In July in the north of China is a hot season, but the GN solids control workers who still hold on the production line, hot only to grasp the equipment ready, sent to the client as soon as possible, better realize his value. After The customer inspect site work my company oil sludge sand processing system, can more firmly believe that champions league in oil field strength in the field of environmental protection, at the same time also give high affirmation.
Oily sludge treatment system, mainly dealing with oily waste drilling platforms, including oil/water, oil, sludge, etc. GN  solid control according to the characteristic of oily waste in r&d and manufacture of unique, mainly includes the following several main structure.
Feeding unit: 1) oily sludge use oily waste on the screw conveyor in big funnel, again through the screw device to mixed evenly inside the tank are mixed. Screw of the funnel, transmission capacity and mixed tank can be customized production according to customer requirements.
2) flocculation unit: the unit of chemicals can be dispensed by the automatic control system according to the clients due to the proportion of matching, and then through a screw pump, the potion into mixed cans, mixed with oil waste.
3) the solid-liquid separation unit: this unit is made up of a high G of drilling fluid shale shaker and special mud centrifuge. Mixed with good oil bearing waste by screw pump pump to the shaker screen above the first, the big screen out particles, and in waste pulp centrifuge for further separation.So that you can maximize the crude oil in the wastes of isolated and stored into the tank.
Welcome there is oil sludge, joint station tank bottom sludge, sludge treatment of offshore drilling platform abandoned business customers to the company.

mud cleaning unit

  1. The screw conveyer is overload or out of power.
  2. The screw propeller overload will cause back drive motor current overload, it will cause the the power supplier cut off. Oe if there are other reasons caused cut off of the power suppler, the screw propeller will be blocked. Operater should solve the problem per trouble shooting.
  3. Overload of the bowl
  4. The bowl overload will cause hydraulic coupler fusible plug be melt. The transmission oil inside the hydraucli coupler will flow Main motor will be disconnect with hydylic coulper and the bowl cannot be drived. In this condition, the main power supply will not be cut off automatically. Centrifuge operaters should stop feeding pump firstly, and then stop the power supplier. After that, change fusible plug and transmission oil. After that, open the flush pump to clean out the bowl inside, otherwise, it may cause blocking of the screw propeller.
  5. Attentions for stop-off
  6. Before stop off the centrifgue, be sure to clean the bowl inside thoroughly. Otherwise, when you start the centrifuge next time, the screw propelelr may be held on and could not rotate.
  7. ATTENTION: Most of the common centrifuge broken down is caused by incomplete flushing.
  8. When stop centrifuge in winter, or stop centrifuge for a long time, be sure to open collecting box top cover, remove the drain bolt at centrifuge big end cover, and drain out all water and fluids inside the bowl and hoses, to prevent freezing.
  9. Operator DO NOT allow to leave the site until the centrifuge bowl completely stop rotating.
  10. VFD Control Panel Notes
  11. Layout of VFD control cabinet
  12. The VFD control cabinet is separated with centrifuge, and should be mounted nearby the centrifuge and convenient for operation. In order to make it easy for operation and observation, it is better the VFD cabinet located within 5m far away from the centrifuge. Max. the distance should not over 10m. And cover the VFD cabinet with shade to provent rain or sunshine.

Cable size

  1. User prepare suitable length cables per the final VFD control cabinet location. Centrifuge is connected to VFD control cabinet with thess cables: main drive motor, back drive motor, feeding pump motor, sensro device, and power supply. Cable sizes are as following:
  2. 90kw main drive motor cable 3×70mm2+1×35 mm2
  3. 37kw back drive motor cable 3×25mm2+1×16 mm2
  4. 22kw feeding pump cable 3×10mm2+1×6 mm2
  5. Sensor device cable 3×1.5mm2
  6. Power supply input cable 3×70mm2+1×35 mm2 2pcsgn centrifuge at iran oil show

After 30 days of intensive production, GN solid control for coalbed methane customized mud purification system smoothly completed, site quality inspection personnel is to run the test of each device, this is our final systemic test before delivery.In a few days the whole system will be sent to the customer site.
The completion of coalbed methane (CBM) mud solid control system is mainly composed of a high drilling fluid shale shaker, a mud cleaner and a centrifuge, mud slurry device and a jet of many sets of slurry blender and centrifuge pump, system assembly will soon after the completion of the CBM drilling for customers of the production tasks, the tight because customer construction project and first time use, to ensure the smooth construction of the customer, GN solid control will actively organize professional and technical personnel to the scene to do a good job of system installation and debugging and training.

Due to the customer request to our system is very high, so the crown to solid control strictly according to customer’s special requirements for production and installation.Use shougang steel, choose Siemens, schneider electric components, selection of international brand vibrating motor, it is repeatedly mentioned customers requirements.Customer on-site inspection in the process of production of production progress, customers mainly to see our production process and production process requirements, read our front-line workers conscientiously working condition and equipment of the production process can make them more confident to choose crown solids control is the most correct choice.
GN solid control is a leading domestic solid control system suppliers, in coal-bed gas field has more than ten years experience of equipment service, services across the United States, snow, Germany Bauer, Mr Ryan, and many other international drilling company and coal bed methane developers.We have rich experience in coal bed methane drilling solid control system, better able to provide customers with turn-key project, for customers to create higher profit margins.

1, mud mixing system
In 3 # aggravating tank side by side on the right side of the base to install two sand pump, slurry on the base to install 1 set of jet funnel, keeping a with a sand pump, two jet work alone; Sand slurry pump and jet funnel are interchangeable mutual through various import and export of the butterfly valve control. As shown in figure 6 (sand pump suction manifold slurry), sand pump via suction manifold can extract respectively 2 # mud tank of 3 # and 4 #, 3 # mud tank each tank, 4 # mud tank mud tank, by adding the corresponding slurry jet funnel material, pulp out the manifold again into the corresponding mud can respectively as shown in figure 7 (pulp out sand pump manifold); This cycle, testing can be for 2 # mud tank 3 # and 4 #, 3 # mud tank each tank, 4 # mud tank  configuration, added to meet the requirements of drilling technology; In 4 # shear mix slurry devices are installed on the mud tank, can through the valve control shear system and jet slurry system work at the same time, also can switch roles; Shear system by dosing pipeline supply to the medicine jar, through medicine pot can be added to the 2 # mud tank.mud system 0618
Jet funnel at the bottom of the tee handle butterfly valve parts installed a convenient and practical, the jet mixing slurry unit startup and shutdown, want to close the valve, need mixed weighted mud, etc. The whole system run smoothly after open the valve; After the aggravating or mixed, close the valve, then close the jet mixing slurry compound system.
2, mud transfer process
System installation of a complete set of mud gun and mud gun involved in 1 #, 2 #, 3 # and 4 # mud tank, tank and tank are connected with the intermediate pressure hose, sealing is reliable, easy installation and removal. Twelve (as shown in figure 1 # mud gun and water pipes), as shown in figure 13 (2 # mud gun and water pipes), as shown in figure 14 (3 # and 4 # mud gun and water pipeline), the whole mud barrel remit is composed of mud pump set pulp out of the manifold with mud, belongs to the medium voltage line (in 2 # were reserved in mud tank 2 inches of mud pump imports);Jet sand slurry pump can also be used to provide power source.
Have a gate on each of the mud gun, all can work alone; Is the main purpose of mud gun mixing and transporting mud., in the front of the 1 # mud tank is equipped with a supply tank, the tank is installed on a mud gun, the mud gun’s main function is to supply provides the mud tank, in order to drill in drilling process, lack of wellhead mud, mud is pumped by the supply pump pumping hold well, so as to complete the well supplies the function of mud.

GN can provide drilling cuttings dryer integrated solid control lever, including drilling cuttings dryer live body, electric control and cuttings dryer base stents, etc. Equipment designed and manufactured on the basis of “advanced, reliable, safe, convenient, economic” principle, the reliability and advanced nature, convenience and safety of domestic and foreign products at the same level reached advanced level. Equipment can adapt the characteristics of offshore operation, to meet the processing capacity of offshore drilling waste treatment while drilling, and cutting oil content less than 5% after processing, cutting emissions standards meet national levels. Equipment adopts frequency conversion motor, motor and adapt to 460 v60hz and 380 v50hz power supply range, and the motor and power distribution unit in accordance with national explosive-proof grade and offshore platform use requirements. Equipment dust, moisture, corrosion and good vibration resistance; Overall size is advantageous for the offshore installation location allocation, easy to transport hoisting and disassemble, easy replacement of spare parts and maintenance, use under conditions of normal operation.
GN solid control promise: quality guarantee period of 12 months, starting from the date of final acceptance of the agreement signed. During this period, due to supplier quality problems caused by the supplier to replace or repair free of charge, and the repair cost, labor, transportation, etc. The supplier shall be responsible for The consumption of solid control system equipment, such as: screen, scraper, belt, filter and so on are not within the 12 months warranty (if it is a manufacturer of quality problem, manufacturer is responsible for free replacement or repair);The quality guarantee period, if the supplier caused the quality problem of the design, manufacturing defects, the supplier must be responsible for free repair or replacement; Warranty period after-sales service service free of charge by supplier.
GN is the 1st API certified solids control company in China, also certified by: Europe DNV CE, HSE, ISO9001, Russia TP&TC .
2) GN Solids America is the first & biggest China owned USA based Solids Control Company.
3) GN Solids Control facility Area: 40000㎡ (430,000 SF),exported to over 60 countries. system1