we shipped one unit of 500gpm mud recycling system for water well drilling in
Middle East. With Customized color, the mud tank color is silver grey, the
equipments color is red. This is not the first order for this client, they ever
ordered a unit of trailer mounted 200gpm mud cleaning system for water well

equipments list including:

unit of GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker

unit of GNZS703E-D1S8N mud cleaner

unit of mud agitator

unit of mixing hopper with mixing pump

unit of mud tank, with necessary stairs, handrails, walkways,  pipelines, lights.

unit of super charge pump to feed the clean mud to the mud pump

units of centrifugal pumps for feeding the desander, desilter cone

configuration is similar with GN standard 500gpm mud recycling system
GNMS-500G, which can be loaded into 40ft container. But this system is with
customized mud tank size, which need to be shipped by bulk cargo vessel.

difference between GNMS-500GL and GNMS-500G is that the mud tank size, the GL
with 40ft container size mud tank which need to be shipped by bulk cargo
vessel, but with bigger tank volume; The G system with mud tank size smaller
than container, which is convenient and cheaper for shipment.

we also shipped another 2 units of 1500gpm mud cleaning system for Tunneling
project, with the similar color. It is for construction industry.

though the oil price goes down recent years, but GN solids control still got a
lot of orders from our international clients from construction industry, like
pipeline crossing, HDD, CBM, TBM, pilings, water well drilling. If you can send
us a photo of your rigsite or give us proper description of your requirement, we
have rich experience to design customized mud recycling system for different

Eventually investigation and customisation
regarding HDD mud
, at this point GN Solids Control are usually supplying more and
more modularised mud systems to the market, little customisation may meet the
needs of customer. Then more and moe buyers like the modular mud system.
Also more and more client get concern on the operation outcome, especially when
there are a lot of same item suppliers in the market, it is hard to inform the
difference from pictures, marketing and advertising advertise, as they
sometimes simply a copy, or same.
Once we always told our clients, finding is believing, you have to examine and
see the equipment, the service by yourself, then you can make a suitable
decision, have a better decision.

As have a lot of buyers, normally we have site designed for visit, just the
different spot. Different operations. Well many clients do not really like
GN Solids Control shipping one
sets standard 500gpm mud system- GNMS-500GL for you to domestic client on May
twenty fifth, 2015. This mud system already worked for over three or more
projects. Our engineer allows instruction on the installation and test, taking
back useful jobsite data. The client is a lot satisfied with GN compact mud
This is the most popular mud
recycling system
for HDD projects. Nearly all CPP jobs are using 500gpm mud
system, and if only the space sufficient, then they will choose this kind of
What is the difference involving GN mud system along with other suppliers, as a
leader already in the market, now a lot of GN supporters claimed they can
supply precisely same products. While the heart and soul is implied in facts.
Just like GN admit all of us still have differences to meet up with the top US
To the 500GL, the client is pleased with the compact, flexible style and
design, also sweet ones including folding walkways, containerised mud tanks.
And eventually they will discover, all optimised details last longer, the
serving time frame will be longer, that preserves money.


Mud gun is an essential part for drilling mud tanks, it usually works
together with mud agitator/ mud mixer. The 3 main functions including :

Mixing, prevent the solids from precipitate, the
necessary working pressure is provided by the mixing pump or mud pump,
sometimes it works together with mud agitator, for example, for mud mixing
tank, mud storage tank; sometimes it works separately when there is no enough
place to install a mud agitator.  


Transferring, the mud gun line is designed inside
the mud tanks and connect with each tank to transfer the drilling fluids, for
example, it can work as a balance pipe between 2 tanks to keep the mud level

Cleaning: If connected with clear water pump, it
can be used as mud tank cleaning line after drilling is finished, so you do not
need to buy a separate jet water unit, with the GN unique mud tank bottom
design( with a 5 degree slant), the deposits solids on the tank bottom will be
washed to the side with sand washing port, and the operator can use special
tools to take the sand away.


GN solids control mud gun is with 3 nozzles and can work with 6.4Mpa for
oil & gas drilling , and 1.0 Mpa for HDD & CBM drilling. We have 2
types mud gun, one type is rotatable mud gun which can rotate with 360°, the other type is fixed. Also
we provide 2 sizes, 2 inch diameter and 3 inch diameter. The mud gun length is
customized with different size mud tanks, we will ask the client to provide
necessary information before order.

Normally GN mud gun is made of carbon steel, for special requirement of
brine water or corrosive mud, we can provide stainless steel material for
option. Welcome to inquiry GN solids America for more info.

GN solids control specialized
at customized TBM slurry separation plant with polymer mixing and dosing unit
as a complete system, the polymer mixing unit is applied for polymer flocculant
mixing and feeding to the dewatering centrifuge to get the water as clean as
possible, to separate more fine solids under 5 microns.

is the short name for Tunneling Boring Machine, Tunnels of less than a metre or
so in diameter are typically done using trenchless construction methods or
horizontal directional drilling rather than TBMs.

ever designed a containerized dewatering unit for Tunneling project with the
same application, the main purpose is to get clean water, and dry solids for
disposal. The polymer mixing unit can be installed inside the container
together with GN big bowl decanter centrifuge, by this way, it is convenient
for movement, also it can be located on the skid without standard shipping
container for cooling and easy maintenance, also the cost is much cheaper. We
can make it customized to meet the client’s requirement.

are 3 parts in the TBM slurry separation plant: Solids removal unit, polymer
mixing and dosing unit, dewatering unit with dewatering centrifuge. We provide
various options for solids removal unit/ mud cleaning unit, depends on your
required electricity power consumption and budget, we can provide 2-phase
cleaning compact design( double deck shale shaker + desander cone or double
deck shaker + desilter cone) or 3-phase cleaning premium mud cleaning system,
with shale shaker, mud cleaner( shaker, desander cone, desilter cone 3 in 1).

dewatering unit can be applied for both powder polymer and solution polymer,
with pre-humidifyng
system for the powder and dosing system.

We can make the dewatering centrifuge on the
same skid with the dewatering unit or separately. If you are interested in more
details, pls contact GN sales.


Solids America specialized in design & manufacture of mud recycling system
for both surface and underground coring, including deep coring, directional
drilling, geothermal drilling.

provide two options, economy mud recycling system and self-contained mud
recycling system, with different treating capacity 200gpm, 500gpm, 1000gpm. The
different options can meet different client’s budget and space area. The
economy mud recycling system will be choosed in the applications below:

when you have limit space in the jobsite

when your budget is limited

when you already had mud mixing and storage tank in the rigsite

when you do not need to separate so fine solids out, desander cone with 45
microns separation point is acceptable

the opposite hand, self-container mud recycling system will be selected in the
conditions below:

when you have to use both desander cone and desilter cones to separate fine
solids up to 20 microns

when the end-user is accustomed to such 3-phase cleaning premium mud recycling

when you need mutilple functions, including cleaning, recycling, mixing,

when you have higher budget and do not limit to space in the rigsite

For top level projects

solids America also offer solids removal unit for surface and underground
diamond core drilling, GNLW223 decanter centrifuge is the professional
dewatering unit for a complete line of mining core
drilling services.If you required such solids removal unit, pls contact GN
solids America sales for more technical specs.

economy mud recycling system main applications as below:

Bored pile project

micro TBM ( Tunneling Boring Machine)

Trenchless HDD project

Diamond core drilling, water well drilling

Solids America
is the sales office and warehouse in Houston for GN solids
control, the headquarter and manufacture facility in Beijing, China. Welcome to
visit us at either Houston or Beijing, China.