drilling mud system

GN Solids Control se cataloga por su eficiencia y dedicación por revolucionar la industria petrolera con innovaciones de equipos y maquinarias. Se encuentra siempre evolucionando y avanzando de manos con la tecnología para no rezagarse. La Centrífuga decantadora es una de las maquinarias mas populares fabricadas y diseñadas por GN Solids Control. Cuenta con 5 modelos diferentes para suministrar variedad y opciones múltiples a nuestros clientes dependiendo de sus necesidades y requerimiento.
Esta la centrífuga decantadora de 220mm, es considerada una de las mas pequeñas de la industria. Mayormente utilizada para experimentos y pruebas, ya que aparte de que es económica, también beneficia a los clientes cuando sus espacios son limitados.
La centrifuga decantadora de 360mm, es una de las mas populares y vendidas por GN Solids Control. La centrífuga decantadora de este tamaño se caracteriza por ser utilizada en una gran variedad de tratamientos en la industria. Como, por ejemplo: tratamiento de aguas residuales, tratamiento de lodo y aceite, separación en la industria química, tratamiento de perforación de lodo, etc.
Luego se encuentra la centrífuga decantadora de 450mm, la cual tiene 3 opciones de tamaño en cuanto a la longitud del tazón. Esta la de 1105mm, la de 1540mm y la mas grande de 1890mm. Esta centrífuga decantadora es mayormente utilizada en tratamientos de perforación de lodo y es una opción económica también.
La centrífuga decantadora de 550mm, es utilizada en diferentes industrias. Tiene la capacidad adecuada para la mayoría de las plantas operacionales. Esto es debido a que cuenta con un tamaño mediano a diferencias de las demás modelos. Otra característica peculiar es que una de sus industrias de uso incluye, a la industria de separación alimentaria.
La ultima centrífuga decantadora fabricada por GN Solids Control es la de 760mm. Debido a su gran capacidad, esta centrífuga decantadora le permite al cliente trabajar con fluidos de mucho volumen tan solo utilizando una sola unidad. Es comúnmente utilizada en grandes proyectos como, separación de lodos de degrado, proyectos de túneles de perforación y limpieza de lodo, etc.
Todos los modelos fabricados y diseñados por GN Solids Control de centrífugas decantadoras, cuentan con muchas medidas de protección implementadas para darle larga vida y durabilidad a los equipos.

1, mud mixing system
In 3 # aggravating tank side by side on the right side of the base to install two sand pump, slurry on the base to install 1 set of jet funnel, keeping a with a sand pump, two jet work alone; Sand slurry pump and jet funnel are interchangeable mutual through various import and export of the butterfly valve control. As shown in figure 6 (sand pump suction manifold slurry), sand pump via suction manifold can extract respectively 2 # mud tank of 3 # and 4 #, 3 # mud tank each tank, 4 # mud tank mud tank, by adding the corresponding slurry jet funnel material, pulp out the manifold again into the corresponding mud can respectively as shown in figure 7 (pulp out sand pump manifold); This cycle, testing can be for 2 # mud tank 3 # and 4 #, 3 # mud tank each tank, 4 # mud tank  configuration, added to meet the requirements of drilling technology; In 4 # shear mix slurry devices are installed on the mud tank, can through the valve control shear system and jet slurry system work at the same time, also can switch roles; Shear system by dosing pipeline supply to the medicine jar, through medicine pot can be added to the 2 # mud tank.mud system 0618
Jet funnel at the bottom of the tee handle butterfly valve parts installed a convenient and practical, the jet mixing slurry unit startup and shutdown, want to close the valve, need mixed weighted mud, etc. The whole system run smoothly after open the valve; After the aggravating or mixed, close the valve, then close the jet mixing slurry compound system.
2, mud transfer process
System installation of a complete set of mud gun and mud gun involved in 1 #, 2 #, 3 # and 4 # mud tank, tank and tank are connected with the intermediate pressure hose, sealing is reliable, easy installation and removal. Twelve (as shown in figure 1 # mud gun and water pipes), as shown in figure 13 (2 # mud gun and water pipes), as shown in figure 14 (3 # and 4 # mud gun and water pipeline), the whole mud barrel remit is composed of mud pump set pulp out of the manifold with mud, belongs to the medium voltage line (in 2 # were reserved in mud tank 2 inches of mud pump imports);Jet sand slurry pump can also be used to provide power source.
Have a gate on each of the mud gun, all can work alone; Is the main purpose of mud gun mixing and transporting mud., in the front of the 1 # mud tank is equipped with a supply tank, the tank is installed on a mud gun, the mud gun’s main function is to supply provides the mud tank, in order to drill in drilling process, lack of wellhead mud, mud is pumped by the supply pump pumping hold well, so as to complete the well supplies the function of mud.

Engineering example

1 engineering general situation of a project is located in the northwest of pingdingshan, channel for the silty soil layers, the upper clay for 2-3 m, lower level of silt. Underground water level is low, the pipeline horizontally across the river total length of 560 meters, pipe composite pipe of 355 mm diameter.

2 construction design 1) guidance trajectory design basic parameters meet the specification requirements of the minimum curvature radius, R = 1500 dn = 750 m, because this project through the strata are mainly fine sand, gravel, clay, the difference of formation pore forming, poor stability, in order to reduce the bending stress of the pipeline, increase cross section through the radius of curvature of the pipeline to R = 2000 dn, R = 960 m.2) drilling Angle and radius of curvature in most through the construction of the grave Angle usually choose between 8 to 12 degrees, most of the construction should first drill a diagonal line, then drill a larger radius curve. The radius of curvature of curve is determined by the finished product pipeline bending properties, along with the increases IN diameter, steel tube radius of curvature of the thumb rule is 100 ft/IN (usually take 1000-1200 times the diameter of the pipe).Skew lines will guide hole curve according to guide to the design depth of the book, and then is a depth on this long straight and level, and then reach upward bending points to unearthed.The unearthed Angle should be controlled between 5 to 12 degrees, so that the finished products pipeline back to drag.3) through parameter design through parameter design are shown in table 1.4) drilling construction assembly table assembly of the engineering construction are shown in table 2.3.3 slurry preparation according to the geological data, determine the slurry preparation plan, the implementation of mud drilling, drilling in good preparation before 30 square mud with high quality.Mud plays a key role in directional crossing, we will adopt different according to different formation of mud, if the complex geological conditions, the requirements for the mud is higher, in order to deal with different situations, we will take the following measures: 1) according to the pre-determined ratio of slurry with good level of bentonite and mud additives, and meets the requirements of the mud.2) use of mud additives are: polymer HFEC, DFD – 140 fluid loss agent, lubricant, according to the different through geological conditions, determined to join different additives.3) in order to guarantee that the performance of the slurry, bentonite has enough hydration time, in the case of dosage can’t change, will be taken to increase the number of the mud tank.4) of waste mud treatment: dig a waste pulp in welding field collection pool, collecting waste mud, after precipitation treatment; In the drill ground also dig a mud recycling pool, mud after precipitation recycling pool, again through the mud recovery system recovery; Recycling is not the mud to the designated place.

4 pipeline towing guide hole back after grading pre expansion, hole cleaning, aperture to pipeline back to drag the required conditions, will test qualified through the pipeline on the skid frame and check after being dragged back. Is dragged back through the last step, also is the most crucial step, in the back to the way of construction is adopted in tow: Φ reamer 650 + 40 t drag swivel back + Dn500 crossline (Dn500 is 3 x + 1 x phi phi 250 MPP line 75 MPP line).When back to drag for continuous operation, to avoid sticking due to shutdown. Drag on the careful inspection of the rotating joint connection, connection head, reamer, determine the connection is firm may drag back, back to drag on both sides to strengthen the contact, coordination will be pipeline installation to the desired location.

5 1) pipeline protection pipeline back pulling the front line of prefabricated completed acceptance, acceptance of content: the quality of pipeline is unqualified, whether carried out in accordance with the design requirements for all line decoration, is in line with the pipe ovality, pull head do whether qualified, confirm qualified rear can back to party a notice.2) pipeline before must back to inspect, pipeline found peel off, replace pipe deformation and other issues must inform party a, in order to drag in unnecessary trouble and bring unnecessary economic loss to party a delay time into society to bring economic benefits.3) the last bore hole to improve the lubrication performance of mud, the last time back to drag to keep expanding the mud property, avoid significant adjustments to mud caused by the collapse of hole wall, add resistance to pulling.4) both ends of pipeline to drag must be checked before closed situation, pipeline back in place after the remained sealed on both ends of the line, make sure the line clean.5) pipeline back to drag process must have the specialist is responsible for the patrol inspection, leakproof personnel on-site promptly leakproof.

6, quality assurance measures are 1) the measures to prevent it is “S” type while drilling directional device adopts the DCI MARKIV positioning equipment, strictly control the whole Angle in the process of directional drilling rate, shorten the measured interval length as far as possible, especially in formation change or gravel, hard and soft parameter measurement spacing shall not be more than 2 meters. Adjust bearing in a timely manner, and have margin, banned repeatedly greatly adjust Angle, to prevent the “S” type.2) ensure that measures within the scope of directional drilling out the error in the design of a rig measurement is in place, using total station accurately release the centerline of the drill in place;The second point to parameters, accurate measurement calibration requirements carefully and as much as possible acquisition parameters comparison, to determine the best parameters, three different position at the center line of acquisition, and each location at least four times, and make records.3) to ensure smooth the reaming measures has been the guide hole, must meet the requirements of pipeline radius of curvature, especially not in “S” type curve;Second, according to different formation timely adjust mud, the cross section of formation is relatively complex, timely adjust the mud proportioning according to different stratum, appropriate control mud viscosity, increased fluid loss agent, lubricant and prevent collapse agent added amount, to stabilize the hole wall, reduce shrinkage, stable mud property, prevent significant adjustments to the mud, and cause the collapse of hole wall.4) measures to ensure the success of the back drag at the scene we prepare two electric hoist, to ensure the smoothly back to drag.4, the conclusion due to the complexity of the project for big diameter formation crossing, cross the strata are mainly fine sand, gravel, clay, the difference of formation pore forming, poor stability, the guide hole drilling, the thrust is bigger, request to anchor must be strong, mud performance to achieve high viscosity, good flow, appropriately increase the pump pressure, improve hydraulic horsepower.

GN mud system

Mud system is one of the important equipment in oil drilling equipment, in the current global requirements for drilling technology and drilling cuttings under the basis of increasingly improve the quality of the mud purification directly determines the quality and cost of drilling, high quality mud solid control system plays a decisive role in the process of drilling.\

mud system 0618
Our company , GN Solids Control drilling mud solids control system processing mainly for four level solid control and five level purification. Level 4 solid control is the shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge processing, in addition to configure a set of vacuum degasser to five level purification treatment of mud, processing after the completion of the mud solid particles diameter control in 2-5 micron. Processed the proper configuration, drilling fluid and to ensure that the drilling fluid parameters such as viscosity, density of recycled into the drill after using, it is not only protection of the environment but also greatly saves the drilling cost.
Depending on the medium during the drilling process, drilling cuttings and drilling mud is different also, it can be divided into water-based mud, oil-based mud and mud of the emulsion. GN Solids Control can design according to the needs of different drilling mud solid control system, it will be fast, high-quality, efficient mud purification treatment and recycling. our company developed fourth generation D version of drilling cuttings dryer GNCD930D, unique design can be used in oil drilling cuttings OBM and composite drilling cuttings SBM, can also be used in water base drilling cuttings WBM dry processing. GN type D dryer, speed up to 1200 RPM, separation factors is as high as 750 g. Has successively applied to oilfield, shengli oilfield, and other project, has got customer’s consistent high praise.

In 7th June, GN solids control complete a set of mud system for a Indian drilling company ZJ50 rig , successfully completed the whole series of mud system and past commissioning test, and make the delivery. Even though oil equipment manufacturing industry is so bad, we can get the order, with our previous experience on providing customers with quality products, fast, high-quality services and high quality price. The customer said” buy GN solids’s products, we don’t need worry about it”.
India GN solids

This set of solids control system in the process of production, installation, the equipment in strict accordance with the design specification requirements, the selection of national standard material, the brand of steel, and international well-known explosion-proof electrical components, after the completion of the system, customer field testing, very satisfied after acceptance, the champions league to solid control for Indian customers to provide the installation instructions and system maintenance of subsequent late, such as a full range of services, believe that the future continued cooperation will be very happy.
since the date of establishment of GN solids control, GN has been working on the solid control system and the solids control equipment research and development, production, provides the solid control system for many customers turnkey projects, and with the domestic several big drill rig factory facilities, are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, many owners in the global market of high-quality customers, for the champions league to the stable development of the solid control bring a steady stream of orders, GN solids control according to customer demand customize various configuration of mud system, can meet the needs of different drilling rig mud treatment.
With many cases, high quality products, excellent service and price, advanced production technology and manufacturing equipment, excellent management team and other advantages, is your reason for choosing GN.
GN solids control, You worth it!