Mud gun

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NOV Mission mud gun is one of the popular mud gun, with 2 inch and 3 inch for choice. GN mud gun is function equivalent just dimension is different, we also have 2” and 3” for choice, with model NJQ50-3 & NJQ80-3. Their common features including a collapsible handle, a 360˚ rotating swivel body, and the ability to be customized to any length, flanged or threaded.

Mud gun is widely used in mud tank system with mud agitator, their function is to agitate the mud to less precipitation, so there is less sand left on the bottom of the tank, it is easy for cleaning and better for drilling performance.

Nomo pump is widely used in oilfiled, both in oil production/drilling mud system and drilling waste management system.  

Application In Oil Industry
drilling mud system
• waste sludges
• cutting oils
• oil & wax mixture

Application in drilling waste management system

• pump stations
• primary, secondary and tertiary sludge transfer
• centrifuge, coil vacuum filter, belt filterpress and plated frame filter feed

Nemo pump is used to feed for GN decanter centrifuge in centrifuge mud tank.

Mud cleaner

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Mud cleaner is a combination of desanders and/or desilters mounted over a shaker with a fine mesh screen.

The drilling mud is fed to the inlet of the desander cone, the coarse particle and fine particles are separated by different centrifugal force, the particles larger than 70 microns are separated and fine particles remained in the drilling fluids and dropped into the mud tank.

The feeding pump of desilter cone fed the mud to desilter cone, then particles larger than 20 microns are separated.

The coarse solids are dropped on the shaker screens for dry and some clean drilling fluids are recycled and solids are separated, maybe collected by screw conveyor to the drilling waste management system.

In oil & gas drilling, positive displacement pump is used to feed for decanter centrifuge, Nemo pump is one of the best feeding pump for GN decanter centrifuge.

We can provide centrifuge with various Nemo pump according to client’s requirement, for example, stainless steel 304 or SS316L material, manual speed control, variable frequency drive or fix speed pump, flow rate various from 20m3/h to 90m3/h for various model decanter centrifuge. All the pump motor is explosion proof and with a speed reducer for steadily running.

Below is the photo taken in No Dig show held in Zhengzhou, China at GN booth. There are a lot of professional HDD &CBM drilling contractors from China and abroad visit this show. We take a set of 500gpm HDD mud recycling system to attend the show, it is with a new technology:

Hydraulic lifting device, you do not need a crane in the site, you only use the hydraulic device to lift the mud tank first, then drive the truck on top of the tank, then lower down the lifting device, by this way, you can transport the mud tank easily without rent a crane.