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Flare Ignition Device manufacture by GN Solids America LLC is
for blown down fuel gas designed and manufactured by us is used in burn down
excess natural gas. The flammable  gas
from collecting and distributing station of natural gas and from oil refinery and
its being a security and environmental
protection equipment. It used for have the blown down harmful gas ignited and
burned to prevent the environment and security from being endangered. The flare
ignition device, may be paired with GNZYQ 1000A Mud Gas Separator.
And now, as a developed product it has been extensively used in petroleum
drilling operation.

As said before,  Flare Igniter Device
is the safety and environmental protection equipment for handling vented
explosive gas. It can ignite the toxic combustible gas timely
and accurately. 

Flare Igniter operation safety steps for
oil drilling sites

1The flammable gas conveyed to the air intake of gas burner (torch)
through the pipeline installed at the safe area. 
2. Connect and start current transformation of flare ignition device and
electric circuit of voltage amplification. 
3. Open the liquefied gas pot and ignite fire-leading tube through
operating electronic igniter (ignition at 1st stage), or with the
fire-leading gas valve of emptying gas directly opened, ignite
fire-leading tube through electronic
 (ignition at 1st stage).   
4. Open gas blown down valve and ignite the blown down gas through the
flaming fire-leading tube (ignition at 2nd stage). 
5. Have the liquefied gas pot closed with fire-leading tube put out,
letting the blown down flammable gas to freely burning. 

GN Solids America LLC is manufacture who
produce full set of solids control machinery, custom Drilling
mud system
, supportive machinery.
Over 60 plus countries around have use our machinery in many years and
give us repeat order business.  

GN Solids Control mud trying to recycle systems are widely used on earth. Mud
systems can be used inside oil and gas area as well as HDD, TBM Drilling, CBM
Going or Water Well Going. Last year, GN provided 2 sets of high configuration mud
recycling systems
for absolutely no dig drilling to one Asian kitchenware
client. Just some days ahead of, GN Solids Control supplied another set mud
methods for one client from Filipino.
With a compact structure, this specific system is mainly used to distinct dirty
mud can get thoroughly clean water. By using this set, all of our client can
get water as far as possible, and solids can be different out for further
treating. The item mainly includes the following accessories:
1 . GN shale shaker
, 1 set
Often the treating capacity of this shaker is 600 GPM. By making use of world
famous vibration motors such as Italian OLI or U . S . Martin, GN shaker can
also work for a quite long time with out broken.
After the mud is definitely sent to the shaker in the feeding box, the 5 pieces
shaker screens
may separate out most the actual solids. GN using high
quality wire mesh to creation those shaker screens so as to last longer while
also has quite a good separating performance. GN also manufactures some other
shaker screens to replacement recognized shaker screens, such as Mongoose,
Brant, Derrick etc .

installment payments on your GN decanter
GNLW363CG-VFD, 2 sets
These only two sets centrifuges both have 1 14 inch rotating serving. Running
speed can be altered easily by using touch screen when using the VFD control
package. GN VFD box is definitely ABB or Siemens electrical products for long
life usage. Various explosion proof boxes is usually customized based on
customers’ requires, such as IEC, ATEX.
The primary variable speed centrifuge is actually rotating at a lower pace
compared with the second one. That mainly used to separate out these solids
with a larger length. On the other side, the second centrifuge is utilized to
separate finer solids with a higher speed.
3. GN Attach Pump, 2
These kind of 2 screw pumps are accustomed to feed the decanter centrifuge
without agitating the mud too much. GN is using popular positive displacement
pumps Netzsch.
4. GN Mud Tank
All the above equipments tend to be fixed on one mud tank

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Solids control system shale shaker is different
with high G force drying shaker mainly in G force. GNZS594E-HB shale shaker
with 7.5G ( max, adjustable), in some rigs, they only use 7G is enough. But
high-G drying shaker
is with 8.0G ( max , adjustable), they are with the
same effective screen area and 4 screen panels. The solids control shale shaker
is mainly used in mud
recycling system
as the first phase treatment of drilling mud, the function
is to separate the big solids from the drilling fluids as much as possible and
recycle the drilling mud. The high G force drying shaker is mainly used for
water based drilling cuttings treatment to dry the drilling waste, recycle the
useful drilling fluids and let the drilling waste dry enough to be collected
and transported. Since they are using in different area of zero discharge
system, so the recommend shaker screen mesh
size is different.

The other main difference between them is the
feeding method. Normally the solids control shale shaker is feeding by pump (
in non closed loop system from mud pit) or high pressure pipeline ( in closed loop system from
rig directly), the feed mud is with high liquid content and less
solids, so the feeding type is box feeder or weir feeder.  but for high G drying shaker, it is usually
feed by screw conveyor, which is used to collect the discharged cuttings from
the solids control shale shaker and transfer to high-G drying shaker, so the
feeding type is hopper feeder, which with big opening hopper to receive the
cuttings from screw conveyor quickly.

But the shaker screens for both shaker are same
size, GN solids America has both shale shaker and drying shaker in Houston
warehouse for sale, welcome to contact us in Houston.

Recently GN solids control
shipped one set of customized designed drilling cuttings solidification unit to
Africa, this is not our first unit solidification unit, pls check the previous
shipment news from here:

The main components of stabilization unit is
including: drilling waste collection hopper, cement storage box, Absorber
storage box, shear mixer, liquid feeding, mixer discharge, and skid, we can
make customized treating capacity solidification unit for your special
requirement. Our standard model GNGH-10A stabilization unit with 10m3/h
treating capacity, the unit for the Africa client is GNGH-15A with 15m3/h
treating capacity.

The main parameters of GNGH-15A solidification unit:

shear mixer power: 45kw

drilling waste storage volume: 5m3

screw conveyor power: 7.5kw

cement storage volume: 1000L

cement screw conveyor power: 1.1kw

absorber storage volume: 1000L

absorber screw conveyor powder: 1.1kw

required crane specs: 0.5tons

total power consumption: 54.7 kw

All the screw conveyor is with VFD control,
the  flow rate is adjustable

The mixer tank volume: 4000L

To get more info of GN
drilling cuttings solidification unit specs, pls contact GN solids control

Why choose GN solidification unit?

Applicable for both oil based drilling cuttings and
water based drilling cuttings

It produced a environmentally safe and dry material
which is acceptable for landfill or land farming disposal.

It produced a relatively dry material with steadily
structure which is cheaper for transport or disposal, it is an cost effective
way for drilling cuttings disposal if it is laws allowed in that country.

Except for stabilization unit, GN also provide
drilling cuttings treatment system for both water based mud and oil based mud, we
could provide the turnkey solution for drilling waste disposal.

GN solids America located in 6710 winderfern road,
Houston, TX77040, welcome to visit our warehouse in Houston and consult with
our sales team.

Last month, GN Solids Control sent commissioning
engineer to a Nigerian drilling company and provided the first commissioning
service to its 4 sets newly arrived vertical
cuttings dryers
. And just after commissioning, those vertical cuttings
dryers were soon put into use and they now sent back the data for the drilling
mud and cuttings before and after the treatment of the vertical cuttings

OOC, oil on cuttings is 3.7%, much less than
the accepted value 10%. The clients are above satisfactory and now are planning
to purchase more and introduce to other friends’ companies in this field.

Function of GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers:

Like all the vertical cuttings dryers, the
vertical cuttings dryer is working like the drying procedure of the washing
machine. By rotating at a high speed, the liquid phase is splashed out through
the openings on the screen basket and collected to the storage tank for next
step separation. And the solids phase is stopped by the basket and falls down
dried and collected.

The lower value of OOC, the better
performance of the vertical cuttings dryer has. And most vertical cuttings
dryers are designed only for treating the drilling cuttings from the oil based

Unless other brands’ vertical cuttings
dryers, GNCD 930 Series vertical cuttings dryers are also suitable for WBM, although
their performance in water based mud is not as outstanding as it shows in oil
based mud. And GN is about to apply new solutions on water based mud condition
for the vertical cuttings dryer.

Why use GN Solids Control’s Vertical
cuttings dryer?

In fact this Nigerian drilling company is
not only purchasing vertical cuttings dryers from
GN Solids Control
, but also using GNLW363 Decanter
, and GN mud plants. Before getting to know GN Solids Control,
they used to use USA brand solids control equipments only, but when they
visited China and inspected several solids control manufacturers in China, they
chose GN. Since then, ll of their solids control equipments are purchased from
GN and later, the waste
management systems

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