Hydrocyclone is a device to separate solids and liquids. In oilfield industry, it devided into desander hydrocyclone and desilter hydrocyclone.

Desander cone is 10” cone, it can separate 45 ~76 microns solids, desilter cone is 4” usually, it can separate 20~45 microns. Solids control equipments manufacturers use different desander cone and desilter cone qty to assembly different treating capacity mud cleaner. So mud cleaner is composed of desander cone, desilter cone and shale shaker.  

Fuel tank

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Fuel tank is used for storage of oil in the rig site, to supply fuel energy for generator or other application in the rig. GN designed fuel tank is with compact structure, reliable function and customized size and color. See the attached photo, it is a fuel tank designed by GN.

The construction of fuel tank is with high standard, it must be filled in a secure way, without sparks, and avoid leakage and limit evaporative emissions.

Below is the photo taken in No Dig show held in Zhengzhou, China at GN booth. There are a lot of professional HDD &CBM drilling contractors from China and abroad visit this show. We take a set of 500gpm HDD mud recycling system to attend the show, it is with a new technology:

Hydraulic lifting device, you do not need a crane in the site, you only use the hydraulic device to lift the mud tank first, then drive the truck on top of the tank, then lower down the lifting device, by this way, you can transport the mud tank easily without rent a crane.

Traditional Mongoose PT shaker screen is made of steel frame, composite screens have the following advantages compared with steel frame screens:

Higher throughput, Longer life, Fewer replacements, Lower cost.

The composite screen’s weight is much lighter than steel frame screen, and same with the original HIFLO screen. But the price is also triple more than the steel frame screens. For some of the clients who care the screen replacement time and service life, composite screen will be the ideal choice.

Shale shaker can be utilized in 2 ways for the rig.

1st utilization is for rig solids control system as the first separation equipments, by this way, some of the cuttings with drilling fluids will be separated out. 

2nd utilization is for drilling cuttings separation, they use fine mesh screen to dry the drilling cuttings and separate usable drilling fluids and back to the rig. The drilling cutting shaker also called hi-G shaker.To continue drying the cuttings, you should use cutting dryer.