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GN Solids América es una empresa establecida en Houston, Texas con jefatura y fábrica ubicada en China, llamada GN Solids Control. Tiene como principal función suministrar a clientes con todas las maquinarias relacionadas con el sistema de control de sólidos. Los equipos son diseñados y manufacturados en China, y gran parte son enviados a las oficinas ubicadas en Estados Unidos para mantener inventario a disposición, proporcionando un envió y disponibilidad más rápido y eficaz en comparación a los competidores. Los productos mas populares son los mas almacenados en las instalaciones de GN Solids América. Las mallas para zarandas conforman la mayor parte de los productos en almacenamiento, ya que mas de 500 unidades son vendidas cada mes.

GN Solids Control fabrica todo tipo de equipos que conforman el sistema de control de sólidos. Como, por ejemplo: Zarandas, centrifuga decantadora, mallas para zarandas, limpiador de lodo, desarenador, mezclador de lodo, tanques de lodo, pistolas de lodo, desgasificador, separador de gas-lodo, entre otros productos relacionados con la industria petrolera, perforación y minería. GN Solids América se encarga de recibir inventario mensualmente para suministras a la clientela de Norte, Centro y Sur América mayormente. Debido a la capacidad de inventario que GN Solids América puede almacenar, cuenta con gran disponibilidad y conveniencia a la hora de complacer a sus clientes, proporcionando no solo inventario a disposición con envía rápido sino también precios mucho mas económicos.

GN Solids América posee una tecnología internacional muy avanzada que le permite patentar sus distintos productos. Debido a su gran variedad, tiene la capacidad de suministrar el sistema completo en cualquier proyecto relacionado con el control de sólidos, perforación, manejo de residuos, minería, etc. GN Solids América cuenta con certificación API en China, lo cual les permite suministrar productos para gestión de desperdicio de perforación.

GN Solids Control se cataloga por su eficiencia y dedicación por revolucionar la industria petrolera con innovaciones de equipos y maquinarias. Se encuentra siempre evolucionando y avanzando de manos con la tecnología para no rezagarse. La Centrífuga decantadora es una de las maquinarias mas populares fabricadas y diseñadas por GN Solids Control. Cuenta con 5 modelos diferentes para suministrar variedad y opciones múltiples a nuestros clientes dependiendo de sus necesidades y requerimiento.
Esta la centrífuga decantadora de 220mm, es considerada una de las mas pequeñas de la industria. Mayormente utilizada para experimentos y pruebas, ya que aparte de que es económica, también beneficia a los clientes cuando sus espacios son limitados.
La centrifuga decantadora de 360mm, es una de las mas populares y vendidas por GN Solids Control. La centrífuga decantadora de este tamaño se caracteriza por ser utilizada en una gran variedad de tratamientos en la industria. Como, por ejemplo: tratamiento de aguas residuales, tratamiento de lodo y aceite, separación en la industria química, tratamiento de perforación de lodo, etc.
Luego se encuentra la centrífuga decantadora de 450mm, la cual tiene 3 opciones de tamaño en cuanto a la longitud del tazón. Esta la de 1105mm, la de 1540mm y la mas grande de 1890mm. Esta centrífuga decantadora es mayormente utilizada en tratamientos de perforación de lodo y es una opción económica también.
La centrífuga decantadora de 550mm, es utilizada en diferentes industrias. Tiene la capacidad adecuada para la mayoría de las plantas operacionales. Esto es debido a que cuenta con un tamaño mediano a diferencias de las demás modelos. Otra característica peculiar es que una de sus industrias de uso incluye, a la industria de separación alimentaria.
La ultima centrífuga decantadora fabricada por GN Solids Control es la de 760mm. Debido a su gran capacidad, esta centrífuga decantadora le permite al cliente trabajar con fluidos de mucho volumen tan solo utilizando una sola unidad. Es comúnmente utilizada en grandes proyectos como, separación de lodos de degrado, proyectos de túneles de perforación y limpieza de lodo, etc.
Todos los modelos fabricados y diseñados por GN Solids Control de centrífugas decantadoras, cuentan con muchas medidas de protección implementadas para darle larga vida y durabilidad a los equipos.

The particular 20th Iran Oil Present wan held on May 5-8 in Tehran Iran as well as GN Solids showed generally there the won designed typical decanter centrifuge of product GNLW363CG. Being as a principal oil exporting country, Iran’s oil show attracted readers from Middle East, To the north Africa and CIS places.
GN Solids will not miss almost any opportunity to show herself any kind of time valuable exhibition. A certain level of activeness will make people maintain GN in mind, which will be great for GN’s business in the world industry. GN is known as a professional supplier for drilling fluids solids control and drilling waste management equipment. Absolutely, the squander decanter centrifuge would be among GN’s featured products which might be promoted on the show.
gn centrifuge at iran oil show
GNLW363CG is one of GN’s basic decanter centrifuge model. The following below are few features of this particular model.
1 . Designed standard working speed up to 3200 rpm for ultra excellent solids separation. With 14” bowl diameter and span nearly 3 times of dish diameter; the treated substance would stay inside the centrifuge for longer time and solids discharged much dryer.
2 . not Bowl material is De dos pisos stainless steel 2205 much better than SS316L. The centrifugal casting engineering applied for better dynamic stability performance, which is the warranty for high speed.
3. Identical direction on slurry giving and solids moving into the bowl speeds up the circulation inside the bowl what enhances the treating capacity.
4. Changing speed control panel obtainable makes the centrifuge could be found in drilling mud cleaning system for barite recovery, squander cuttings management system along with dewatering system.

Many visitors found GN’s booth and learn more details on what GN can do and GN’s equipment works. Basically, GN already had clients who do drilling waste management job for drilling company. Overall nearly 30 unit decanter centrifuge were ordered this also quantity will keep increasing at a later date as GN’s decanter centrifuge is more and more popular in this region and the performance is proven positively on site degree.

GN solids control strong control flocculation and dewatering system , mainly made from: a set of 2000 l/hourly dosage flocculation system, a driling fluid centrifuge dehydration, a couple sets of dry filter, pumps and so on, is for often the mud cleaning system inside the mud does not be given birth to do better.
Equipment types, techie parameters:
This system might be preparation and adding the 2 kinds of Polymer drug as well, one set of LR – 2050 – s automatic powder snow preparation of flocculant and also dosing device, is used in order to automatically powder mixture zero. 05% – 0. five per cent of the Polymer solution, in addition to through the two dosing pump for added to the PAM adding medicament. Another list of liquid flocculating agent planning and dosing device the actual newly-modified LSY – 2100 l, through solution concoction stirring device, can position the liquid or solid Polymer bonded diluted or diluted, definitely not by two dosing penis pumps dosing PAC adding medication, medicinal drug, medicine.

System composition and the boundaries are as follows:
1, PAM automatic preparation system along with working principle of the brief description:
Operators in the process of programmed dispensing, add the thérapeutique to the ethephon preparation while using container, after starting system, reagent are mixed with normal water after the first into the mixing soluble medicine cabinet, along with through the mud agitator here entirely stirring and mixing; Soon after dissolving medicine cabinet packed with own to push flow to heal medicine cabinet, and here yet again, stirring and mixing; Right after curing soluble medicine using and push themselves for you to soluble medicine storage container. When configured solution may be through the dosing pump to the dosing point.
2, PAM powder preparation and how functions:
PAM powder preparation unit main body of SUS304 stainless-steel materials. The device is broken into three, namely, preparation, maturing and storage of a few parts, and its size the actual flocculant curing time. The particular grid connection should produce not curing liquid doesn’t enter the batching. Each circumstance has a vent pipe along with control valves.
In the installing of electric mud agitator, the whole length and mixing section with regard to SS304 stainless steel material,
Inside preparation of the upper setting up 1 powder feeding device, the equipment including accurately complement the necessary parts, such as the give food to hopper, batching spiral, mixer, etc .

GN Solids Control have some pots of solids control mud treatment equipment in investment for sale. we stock the key equipment to fast supply and easier management so as to support the market in far better way. For now, we have a few batches of shear pump, centrifugal pump, shear pump, shale shaker, mud agitator, and decanter centrifuge in stock. If you need a few items urgent, pls make contact with GN Solids Control or maybe GN Solids America unhampered to get immediately response help support.

1) Centrifugal pumps, agitators, slurry pump in commodity for urgent project
All of us already sign agreement with all the supplier of the main areas (coupling, bearing, gearbox, etc) for centrifugal pumps, mud agitators, slurry pump etc . In cases like this, the supply period of the main elements can be reduced. Thus, the complete delivery time of the finish sets of solids control equipment can also be improved effectively.

2) shale shaker within stock for urgent task
We don’t have complete models shale shaker in share. We have main parts to get immediately assemble in commodity. And generally we need about a few days for the assembly. The particular assembly parts for shale shaker or mud cleaner or desander or desilter are the same. The stock parts can certainly improve the delivery rate inside a high efficiency.

GN decanter centrifuge

3) Decanter centrifuge in stock with regard to urgent project
GN Solids Control have over thirty sets decanter centrifuge inside stock for urgent undertaking requirement. Formerly, we stumble through centrifuge by orders. Plus the normal delivery time really should be about 30 days. But now, you could contact us for urgent job. And the delivery time typically can meet the requirements of the very most clients.

Except for stock within China facility, GN Solids Control also have some limbs in USA, Russia, Sydney, Argentina, UAE, Iran as well as Egypt. Our facility throughout USA already in operation for longer than 3 years, and we improve the sector there based the center. Our facility in Russian federation in operation for over 2 years and now we improve the market there in addition. For other places, we have a few agent for better assistance.