decanter centrifuge

Among all typically the solids control
equipment, often the shale shaker and the desander or desilter cones
usually are of less technology. The coffee quality for the shale shakers often
depends on the designed construction, the material choosing and the welding
standards, like if there are pockets in the welding seam. Actually , in the
first year connected with operation, a well made shale shaker and a poorly
produced one are nearly a similar with each other. But when they are applied
longer than one year, the issues start to show. In a word, often the shale
shakers’ technology is just not so complicated.
Comparing with all the shale shaker and mud cleaner (which could
be broken down to desander cones in addition to desilter cones), the decanter
centrifuge shows a manufacturer’s producing capability to the most. Due to the
1 . there are many rotating elements in the decanter centrifuge, the actual
producing accuracy is very important towards the rotating part. And the
providing accuracy comes from the enhanced producing machines and specialist
operators and workers.
GN Solids Control
as the solids control and waste material
management centrifuge
manufacturer, is likewise the first one in this field
in order to invite the five deal with producing machine for the centrifuge
parts manufacturing in order to assure the accuracy.

2 . often the decanter centrifuge is involving highly speed and the nearly all
welcome speed for waste materials management centrifuge is 3200RPM. Although
many manufacturers claim that their very own centrifuges could reach broadband
up to 3200RPM, but rarely could ensure the noises and vibration during top
speed. GN Solids Control’s centrifuges are under precise make sure producing
and each one ended up being strictly inspected before shipping and delivery. So
GN’s high speed centrifuge is really high speed performance one particular.
3. a suitable length as well as diameter ratio. Normally it really is 3, and 3
is a very suitable ratio for the spend management centrifuges. For the solids
control ones for the treatment of the HGS, the middle rate and 2 of span
diameter ratio is enough. And in addition how long is the cone element affect
the treating performance.
Could you consult GN for more information.

As the top solids control equipments manufacturer in China, GN solids
control also produce drilling waste management equipments, like high speed
decanter centrifuge, high G force vertical cuttings dryer and shaker screens.
We have our own shaker screen factory to produce replacement shaker screens for
world famous brand oil & gas drilling shale shaker.

The shaker screens used for oil drilling is very different from the
screens for mining they are produced by orders, we can produce various mesh and
API No. for different mud treatment requirement. We usually only have wire mesh
and screen frames etc. raw materials in stock, we do not have much shaker
screens in stock, because the market’s requirement is changing everyday.

The screens types and dimensions we can produce are as below, it is only
part of our screens, we can also produce according to special required
dimensions by your sample or measured size.

Pre-tentioned screens (45.75"
x 23") 585x1165mm steel frame screens and composite material frame screens

49.25" x 25"
(1250mm x 635mm) steel frame shaker screen and composite material shaker

42" x 29" (1067mm
x 737mm) replacement screens

Hook screen 41.25" x
27.5" (1048mm x 700mm) , flat type and pyramid type screens

Steel Frame screen 35"
x 27" (890mm x 685mm) , primary screen

Steel Frame screen 27"
x 37" (685mm x 940mm) for scalping deck

Steel Frame screen 8" X
27" (203mm x 685mm) for dryer panel

The wire mesh screen material for option including SS304, SS316, and the
screen layers can be customized. If no special requirement, we will make it
according to our own technology and API standard.

GNZS594E-HB shale shaker use the same size screen 585x1165mm, with 4
screen panels. If you need a 4-panel shale shaker with big treating capacity,
pls contact GN solids control.

Established in the year involving 2007, GN solids
control walked through a road rich in thistles and thorns. Nowadays, GN
definitely has performed as the leader role on the China manufacturers for solids control equipment. Here we
wish to share how GN is expanding in the past 8 years, that proved GN is ready
to face larger opportunity in addition to challenge.
At the beginning of the foundation connected with GN, this company provided the
complete list of equipment for drilling mud recycling. During this period, GN’s
equipment are mainly used for olive oil drilling, what GN’s tools do is for
primary solids control on the drilling mud which called drilling essential
fluids. This type equipment are comprising shale shaker, de-sander, de-silter
and horizontal decanter centrifuge as well as some mud mixing equipment like mud agitator, mud
gun. Also many types transferring pump tend to be included in GN’s production

It is well known that there are drilling to be no process if a corporation
cannot develop new technology or even launch new equipment into your market.
Focus on the not any dig market, GN created one type compact self-contained mud
system especially employed for HDD project drilling mud recycling. This system
will be ranged from 200 GPM to 1500 GPM in accordance with the treating
capacity and the settings. Australia is a market in which the no dig technology
is actually popular accepted and coming from GN’s first unit lightweight system
sent to Australia back in of 2011, over thirty units mud system currently send
there. GN’s this sort mud system are also traditionally used in Coalbed Methane
going projects. By now, GN has realized to provide the complete mud system for
both necessary oil gas drilling and trenchless drilling projects.
With the distribution of more strict control on drilling waste disposal, a
growing number of drilling contractors started to discover some solution to
recover far more drilling fluids and generate more less discharges. As a
result, there comes a new industry while using name of drilling
waste material management.
The server on this business could used several
drying equipment to recover much more drilling fluids to make the going cutting
more dryer intended for easy transportation, and then further more treatment
could be done around the cuttings in special service. GN is also one of the
suppliers who always kept their eye on the market changing. In accordance with
the market request and customer’s feedback, GN launched the fresh equipment of vertical cuttings dryer and
high Gary the gadget guy force drying shaker model. After several-generation
upgrading, the device are able to be used onsite along with good performance.
Later, GN continuously issued the design of typically the skid mounted waste
management system which involves the cuttings dryer, waste centrifuge in
addition to transferring pump into one skid for easy transportation.
The actual requests from the market is generally changing, you never know what
the consumer need. By using GN’s squander management system, some shoppers get
back to GN with responses ‘can you make the system more smaller footprint, once
we don’t have enough space to put the best size skid’. Then GN’s modular design
waste management equipment came to this world. The purchaser could get separate
equipment via GN, and connect these people onsite only with a number of pipes.
This modular style and design brought great convenience to get operator onsite
as its configuration is more freely.
In order to even more reduce the cost of waste cuttings disposal and give
better remedy for the operators, GN made the new equipment solidification
device for final disposal on the waste cuttings after dealt with by the waste
management tools. After treated by the renforcement unit, the waste cuttings
could be discharged directly to get road paving, land producing, even to make
the construction content.
GN will never fear unhealthy feedback from the customers, since each critics
will force GN to a new degree. GN will never satisfy using what have been got
as it can certainly make GN mark time. With regard to larger opportunity and
concern, GN is already on the way.

Mud System shipped to Russia for 1500HP drilling Rig
GN Solids Control has two branch organizations: one is in Houston, UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA and the other is in Moscow, Russia. With the establishment of
the two companies, GN furthermore opens two warehouses inside Houston and
Moscow. Currently GN Solids America has its shale shakers, decanter centrifuges
and cuttings dryers within stock, and all the replacement parts for these
solids control or even drill
cuttings management system
are also available in Houston.
GN Solids Control just delivered a few solids control equipments for starters
1500HP drilling rig throughout Russia. Although the oil price are at a history
low level, several oil and gas companies are keep going in order to provide
enough job options. Considering some regions get plenty labor force which will
help to take the cost, many drilling internet businesses are still making money
for sure.
This specific 1500HP mud system involves the following equipments:
1 . GN
Shale Shaker

There are 5 shakers to do the first period separation. GN provides GNZS594E-HB
shakers for this client; the treatment of capacity of each shaker is definitely
616GPM. The fourth shaker are going to be act as a spare shaker if one of the
first three shakers will be broken, and it will be also made use of when
changing shaker screens.

GN manufactures two types shaker displays: one is metal frame screen, the other
is composite substance screen. There are 4 parts shake screens
assembled on each of your shaker. Two wedges are accustomed to fix one screen,
and that is pretty convenient for one agent to change screens.
2 . GN Decanter Centrifuge
Two units of
GN high settings decanter centrifuge
GNLW363CG are given to this client.
GNLW363CG centrifuge is using duplex stainless steel twisting bowl for long
time application. The inside screw propeller is definitely fixed with hundreds
of tungsten carbide tiles for put on resistance.
When using different spinning speed, GN centrifuge enables you to recover
barite (2200RPM) in addition to cut the mud excess weight (2700RPM). Finer
cuttings preceding 2-5 microns can be in addition separated when running from
Welcome to visit GN Houston warehouse for more accessible solids control and
exercise cuttings management systems.

GN Solids Control mud trying to recycle systems are widely used on earth. Mud
systems can be used inside oil and gas area as well as HDD, TBM Drilling, CBM
Going or Water Well Going. Last year, GN provided 2 sets of high configuration mud
recycling systems
for absolutely no dig drilling to one Asian kitchenware
client. Just some days ahead of, GN Solids Control supplied another set mud
methods for one client from Filipino.
With a compact structure, this specific system is mainly used to distinct dirty
mud can get thoroughly clean water. By using this set, all of our client can
get water as far as possible, and solids can be different out for further
treating. The item mainly includes the following accessories:
1 . GN shale shaker
, 1 set
Often the treating capacity of this shaker is 600 GPM. By making use of world
famous vibration motors such as Italian OLI or U . S . Martin, GN shaker can
also work for a quite long time with out broken.
After the mud is definitely sent to the shaker in the feeding box, the 5 pieces
shaker screens
may separate out most the actual solids. GN using high
quality wire mesh to creation those shaker screens so as to last longer while
also has quite a good separating performance. GN also manufactures some other
shaker screens to replacement recognized shaker screens, such as Mongoose,
Brant, Derrick etc .

installment payments on your GN decanter
GNLW363CG-VFD, 2 sets
These only two sets centrifuges both have 1 14 inch rotating serving. Running
speed can be altered easily by using touch screen when using the VFD control
package. GN VFD box is definitely ABB or Siemens electrical products for long
life usage. Various explosion proof boxes is usually customized based on
customers’ requires, such as IEC, ATEX.
The primary variable speed centrifuge is actually rotating at a lower pace
compared with the second one. That mainly used to separate out these solids
with a larger length. On the other side, the second centrifuge is utilized to
separate finer solids with a higher speed.
3. GN Attach Pump, 2
These kind of 2 screw pumps are accustomed to feed the decanter centrifuge
without agitating the mud too much. GN is using popular positive displacement
pumps Netzsch.
4. GN Mud Tank
All the above equipments tend to be fixed on one mud tank

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