Recently GN
solids control
shipped 2 shale shakers and 2 mud cleaners for Hongkong clients,
the color is customized silver grey color which is different with our normal
green color, we can provide customized color, design, brand and nameplate for
client’s special requirement.

The desander cone, desilter cone and bottom shale shaker combination as
mud cleaner, compared with single desander, desilter , the mud cleaner with
bottom shaker which can collect useful drilling fluids and make the discharged
solids drier, and the footprint is smaller. Sometimes when shale shaker is not
working, it can be also used as back up shaker.


With different quantity desander cone and desilter cone, the mud cleaner
has different treating capacity, 1S8N with 1 of 10 inch desander cone with 8 of
4 inch desialter cone, the treating capacity is 500gpm, 2S12N with 2 @ 10 inch
desander cones and 12 @ 4 inch desilter cone with treating capacity about
1000gpm,  3S16N with 3 @ 10 inch cone(sometimes
with 2 of 12 inch desander cone) and 16pcs of 4 inch desilter cone, the
treating capacity is 1500gpm. The Hongkong client bought 2 units of 1500gpm
capacity mud cleaner with 3 desander cone, 16 desilter cones.

The shale shaker and mud cleaner bottom shaker are the same model, and
use the same size shaker screens, so the clients do not have to make different
size screens for inventory. Our most sold shale shaker models including GNZS703
& GNZS594, the former model with 3 panels screens of size 700x1250mm, the
latter model with 4 panels screens of size 585x1165mm.

Right now we have several units of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker and mud
cleaners in stock of Houston branch, welcome to visit GN solids America. With the
US Martin brand vibration motor, good quality and reliable performance is

Decanter centrifuge is seldom
used for horizontal directional drilling because of the high cost and
separation factor. Only when the fine solids accumulated on the mud recycling
system and the desilter cone can not separate them out, then the recycled mud
can not be used for drilling unless the fine solids (smaller than 15 microns)
could be reduced. GN low speed/ middle speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452
centrifuge should be used by such situation.

GN has shipped 4 sets of
1000gpm mud recycling system with 2 units of GNLW452 decanter centrifuges for
CPP(China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau) for their crossing project. Totally 4 sets
of desander mud cleaner with 2 10inch desander cone and double deck shale
GNZS705, 4 sets of desilter mud cleaner with 10pcs 4inch desilter cones
with double deck shale shaker, 8 sets of GNLW452 decanter centrifuge with 18inch
bowl diameter, 1800rpm speed, 8 sets of centrifugal pumps to feed for the
desander, desilter, 8 sets of feeding pump for the decanter centrifuges. 8 sets
of 20ft container to install the equipments on it and with storage capacity.

This is not the first order
from CPP, they start to buy mud recycling system for HDD since 2010, and until
now they already bought 30 sets of drilling mud cleaning system from GN solids

The function of the decanter
in this system is not to separate all the fine solids under 15
microns, the purpose is to reduce the fine solids content in the recycled
fluids so it can be re-used for the drilling. So the centrifuge capacity do not
have to equal with the solids control mud cleaner, it is not always running, we
will open it according to the mud conditions.

Not only for HDD mud recycling
, the same design could be used for tailings treatment of mining, oil
drilling. Welcome to contact GN solids control for more info.

As one of the
lead manufacturer of decanter centrifuge screw conveyor in China and with
branch office in Houston , GN solids control produce different models of
decanter centrifuge over 250 units every year.

The material of the whole screw conveyor is stainless
steel 316L, the flight of the screw conveyor is protected by the tungsten
carbide tiles over 4mm thickness, the material is YG8 with hardness factor
89HRC. The main bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205, which is better
than SS316 and SS304. The other bowl assy is made of SS316L. This is the basic
configuration of GN premium decanter centrifuge. The opening of the screw
conveyor can increase the treating capacity and make the performance better. The
tungsten carbide tiles are interchangeable when the old ones are damaged.

Even GN economic configuration decanter centrifuge,
the flight is protected by special ceramics tiles. The other parts are with
same material with premium decanter centrifuge.

The screw conveyor inside the centrifuge bowl is the
essential parts for a decanter centrifuge, the design and protection of the
screw conveyor will directly influence the centrifuge’s performance. The bowl
assy is the main and most important part of decanter centrifuge.

Expect of decanter centrifuge screw conveyor, GN
solids control also produce screw for the auger. Screw conveyor/auger is common equipment to convey powder, granular and
small lumpy materials. All bearing operate under dusty conditions. Therefore,
reasonable operation and maintenance is vitally important. The following
paragraphs describe main requirements of operation and maintenance.

The auger can be used to transfer the drilling
cuttings from the solids control system cuttings collection box to the vertical
cuttings dryer
, and as collection auger for the solids control system shale
shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, and transfer the dry solids
discharged from vertical cuttings dryer.

Now we have 20 units of decanter centrifuge in stock,
welcome to contact with GN solids control.

slurry pump
can be used in different applications for oil & gas drilling
solids control system and mud recycling system. The applications are as below:

Feeding pump for shale shaker in the mud recycling
system for HDD, water well drilling, CBM.

Feeding pump for decanter centrifuge when there is
no enough place for the horizontal screw pump for different industries, oil
drilling , dewatering unit, drilling waste management system.

Mixing pump with mixing hopper, because the
submersible slurry pump is vertical installed, which can save the place and
remain the storage capacity, but pls notice the lift and working pressure to
match the venturi hopper.

Feeding pump for complete
desander/ desilter unit/ mud cleaning system from the mud pit, remember to
choose the correct model with proper lift, because the flow rate and lift will
loss during the transferring in the long distance. The normal submersible
length is 1.5m, and max 1.8m. If the mud pit or mud tank is very high, and you
need longer submersible length, we will suggest to use hose/pipe for the extra
length, or use the Submerged pump fully under the liquid level.

If there
are small rocks and high solids content in the mud, the submersible slurry pump
is pretty suitable because the impeller is with special wearable hard surface .Centrifugal
pump, screw pump can not be used in such applications, hose pump is another
option for such projects.

with the horizontal installed pumps, like centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw
pump, the vertical submersible slurry pump required small space and keep the
storage capacity and free of maintenance and reliable performance. There is no
bearing and gland seal between impeller and pump body, so the slurry pump is
maintance-free and high temperature resistance.

solids control has various models of submersible slurry pumps for option.

GN solids control specialized
at customized TBM slurry separation plant with polymer mixing and dosing unit
as a complete system, the polymer mixing unit is applied for polymer flocculant
mixing and feeding to the dewatering centrifuge to get the water as clean as
possible, to separate more fine solids under 5 microns.

is the short name for Tunneling Boring Machine, Tunnels of less than a metre or
so in diameter are typically done using trenchless construction methods or
horizontal directional drilling rather than TBMs.

ever designed a containerized dewatering unit for Tunneling project with the
same application, the main purpose is to get clean water, and dry solids for
disposal. The polymer mixing unit can be installed inside the container
together with GN big bowl decanter centrifuge, by this way, it is convenient
for movement, also it can be located on the skid without standard shipping
container for cooling and easy maintenance, also the cost is much cheaper. We
can make it customized to meet the client’s requirement.

are 3 parts in the TBM slurry separation plant: Solids removal unit, polymer
mixing and dosing unit, dewatering unit with dewatering centrifuge. We provide
various options for solids removal unit/ mud cleaning unit, depends on your
required electricity power consumption and budget, we can provide 2-phase
cleaning compact design( double deck shale shaker + desander cone or double
deck shaker + desilter cone) or 3-phase cleaning premium mud cleaning system,
with shale shaker, mud cleaner( shaker, desander cone, desilter cone 3 in 1).

dewatering unit can be applied for both powder polymer and solution polymer,
with pre-humidifyng
system for the powder and dosing system.

We can make the dewatering centrifuge on the
same skid with the dewatering unit or separately. If you are interested in more
details, pls contact GN sales.