Hydrocyclone is a device to separate solids and liquids. In oilfield industry, it devided into desander hydrocyclone and desilter hydrocyclone.

Desander cone is 10” cone, it can separate 45 ~76 microns solids, desilter cone is 4” usually, it can separate 20~45 microns. Solids control equipments manufacturers use different desander cone and desilter cone qty to assembly different treating capacity mud cleaner. So mud cleaner is composed of desander cone, desilter cone and shale shaker.  

The picture right showed a mini mud cleaner used for Geothermal well drilling. There are 2 mud tanks in the mud system, one is treatment tank, 1 is storage tank. On the 1st treatment tank, there is a GNZS703 linear motion shale shaker, and 2 mini mud cleaner with desander cone and desilter cone separately.

Mini mud cleaner has larger screen area than desander, desilter with small underflow shaker, so the treating effect is better, and its cost is cheaper than mud cleaner with large underflow shaker. It is the ideal equipments for Geothermal well drilling.

Do you know what is Vacuum Degasser and its function?

It is the 2nd phase solids control equipment, which is used after shale shaker, to separate various gas from the invasive drilling mud, so that it can protect decander, desilter cone and centrifugal pumps impeller.

 Different with Derrick vacuum degasser, this GN vacuum degasser do not need suction pump, it has self-suction ability, so it can save energy and drilling cost.

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I just came back from Houston, OTC 2012, see our 108m2 booth with solids control equipments. We will set up a warehouse in Houston and have shale shaker in stock. 

Can you identify me in the photo?