In 2015, China implemented the most stringent environmental law, does not allow direct emissions, waste mud buried, not at the scene of the drilling mud pit was realized. Waste mud before direct emissions to the mud pit, and then directly buried, but these drilling waste to the surrounding environment and ground water pollution is very serious, causing damage to surrounding area environment. No mud pit this request must be equipped with drilling waste management system, used for processing waste mud. Frankly, from the vibrating screen, desander, desilter and mud cleaner exhaust waste mud will be transported to the waste disposal system. Finally finish the liquid will be reused to the solid control system, to have solid TDC mud machine factory for final processing. Recently, the company completed the Chinese petrochemical used to deal with the waste of a larger project, a total of 16 sets of high g vibrating screen and 8 sets of high speed centrifuge at the scene of the homework. As the first phase of the machine and high g vibration to the vibrating screen from the solid control system, directly to the desander, desilter and mud cleaner discharge of waste mud moisture content is reduced by 10%, high g vibration is usually suitable for water-based mud;Oil-base mud, selection of drilling cuttings dryer. After liquid pumping mud centrifuge for processing. Designed the GN high-speed centrifuges at 3200 RPM, to remove small solid particles of 2 to 5 microns.After centrifuge treatment, mud tank cleaning liquid will flow to the solid control system to use;Solid will be had to the TDC mud machine factory for processing.

GN Solids Control have some pots of solids control mud treatment equipment in investment for sale. we stock the key equipment to fast supply and easier management so as to support the market in far better way. For now, we have a few batches of shear pump, centrifugal pump, shear pump, shale shaker, mud agitator, and decanter centrifuge in stock. If you need a few items urgent, pls make contact with GN Solids Control or maybe GN Solids America unhampered to get immediately response help support.

1) Centrifugal pumps, agitators, slurry pump in commodity for urgent project
All of us already sign agreement with all the supplier of the main areas (coupling, bearing, gearbox, etc) for centrifugal pumps, mud agitators, slurry pump etc . In cases like this, the supply period of the main elements can be reduced. Thus, the complete delivery time of the finish sets of solids control equipment can also be improved effectively.

2) shale shaker within stock for urgent task
We don’t have complete models shale shaker in share. We have main parts to get immediately assemble in commodity. And generally we need about a few days for the assembly. The particular assembly parts for shale shaker or mud cleaner or desander or desilter are the same. The stock parts can certainly improve the delivery rate inside a high efficiency.

GN decanter centrifuge

3) Decanter centrifuge in stock with regard to urgent project
GN Solids Control have over thirty sets decanter centrifuge inside stock for urgent undertaking requirement. Formerly, we stumble through centrifuge by orders. Plus the normal delivery time really should be about 30 days. But now, you could contact us for urgent job. And the delivery time typically can meet the requirements of the very most clients.

Except for stock within China facility, GN Solids Control also have some limbs in USA, Russia, Sydney, Argentina, UAE, Iran as well as Egypt. Our facility throughout USA already in operation for longer than 3 years, and we improve the sector there based the center. Our facility in Russian federation in operation for over 2 years and now we improve the market there in addition. For other places, we have a few agent for better assistance.