decanter centrifuge

As we all know early 2015, GN Solids Control have made a big
deal in Africa, and have sent more than 30 centrifuges to Egypt & Algeria.
Do not worry if you do not know, pls check this link:

Also since we keep following on the
progress of equipment performance on site, now we get more and more good news,
as more centrifuges are being used. The client is quite happy with their
performance. While we also find a lot of reasons behind this, below is some
main reasons.

  1. Professional

One of our client told us that different
operator, have different feedback on exactly same product, at exactly same
site, even it is just different shift. Not only this, it make difference on the
life of the equipment. For shale
, and especially for decanter

Once visited a site, for the VFD
centrifuge operation, different parameters on the bowl speed, differential
speed, different inlet, make the result quite different.

  1. Good

Uh, this is also the essence, as even
different operation makes differences, it is based on the product, different
operation life also based on the material, the manufacturing progress, also the
test, commissioning, and so on.

  1. Proper
        Site Engineering

Most of the manuals, will require the rig,
the mud tanks, the
cabins and all the rig site on a proper prepared founded flat basement. There
is no way to have a slide one. And for decanter centrifuge it directly effected
the performance, and operation life. 

  1. Good

While all the last 3 reasons do not
happened independently, it is because of the good communication between service
company, client and equipment supplier. Proper training, good commissioning,
and always keep in touch.

At the beginning of last year we shipped over 30 units of decanter
to Africa for drilling fluids cleaning and recycling works, these
centrifuges are for EMEC, who is our valuable partner in Africa, and we held
cerabration for the completion of the centrifuges in 30days for client’s urgent
project. Later our professional engineer fly to their jobsite for first time commissioning
and installation service.Now our decanter centrifuges work well in the jobsite
and get the end-users high praise.

As one of the major drilling fluids
service companies in Egypt, EMEC has known GN for a very long time and they
already bought almost 10 units centrifuges from us with different models before
the big project, we established good trust mutually during the cooperation, and
we always consider our client’s benefit firstly when their is trouble
shootings.That is why we still got lots of repeat orders from our client even
thought the oil market is slow down everywhere in the world.

The decanter centrifuges working in
Algeria is GNLW363CG, which is the C version decanter centrifuge, compared with
the previous version A and B, the C version centrifuge with larger treating
capacity, better treating result. We change the feeding method from small end
to big end so it avoid the centrifuge feed tube block problems and the screw
propeller design is improved for better mud distribution. We have got a lot of
good feedback from other clients for the better performance of the new

Except for such high speed decanter
, we also provide low speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452 for barite
recovery, and variable speed centrifuge which can be applied for both low
gravity mud and high gravity mud by changing the frequency by the VFD control

If you need decanter centrifuge for
solids control
and dewatering unit, pls contact with GN solids control sales.

Recently GN solids control get good news
from our client CNPC, which is the largest pipeline crossing engineering
company in China. They have orders a lot of mud recycling system for their
pipeline crossing engineering project with customized design, we provide the
best solution according to their project by using different model equipments
with different storage capacity.

The mud recycling system they are
testing well are with 2 units of double deck shale shaker with desander cone
and desilter cone, the reason to use double deck shale shaker is to drying the
discharged solids and increase the treating capacity, and treat the drilling
fluids better. The compact design to combinate the double deck shale shaker GNZS706E
and hydrocyclones is to reduce the mud tank length and save the area and save
the cost. The unique design of these 3 units of 500gpm mud recycling system is
the container sized mud tank and container sized frame for conveneint shipment.

Except for their domestic project, they
also order a lot of mud recycling system for their international projects, this
year CNPC expand their business in the world market and get several huge
projects, as the main supplier of mud recycling system, GN engineer will also
fly to the jobsite for commissioning and installation.  

After several years drilling, more and
more fine solids accumulated in the drilling mud, the mud after treated by
desander cone and desilter cone is not suitable to be re-used for drilling, we
will suggest the client to use middle speed decanter centrifuge to separate the
fine solids ( bigger than 5 microns) and less the solids content, GNLW452
decanter centrifuge is the ideal option.

GN mud recycling system applications
including: horizontal directional drilling, pipeline engineering crossing,
no-dig, piling, TBM, micro tunneling, water welling drilling ,coal bed methane,
geothermal and oil & gas drilling.

Recently GN solids control was awarded China high-Tech enterprise by the
association of provincial Science and Technology Dept., Financial Dept. and Tax
Bureau. This is not the only approval we’ve got, we have also got API Q1
certificate, ISO 9001:2008, DNV
certficate, CE certificate, HSE certificate.

Even though
the international oil price dropped down a lot since 2015, we do not reduce a
lot orders, and we got more orders from our old clients. GN keep developing and
improving our equipments in design and production according to our client’s
feedback. Right now we own the most advanced model D generation vertical G
cuttings dryer
, which has been improved a lot compared with the earliest A
version. We own C generation high speed or variable speed decanter centrifuge,
which is from A generation before 2013 and B generation in 2014. We are going
to have new generation and showed at the biggest oil & gas exhibition in
Beijing-CIPPE 2016, welcome to visit GN solids control at our booth , the booth
number is E2200.

We own the most advanced technology for
vertical cuttings dryer in China during the delelopment in the past 5 years. We
are the first manufacturer who showed our verti-G dryer at CIPPE, and make
successful test at the same year for water based drilling mud in a site
domestic. Then we start to change the design to make it more user friendly, and
the next year, hundreds of vertical cuttings dryer are sold to the
international market, like Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kuwait and other middle
east countries, and get good feedback from our clients. Until now, we have over
100 units of decanter centrifuges working in middle east and Africa, and over
80 units working in America.

If you need to buy advanced technology
vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge produced in China with good
performance, reliable after-sales service and reasonable price, pls contact GN
solids control.

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the major
manufacturer of solids control equipment and leading maker of
drilling waste management equipment
in China, getting the first API
certified inside China and the first produced vertical cutting dryer with
China. Because of its leading part in solids control as well as waste
management technology, Hebei GN Solids Control Company., Ltd has exported to 60
countries and entertained the largest portion in the worldwide market, thus
achieving a new famous brand GN Solids Control. Certainly, Africa especially
Nigeria is a huge market for GN, and now around 100 models decanter centrifuge
are within Africa for solids control. Recently, our sales team have become in
Nigeria doing cost service for 3 pieces drilling waste management devices on
the drilling site.

GN main product line of drilling waste management includes excessive G shaker,
vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge.
GN high G shaker can reach to utmost 8. 0 G drive because the screen bed
consists of stainless steel and the whole patio is heat treated. GN vertical
cutting dryer could reach to a 750 R force at a speed involving 1200RPM so as
to dry the actual oil based drilling cutting using a oil content at all around
5%. GN decanter centrifuge is to treat the drinks discharge from high Gary the
gadget guy shaker or the vertical cutting dryer to make more clean up fluids
return back to dynamic system. Beside singe drilling waste management
equipment, GN Solids Control also
resources complete drilling waste management system with the combination of up
and down cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge on a skid attached with little
mud tank. GN provides 2 normal model of drilling waste management system for
customers’ solution, and also customized drilling waste material management
systems are available in GN.