barite recovery

At the beginning of last year we shipped over 30 units of decanter
to Africa for drilling fluids cleaning and recycling works, these
centrifuges are for EMEC, who is our valuable partner in Africa, and we held
cerabration for the completion of the centrifuges in 30days for client’s urgent
project. Later our professional engineer fly to their jobsite for first time commissioning
and installation service.Now our decanter centrifuges work well in the jobsite
and get the end-users high praise.

As one of the major drilling fluids
service companies in Egypt, EMEC has known GN for a very long time and they
already bought almost 10 units centrifuges from us with different models before
the big project, we established good trust mutually during the cooperation, and
we always consider our client’s benefit firstly when their is trouble
shootings.That is why we still got lots of repeat orders from our client even
thought the oil market is slow down everywhere in the world.

The decanter centrifuges working in
Algeria is GNLW363CG, which is the C version decanter centrifuge, compared with
the previous version A and B, the C version centrifuge with larger treating
capacity, better treating result. We change the feeding method from small end
to big end so it avoid the centrifuge feed tube block problems and the screw
propeller design is improved for better mud distribution. We have got a lot of
good feedback from other clients for the better performance of the new

Except for such high speed decanter
, we also provide low speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452 for barite
recovery, and variable speed centrifuge which can be applied for both low
gravity mud and high gravity mud by changing the frequency by the VFD control

If you need decanter centrifuge for
solids control
and dewatering unit, pls contact with GN solids control sales.

GN solids control China headquarter has shipped 1
units of solids control equipments for 1500HP oil drilling rig to Russia. Our
best sold equipments in Russia market is including shale shaker, decanter centrifuge,
centrifugal pumps, mud agitators etc solids control equipments and decanter
centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer package etc drilling waste management
. Although the world market is very slow because of the falling oil
price, because of good quality, advanced technology, user friendly design and
best service, GN solids control also sell very well in the market, the buyers
are looking for competitive price compared with US brand solids control
equipments but good quality, as the earliest and best exporter in China for
solids control equipments, GN solids control is their best choice.

The solids control equipments shipped to Russia

4 units of 4-panel screen shale shaker: GNZS594E-HB,
it is also the best sold model in America market for oil industry application.
The shaker screen size is 585x1165x40mm, If you have stocked shaker screens for
this size, GN shale shaker can help you to reduce the inventory.

2 unit of GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge with
3200rpm, which is the normal working speed for solids control industry and
drilling waste management, but the max speed is 3900rpm when it is specially
required to separate fine solids smaller than 2 microns. We also provide
variable speed decanter centrifuge for option, low speed for barite recovery,
and high speed for separation of fine solids and keep the drilling fluids clean
& balance.

20 units of centrifugal pumps completed with motor,
control panel, skid, coupling and pump head. The installation dimension of GN
centrifugal pumps are equivalent with famous brand centrifugal pumps, and most
of the spare parts are replaceable, for example, mechanical seal, pump house,impellers,

Welcome to contact with GN solids control for your
potential requirement in 2016.


solids America( located at 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040) have 2 units
of batite recovery decanter centrifuge in stock in our warehouse for sale and
rent. They are brand new and without motor & control panel, we will apply
proper electric motor and control panel if rquired by the clients. The max
speed of this centrifuge model GNLW452 is 2000rpm, which is normally applied
for barite recovery. The specification is as blow:







max speed




motor power


processing rate

/ minute

G force






main differences compared with the another popular sold centrifuge model

Item GNLW452 GNLW363 series
Bowl dia 18inch 14inch
Bowl length 43inch 50inch
Typical bowl speed 1800rpm 3200rpm
application Barite recovery Low gravity solids
Motor power 60HP 65HP
Screw protection Ceremics tiles Tungsten carbide tiles
Bearing brand NSK/FAG SKF


for GNLW452 centrifuge, we also have 1 unit of GNLW453 decanter centrifuge in
stock in Houston warehouse, which can also be applied for baryte recovery.
GNLW453 centrifuge is only for rent, it has the same bowl diameter 18inch, but
the bowl length is 61inch, much longer than 43inch. And GNLW453 centrifuge is
with VFD, it can be used not only for baryte recovery, but also for high
gravity and low gravity solids drilling fluids. And the treating capacity of
GNLW453 centrifuge is 264gpm, much bigger than GNLW452.

for the above mentioned centrifuge, we also have 14inch bowl decanter
centrifuge ( high speed, variable speed) available for rent and sale, and
22inch bowl decanting centrifuge for sale and vertical cuttings dryer for
drilling waste management system.

to contact GN solids America sales for an inquiry of barite recovery centrifuge
and solids control shale shaker.

GN brand high speed decanter centrifuge has been used for waste water reclamation in the oil & gas field. The purpose is to help you use less water or recycle more water to save you money, and work in an environment responsible manner.
Oilfield waste water may come from the fluids stream below:
1 onshore drilling
2 offshore drilling
3 oil tank bottom/pit
4 drilling waste management system/facility
Decanter centrifuge
act as an important role but not the final in the process of water recycling. It is used to separate the clay and silts from the fluids and dry the solids for disposal. GNLW363CG & CG-VFD decanter centrifuge and GNLW453-CFD, GNLW553-VFD centrifuge can be used for such application.GN have all these centrifuges models available in GN SOLIDS America warehouse located at Houston for sale and rent, pls contact GN sales for an appointment in our warehouse.
GN decanter centrifuge can be applied not only for oil & gas field, but also industry waste water, like dredging slurry separation, pond slurry separation, mining slurry separation, TBM, diamond core drilling waste water, etc. But before feeding the fluids to the centrifuge, it is necessary to confirm the big solids/rock/stone/tree has been removed.
Features of GN decanter centrifuges:
1 Screw is protected by tungsten carbide tiles for longer working time, and repairable and replaceable, thickness is over 4mm
2 mud distribution port is protected by ceremic insert of abrasion
3 solids discharge port is protected by tungsten carbide ring and replaceable
4 Scraper on the centrifuge bowl end & side and Solids blocking cover to prevent it from solids accumulation outside the bowl
5 Bowl Material SS2205 made from centrifugal casting for better balance and longer life
6 High speed, high G force and variable speed can be applied for high gravity drilling mud, low gravity and barite recovery

GN solids control design and manufacture both barite recovery decanter centrifuge system and liquid mud plant for customized requirement.

Our barite recovery decanter centrifuge model including GNLW452 with 1800rpm and 18inch bowl and GNLW453VFD with 0~2800rpm variable speed , 18inch bowl. These 2 models are commonly used for barite recovery system. But sometimes GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge is also used for LMP.

Liquid mud plant:

GN solids control already made several complete LMP for our clients, like COSL(China Oilfield Services Limited) for both water based drilling fluids and oil based drilling fluids. That liquid mud plant including 17 sets of standard 40ft container mud tanks(450bbl each mud tank) with necessary mud agitators with JIE Brand gearbox, mud guns with 6.4Mpa high pressure, mud tank accessories and decanter centrifuge with feeding pumps. For more info about this complete liquid mud plant, pls check our website:

We ever made a 6 mud tanks liquid mud plant for CNPC division company, with decanter centrifuge GNLW452 with screw pump, mixing hopper, mixing pump, mud agitators,mud gun and charging pump, etc. 

How to design a customized liquid mud plants?

Firstly we need to know the total volume of the LMP, so we can design the mud tank size and we can know the layout of each mud tank, how much bbl each mud tank, and how to fix them in the liquid mud plant.

Secondly we need to know what equipments will be used in LMP, including the mud recycling system, barite recovery centrifuge, high speed decanter centrifuge, pumps, pipelines, mixers, etc.

The mud recycling system including shale shaker, desander, desilter cone, decanter centrifuge, mud tanks, mud agitator, mud gun, mixing hopper, shear pump or mixing pump, etc.

If you need a liquid mud plant for water based drilling fluids or oil based drilling mud, pls contact GN solids America for a professional sales.