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GN obtained the customer high praise, and in May on the oil and natural gas mining contractors website published articles about our equipment performance, editor is Ken westcott (Ken Wysocky). GN can sieve obtained the customer high praise, and in May on the oil and natural gas mining contractors website published articles about our equipment performance, editor is Ken westcott (Ken Wysocky).

GN USA shale shaker
The title of the article is: the vibrating screen equipment to help California contractor stay ahead in the industry of the fast pace of oil field.
“Matt reyes, everytime his solid control equipment to a drilling site the risks are high, the bottom line is: keep pace or to give way to other suppliers can, our solution is GN America four screen of drilling fluid shale shaker.
In the oil field industry, oil field service companies, especially those who provide services and dehydration of solids control equipment company, a good name for business; And more importantly your equipment as well as your reputation. If your equipment is broken, the drilling companies in also won’t give you a call.
“CGE with solid control and dehydration services for a variety of industries, including oil drilling companies. Reyes said that the company can buy GN shale shaker for the first time was a year ago. At that time the main appeal is its competitive price. But reyes soon discovered that the machine performance is very good, this also explains why CGE has ten of the champions league to equipment now – or occupy half of its share of the shale shaker, he points out.”
When considering started investing in GN shale shaker, is the price to attract the customers, and finally, customers can found shale shaker can achieve performance requirements of the regulations, prompting the customer from the champions league can buy more equipment.
“Performance of the key factors is that the liquid flow rate and the G force on the screen; the liquid flow rate and the higher G force, can be and the higher the rate of per hour. GN can quadruple sieve sieve showed capacity is 140 per hour, exciting force can reach 8.0 G, equipment performance is of vital importance in both areas, reyes said. Many companies, said they would give you so much G force value, but when you do the motion analysis, it almost can not meet the requirements,” he said.But the GN can make it equipment.”
This customer has a GN shale shaker and mud cleaner; Mud cleaner with the shale shaker has the same design for drilling cuttings from the cyclone separation of dry. Sieve frame integral heat treatment to make it have enough strength to run on 7.5-8 g force. Horizontal beam welding in the strength of the side walls strengthened the screen again. Four pieces of screen mesh by 8 wedge firmly fixed on the bottom frame. Bottom frame is made of stainless steel has better antiseptic function.2.73 square meters of GN can sieve screen area made 140 M3 capacity, when using the API 40 mesh screen. Users can according to need to use the corresponding mesh screen, depending on their drilling how much sand, clay and other materials.
“Overall, reyes said that to buy GN equipment is a successful investment. Reyes said:” you need to recover the cost. Do you know? And they did it. According to the use, we sometimes run a device for six months, almost can earn back the cost. After that is profit.”
GN in its reliability picked up praise; The first device to sell to this customer 24 hours of continuous operation for 3 months, without any problems. Contractors want to make a profit in the fierce competition, GN manufacturing high ratio of solids control equipment and drilling waste disposal equipment is a good choice.

The particular 20th Iran Oil Present wan held on May 5-8 in Tehran Iran as well as GN Solids showed generally there the won designed typical decanter centrifuge of product GNLW363CG. Being as a principal oil exporting country, Iran’s oil show attracted readers from Middle East, To the north Africa and CIS places.
GN Solids will not miss almost any opportunity to show herself any kind of time valuable exhibition. A certain level of activeness will make people maintain GN in mind, which will be great for GN’s business in the world industry. GN is known as a professional supplier for drilling fluids solids control and drilling waste management equipment. Absolutely, the squander decanter centrifuge would be among GN’s featured products which might be promoted on the show.
gn centrifuge at iran oil show
GNLW363CG is one of GN’s basic decanter centrifuge model. The following below are few features of this particular model.
1 . Designed standard working speed up to 3200 rpm for ultra excellent solids separation. With 14” bowl diameter and span nearly 3 times of dish diameter; the treated substance would stay inside the centrifuge for longer time and solids discharged much dryer.
2 . not Bowl material is De dos pisos stainless steel 2205 much better than SS316L. The centrifugal casting engineering applied for better dynamic stability performance, which is the warranty for high speed.
3. Identical direction on slurry giving and solids moving into the bowl speeds up the circulation inside the bowl what enhances the treating capacity.
4. Changing speed control panel obtainable makes the centrifuge could be found in drilling mud cleaning system for barite recovery, squander cuttings management system along with dewatering system.

Many visitors found GN’s booth and learn more details on what GN can do and GN’s equipment works. Basically, GN already had clients who do drilling waste management job for drilling company. Overall nearly 30 unit decanter centrifuge were ordered this also quantity will keep increasing at a later date as GN’s decanter centrifuge is more and more popular in this region and the performance is proven positively on site degree.

Mud system is one of the important equipment in oil drilling equipment, in the current global requirements for drilling technology and drilling cuttings under the basis of increasingly improve the quality of the mud purification directly determines the quality and cost of drilling, high quality mud solid control system plays a decisive role in the process of drilling.\

mud system 0618
Our company , GN Solids Control drilling mud solids control system processing mainly for four level solid control and five level purification. Level 4 solid control is the shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge processing, in addition to configure a set of vacuum degasser to five level purification treatment of mud, processing after the completion of the mud solid particles diameter control in 2-5 micron. Processed the proper configuration, drilling fluid and to ensure that the drilling fluid parameters such as viscosity, density of recycled into the drill after using, it is not only protection of the environment but also greatly saves the drilling cost.
Depending on the medium during the drilling process, drilling cuttings and drilling mud is different also, it can be divided into water-based mud, oil-based mud and mud of the emulsion. GN Solids Control can design according to the needs of different drilling mud solid control system, it will be fast, high-quality, efficient mud purification treatment and recycling. our company developed fourth generation D version of drilling cuttings dryer GNCD930D, unique design can be used in oil drilling cuttings OBM and composite drilling cuttings SBM, can also be used in water base drilling cuttings WBM dry processing. GN type D dryer, speed up to 1200 RPM, separation factors is as high as 750 g. Has successively applied to oilfield, shengli oilfield, and other project, has got customer’s consistent high praise.

In 7th June, GN solids control complete a set of mud system for a Indian drilling company ZJ50 rig , successfully completed the whole series of mud system and past commissioning test, and make the delivery. Even though oil equipment manufacturing industry is so bad, we can get the order, with our previous experience on providing customers with quality products, fast, high-quality services and high quality price. The customer said” buy GN solids’s products, we don’t need worry about it”.
India GN solids

This set of solids control system in the process of production, installation, the equipment in strict accordance with the design specification requirements, the selection of national standard material, the brand of steel, and international well-known explosion-proof electrical components, after the completion of the system, customer field testing, very satisfied after acceptance, the champions league to solid control for Indian customers to provide the installation instructions and system maintenance of subsequent late, such as a full range of services, believe that the future continued cooperation will be very happy.
since the date of establishment of GN solids control, GN has been working on the solid control system and the solids control equipment research and development, production, provides the solid control system for many customers turnkey projects, and with the domestic several big drill rig factory facilities, are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, many owners in the global market of high-quality customers, for the champions league to the stable development of the solid control bring a steady stream of orders, GN solids control according to customer demand customize various configuration of mud system, can meet the needs of different drilling rig mud treatment.
With many cases, high quality products, excellent service and price, advanced production technology and manufacturing equipment, excellent management team and other advantages, is your reason for choosing GN.
GN solids control, You worth it!

GN solids control strong control flocculation and dewatering system , mainly made from: a set of 2000 l/hourly dosage flocculation system, a driling fluid centrifuge dehydration, a couple sets of dry filter, pumps and so on, is for often the mud cleaning system inside the mud does not be given birth to do better.
Equipment types, techie parameters:
This system might be preparation and adding the 2 kinds of Polymer drug as well, one set of LR – 2050 – s automatic powder snow preparation of flocculant and also dosing device, is used in order to automatically powder mixture zero. 05% – 0. five per cent of the Polymer solution, in addition to through the two dosing pump for added to the PAM adding medicament. Another list of liquid flocculating agent planning and dosing device the actual newly-modified LSY – 2100 l, through solution concoction stirring device, can position the liquid or solid Polymer bonded diluted or diluted, definitely not by two dosing penis pumps dosing PAC adding medication, medicinal drug, medicine.

System composition and the boundaries are as follows:
1, PAM automatic preparation system along with working principle of the brief description:
Operators in the process of programmed dispensing, add the thérapeutique to the ethephon preparation while using container, after starting system, reagent are mixed with normal water after the first into the mixing soluble medicine cabinet, along with through the mud agitator here entirely stirring and mixing; Soon after dissolving medicine cabinet packed with own to push flow to heal medicine cabinet, and here yet again, stirring and mixing; Right after curing soluble medicine using and push themselves for you to soluble medicine storage container. When configured solution may be through the dosing pump to the dosing point.
2, PAM powder preparation and how functions:
PAM powder preparation unit main body of SUS304 stainless-steel materials. The device is broken into three, namely, preparation, maturing and storage of a few parts, and its size the actual flocculant curing time. The particular grid connection should produce not curing liquid doesn’t enter the batching. Each circumstance has a vent pipe along with control valves.
In the installing of electric mud agitator, the whole length and mixing section with regard to SS304 stainless steel material,
Inside preparation of the upper setting up 1 powder feeding device, the equipment including accurately complement the necessary parts, such as the give food to hopper, batching spiral, mixer, etc .