drilling mud


Mud gun is an essential part for drilling mud tanks, it usually works
together with mud agitator/ mud mixer. The 3 main functions including :

Mixing, prevent the solids from precipitate, the
necessary working pressure is provided by the mixing pump or mud pump,
sometimes it works together with mud agitator, for example, for mud mixing
tank, mud storage tank; sometimes it works separately when there is no enough
place to install a mud agitator.  


Transferring, the mud gun line is designed inside
the mud tanks and connect with each tank to transfer the drilling fluids, for
example, it can work as a balance pipe between 2 tanks to keep the mud level

Cleaning: If connected with clear water pump, it
can be used as mud tank cleaning line after drilling is finished, so you do not
need to buy a separate jet water unit, with the GN unique mud tank bottom
design( with a 5 degree slant), the deposits solids on the tank bottom will be
washed to the side with sand washing port, and the operator can use special
tools to take the sand away.


GN solids control mud gun is with 3 nozzles and can work with 6.4Mpa for
oil & gas drilling , and 1.0 Mpa for HDD & CBM drilling. We have 2
types mud gun, one type is rotatable mud gun which can rotate with 360°, the other type is fixed. Also
we provide 2 sizes, 2 inch diameter and 3 inch diameter. The mud gun length is
customized with different size mud tanks, we will ask the client to provide
necessary information before order.

Normally GN mud gun is made of carbon steel, for special requirement of
brine water or corrosive mud, we can provide stainless steel material for
option. Welcome to inquiry GN solids America for more info.

GN brand high speed decanter centrifuge has been used for waste water reclamation in the oil & gas field. The purpose is to help you use less water or recycle more water to save you money, and work in an environment responsible manner.
Oilfield waste water may come from the fluids stream below:
1 onshore drilling
2 offshore drilling
3 oil tank bottom/pit
4 drilling waste management system/facility
Decanter centrifuge
act as an important role but not the final in the process of water recycling. It is used to separate the clay and silts from the fluids and dry the solids for disposal. GNLW363CG & CG-VFD decanter centrifuge and GNLW453-CFD, GNLW553-VFD centrifuge can be used for such application.GN have all these centrifuges models available in GN SOLIDS America warehouse located at Houston for sale and rent, pls contact GN sales for an appointment in our warehouse.
GN decanter centrifuge can be applied not only for oil & gas field, but also industry waste water, like dredging slurry separation, pond slurry separation, mining slurry separation, TBM, diamond core drilling waste water, etc. But before feeding the fluids to the centrifuge, it is necessary to confirm the big solids/rock/stone/tree has been removed.
Features of GN decanter centrifuges:
1 Screw is protected by tungsten carbide tiles for longer working time, and repairable and replaceable, thickness is over 4mm
2 mud distribution port is protected by ceremic insert of abrasion
3 solids discharge port is protected by tungsten carbide ring and replaceable
4 Scraper on the centrifuge bowl end & side and Solids blocking cover to prevent it from solids accumulation outside the bowl
5 Bowl Material SS2205 made from centrifugal casting for better balance and longer life
6 High speed, high G force and variable speed can be applied for high gravity drilling mud, low gravity and barite recovery

GN Mini Decanter Centrifuge

As everyone knows, when explore minerals the drillers usually use core drilling. The size of the holes could be arrived at from some hundred’s ft with a hundred’s ft. Diamond experts can evaluate the composition from the minerals by doing a bit of experiments around the retrieved core samples. In line with the evaluate information from the diamond experts, the drilling company can decide whether or not they will begin the drilling or find another areas.

Core drilling plays an essential role within the mineral mining. Among the key important tools throughout drilling, decanter centrifuge will help separate the drilling solids effectively.

GN mini decanter centrifuge (type GNLW 223) is really a special designed centrifuge utilized on core drilling. Because utilized in the core drilling, you will find very little solids in comparison towards the oil drilling process.

So far, you will find some nations are utilizing GNLW 223 decanter centrifuge, for example Canada, America, Chile etc. GN solids control is creating decanter centrifuge for mining gemstone core drilling, this decanter centrifuge is comparable with MI-SWACO CD250 however the cost is extremely low. So that all these offered tools to Canada, America and Chile for mining drilling information mill gathered good remarks because of their excellent performance.

Why GN mini decanter centrifuge can sell such well in Mining industry, and it has a great fame in diamond drilling industry along with the coal mattress methane drilling industry? The only real response is the big talents of the decanter centrifuge.

With this mini decanter centrifuge, the bowl diameter is nine inch and also the length is just twenty-six inch. With this particular small dimension little structure, it’s quite easy to operate and simple for maintenance.

GN has utilized wear resistance materials (SS 304) to help make the bowl of the decanter centrifuge. Certain parts are utilizing tungsten carbide for any better protection and longer existence usage.

GN also offers the big decanter centrifuge for bigger dealing with capacity, for particulars thanks for visiting e-mail us.

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Decanter Centrifuge utilised in Mud Recycling System,in the mud recycling program, the mud might be transferred from 1 Decanter Centrifuge gear to one particular a lot more for additional therapy. This transportation could be just about completed by the pump. One particular on the most well-liked applied pump may well be the centrifugal sort pump.

When layout the equipment inside the mud technique, in which strategy the Decanter Centrifuge pump will probably be utilised. Usually, there are four processing would make use of the drilling mud decanter centrifuge.

The initial a single particular is right immediately after the drilling mud decanter centrifuge finding treated by the Drilling Mud System Technique, the liquid mud need to be transfer towards the desander and desilter for second and third stage solids handle. The centrifugal pump functioned as a mud provide gear.

The second use is around the mud mixing tank, the Decanter Centrifuge is produced use of to suck mud from mixing tank just after which send back again for mud mixing and transferring. Right here, the Decanter Centrifuge can also be applied to provide the energy for the mud gun.

After mud mixing, the mud could possibly be pump back towards the nicely hole for reusing. The higher anxiety mud pump ordinarily has no suction function. The drilling mud decanter centrifuge might be utilised to supply the active mud to mud pump.

From time to time, for the deep effectively drilling, there could be a trip tank inside the mud recycling approach. When the time for taking out the drill pipe for altering, the mud stored inside the trip tank may very well be pump into the properly hone to stable the stress in hole and defend against collapse in the successfully wall.


GN Solids America could present Decanter Centrifuge with massive size and energy span, at the same time as the model is for horizontal layout, any request, welcome make get in touch with with with GN Solids Handle.

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