entrega. El cliente puede probar el equipo con agua por sí mismo. Después de que el cliente satisface con la fabricación de equipos y el resultado de la prueba y, a continuación, podemos arreglar el envío.

GN Solids control enviado dos conjuntos de unidad de reciclaje de lodo a India por Vermeer Maxi HDD plataforma. Uno de ellos es la unidad de reciclaje de lodo más popular GNMS 500 , la otra es la unidad de reciclado de lodo GNMS 350.

Como fabricante líder de equipos de limpieza de lodo, la unidad de reciclaje de lodo HDD envasada es un mercado muy importante para GN Solids control. GN Solids Control ofrece la línea completa de la unidad de reciclaje de lodo para los aparejos de HDD marca populares como Vermeer, Ditch Witch, América Sinfines, así como la Alemania de la marca TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT Group) La compañía de la división de TT Grupo:. TT Asia Pacífico es GN Solids control de productos del distribuidor en el mercado de Australia.

GNMS 500gpm unidad de reciclaje de lodos:

     Una unidad de GNZS703E-DZ alimentador superior de Zarandas de Moción Lineal

     Una unidad de GNZJ703E-8N limpiador de lodo con 8 conos deslimador y zaranda flujo inferior con área de la pantalla más de 2,6 metros cuadrados.

      Uno de 40 pies el tamaño del contenedor tanque de lodo

     Una bomba centrífuga GNSB6x5-12 50HP para alimentación deslimador

     Bomba de mezcla del fango Una 50HP GNSB6x5-12 con el montaje sobre 40 pies el tamaño del contenedor con tolva verturi.

     Adjuntos agitadores de lodo, y el tanque de lodo incluidos.

500gpm unidad de reciclaje de lodos para Vermeer Maxi HDD

GN unidad de reciclaje de lodo completa incluye diferentes tamaños:

GNMS-150 GPM, GNMS-350 GPM, GNMS-500 GPM, GNMS -800 GPM, GNMS 1000 GPM, GNMS 1500 GPM. GNMS 2000 GPM. GN unidad de reciclaje de lodo está disponible para su siguiente modelo de Vermeer plataformas de perforación horizontal dirigida.

    D100x140 Vermeer HDD plataforma (45 Tons plataforma)

    D220x300 Vermeer HDD plataforma (110 Tons plataforma)

    D330x500 Vermeer HDD plataforma (150 Tons plataforma)

    D500x500 Vermeer HDD plataforma (220 Tons plataforma)

    D750x900 Vermeer HDD plataforma (350Tons plataforma)

    D1000x900 Vermeer HDD plataforma (450 Tons plataforma)

    D1320x900 Vermeer HDDplataforma (620 Tons plataforma)